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Report a Security Incident

It is the responsibility of all students, employees and visitors to comply with the College’s relevant policies, rules and procedures regarding safety and to take precautions toward ensuring their own safety.

If you are a victim of, or a witness to, a crime committed on campus, it is your responsibility to report the crime immediately to Campus Security. If necessary, Campus Security will notify local emergency assistance organizations.

Campus Security

Campus Security has the following authority and responsibility including, but not limited to:

  • Locking, securing and patrolling campus buildings;
  • Patrolling campus parking lots;
  • Removing unauthorized persons from campus premises/buildings;
  • Issuing vehicle parking tickets;
  • Arranging for the towing of illegally parked vehicles;
  • Providing escort service to individuals while on College premises, when requested; and
  • Contacting the local police and/or fire departments, as needed.

Campus Security does not have the authority to make arrests. The local police department will be called if deemed necessary.

Campus Security is maintained and monitored by both on-campus and off-campus resources. During the day, campus security is monitored by the Facilities Office and the Security agency. During the off-hours and weekends, the campus is monitored by security individuals who are available 24 hours a day. The buildings also are protected by a security alarm system which is activated and monitored during off hours. Members of the Facilities staff as well as members of the security force make rounds of the campus daily.


Because of the inherent difficulty in investigating crimes that are vague or from unidentified persons, the College encourages individuals to provide full information and identify themselves when making crime reports. However, should the College receive a generalized or anonymous report, such report will be reviewed and investigated to the extent feasible. Complete the Report an Incident to the best of your ability and submit to your Campus Security Office to inform the College of facts relevant to the safety of the community.

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