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Gabby Giordano

Gabby Giordano, Palmer West student, smiling in athletic wear.Health and wellness have always been a passion for 4th quarter student, Gabby Giordano. She witnessed the importance of health care by growing up in an active and athletic family. Her father was a former baseball player, and her mother was a fitness competitor and coach. While seeing the effort that came with the successes of her parent’s hard work and dedication, Gabby knew she wanted to align with their triumphs, but wasn’t quite sure which route to take.

Before deciding if chiropractic was the best career for her, Gabby attended the University of Florida and earned a bachelor’s in business administration and a master’s in international business.

“I originally went the business route because I love combining creativity and strategy to make a vision come to life. However, getting out into the work force, corporate business just wasn’t where I saw myself and my career growth long-term. When I decided it was time for a career pivot, chiropractic was the perfect fit.”

As a former fitness trainer, Gabby loved helping others become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves and that opportunity led her to chiropractic, with the encouragement of her parents and her uncle, who is a chiropractor.

“Chiropractic allows me to bring together proactive wellness, fitness, and nutrition with my strengths in being both creative and analytical. I’m so excited to make an impact on my patients to help them achieve their health goals and feel their best.”

For Gabby, a native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida fit right in at our sunny California campus.

“Palmer was a natural fit for me! I wanted to combine my fitness background with chiropractic, and I wanted to focus primarily on sports chiropractic and Palmer West is the place to be for sports. I was drawn to the evidence-based curriculum and felt that I’d lay the best foundation for my career at Palmer. My tour at Palmer really sealed the deal. I felt like I could see myself spending the next three years here, and I’ve never looked back.”

Since attending Palmer West, Gabby has engulfed herself in extracurricular activities on and off-campus. She has been a campus guide since her first quarter at Palmer and is also involved with Palmer West’s prestigious Sports Council and plans to apply for more prominent roles in the coming quarters.

With midterms around the corner, that’s not stopping Gabby from achieving her personal goals.

“I’ve felt like I needed something other than school to put some energy and focus into and I decided to train for a fight. However, I overextended my thumb and injured my hand while boxing and realized very quickly that I couldn’t risk my hands. Essentially, my career. I decided to refocus my energy and began a 12-week prep cycle for the San Francisco National Physique Committee (NPC) Championships and will be competing in my first bikini competition in October!”

As Gabby looks forward to starting her chiropractic career, she shares her outlook on the future of chiropractic.

“We’re starting to see a shift in health care from reactive care to proactive wellness and who better to lead this transition than chiropractors, who focus on the entire body and person versus just treating someone’s symptoms.”

“There’s so much opportunity ahead of us.”

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