Chiropractic students practicing adjustment technique in class.

Scholarships and Endowment

Exceptional students are able to attend Palmer College thanks to scholarships that remove financial barriers, while extraordinary student experiences are built upon a healthy endowment that makes learning innovation our landmark.

Chiropractic college admissions are highly competitive. The reputation of the degree, the quality of the facilities and the cost of tuition are all critical factors in a prospective student’s decision. We know the education we provide is unmatched. We will continue to attract — and graduate — the very best chiropractors of tomorrow if we can remove the financial barriers many students face.

Through Daring & Driven: The Campaign for Palmer College, we seek to increase our endowment for programming and scholarships.


How Endowment Works

  1. You want to leave a legacy that impacts a future chiropractor – and the profession.
  2. You make an outright gift – or make a provision in your will and estate – to start an endowment fund at Palmer College. The fund can support Palmer’s greatest needs as they change from year to year, or a specific project such as a named scholarship.
  3. Palmer invests your gift in our endowment, which grows over time. We take a portion of the earnings each year to support the College in the way you intended.
  4. This happens every year, forever. You impact one student, and then another, and another, and another.

There’s a variety of endowment gifts you can make, including:

Unrestricted endowment gifts are entrusted to Palmer Board of Trustees to make decisions based on the priorities of the College that will continue to evolve with the profession.

Endowed scholarships provide students with tuition assistance based on their merit and financial need.

Endowed faculty chairs and programs support the lifeblood of our school — both the outstanding professors, clinicians, and researchers, and the hands-on technique they teach.

A Transformative Impact 

Your endowment gift will change the trajectory of Palmer College forever. From a student in need of a scholarship so they can attend our school, to a professor conducting innovative research, endowment gifts allow Palmer to go where no chiropractic college dares to.