Student Academic Support Services

We’re Committed to Student Learning Success

Student Academic Support Services provides all Palmer College of Chiropractic students with academic support and opportunities for enhanced learning. As a busy student, you may need assistance outside the classroom to achieve your best level of performance. Effective study skills also lay the foundation for success in current and future classes. With that in mind, we’ve developed an array of academic services to help you meet your educational goals including coaching (coming soon), advising, and tutoring services.

Palmer Academic Student Success (PASS) Program

Tutorials and Study Strategy Sessions
The Palmer Academic Student Success (PASS) program is a free study strategy service available to all Palmer students. We understand that the life of a Palmer student is fast-paced and often challenging. PASS study leaders are successful upper term students who have the skills, ability and desire to facilitate the learning and academic successes of their peers.

Lecture and Lab Study Strategy
On a weekly basis, PASS offers peer tutoring in the form of lecture and lab study strategy sessions. Reviewing important course material, offering mock exams, and quiz questions are examples of how peer tutors help you prepare for testing situations. The schedule is available on the PASS Program & Drop In Tutoring SharePoint page.

Study Strategy Self-Help Resources

Open Lab Assistance
If you’re currently taking any anatomy course with a lab, assistants are available during selective open lab hours to answer your lab-related questions and help facilitate your learning. The schedule is available on the PASS Program & Drop In Tutoring SharePoint page.

Drop-in Tutoring
Drop-in tutors are available in The Bruce and Bethel Hagen Student Union – Room 110 during select hours at Palmer’s main campus. The schedule is available on the PASS Program & Drop In Tutoring SharePoint page and posted outside of the tutoring room door.

Academic and General Advising
During a student’s tenure at the College, occasions may arise when assistance is required regarding your studies or other areas of concern. Palmer faculty and staff are sensitive to such needs and provide the following types of advising services for students and their families.

Advice is available for students as they progress through the program. For information pertaining to college policies and procedures, transfer of course credit from other chiropractic colleges, prerequisite courses for the D.C. program, the curricular structure, or if you are interested in taking a reduced number of credits or would like to look at alternate schedule options, academic advisors are available in the Student Administrative Services Office or contact:

Main Campus:
Palmer Florida:
Palmer West: Eliana Nathan, Registrar

International Advising
International students may obtain information about their non-immigrant status; optional practical training and other immigration concerns from the following:

Main Campus: Anthony Schumacher, Associate Registrar
Palmer Florida:
Palmer West: Michael Crump, Student Services

Disability Support Services
Students seeking information or reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the Student Disability Services Coordinator on their campus. Documentation of your disability should be submitted to the appropriate Student Disability Services Coordinator. Students are encouraged to self-identify for accommodations as early in the program as possible.

Main Campus:
Palmer Florida:
Palmer West:

Faculty members are available to discuss their courses and other academic concerns with students on an individual basis.