Clinic students in white coats talking in front of West Campus clinic entrance.

Gain real-world experience through a preceptorship

Palmer College holds preceptorship agreements with more than 6,000 chiropractic offices across the country. Through the Intern Preceptorship Program, students in their final term can gain clinical experience under the supervision of a licensed chiropractor who’ll serve as a mentor.

During the Intern Preceptorship Program, you’ll build upon your academic and clinical experience, gain business experience, and learn how to manage a private practice. In addition, participating students who precept in the state in which they intend to practice can learn the nuances of care, regional regulations and other region-specific information to further prepare them for success in practice.

Through preceptorships students can:

Gain a lifelong mentor


Experience a variety of treatment protocols


Learn practical clinical and business skills

The location of your preceptorship impacts what type of work you may do. An ideal experience would allow you to perform chiropractic adjustments, examinations and X-rays. State regulations may limit your responsibilities to those performed by a chiropractic assistant, or observation only.

Important Student Documents:

Preceptor Doctor Documents: