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D.C. Prep Fast-Track

Earn your science prerequisites online

Palmer College’s D.C. Prep Fast-Track is offered online and is designed for the future student who needs coursework in the basic sciences. You’ll learn how to manage multiple courses in science while you refine the skills needed to jumpstart your D.C. education here.

The D.C. Prep Fast-Track program benefits students from around the country who can take online science courses from the comfort of their home, no matter which Palmer campus they’re enrolled at. Alternatively, students can make the move to Davenport and complete the online labs here, while having the benefit to be active in the student community.

Many of those applying are in need of science credits and that’s why we created our D.C. Prep Fast-Track. This is a timely and affordable solution to help future students fulfill science pre-requisite needs.

Contact one of our Admissions Counselors to learn how this program can help you!

Why Fast-Track? 

  • Get started with as few as 90 credit hours 
  • Choose March, July or November as a start date 
  • Complete 15 of the 24 required science prerequisites in one trimester  
  • Convenient online courses
  • Seamlessly transition into the D.C. Program with a successful completion  
  • Classes were custom-built by D.C. faculty members to help students prepare for D.C. coursework. 

These 200-level science prerequisite classes were intentionally designed to build a solid foundation in science for Palmer’s D.C. curriculum.  


Course Credits
Anatomy & Physiology 8 credits (lab component)
Chemistry-Health Professionals 4 credits (lab component)
Introduction to Neurology 3 credits (lecture only)
Total 15 credits (two courses with lab component)