Program and Schedule

Surround yourself with leaders

As part of the 125th anniversary celebration, we’re bringing in accomplished chiropractors from around the country to the Fountainhead to deliver continuing-education courses. Check back often as we release more details about what you can expect Sept. 15-17, 2022.

View the list of Main Homecoming Continuing Education Credit Approvals (PDF)

Keynote speakers

Greg Rose, D.C. Greg Rose, D.C. (Main, ’96)

“I’m excited to talk about the future of musculoskeletal care, from new assessments to new treatments, and how to apply these new tools to your current practice. We’ll discuss how movement screening is being used by some of the biggest leaders in the health-care industry and what this means to your practice. We’ll also look at technologies being utilized to capture movement and how to decipher what’s important and what’s not, and how to apply movement screening to your non-injured clients and open the door to sports performance.”

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Sherry McAllister, D.C.Sherry McAllister, D.C. (West, ’96)

“A new generational movement is taking place where our youth want drug-free health care. Focusing on what we learn from surveys, research and cost analysis will bring us greater awareness as to how chiropractic is the answer to preventing injury and illness in the many years ahead. I’ll be sharing the latest research, national conversations and strategies to educate communities on the benefits of chiropractic care.”

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photo of Scott Haldeman, D.C., M.D., Ph.D. Scott Haldeman, D.C., M.D., Ph.D. 

“Attendees will be more aware of the positive changes that have been part of chiropractic history and led to the current level of acceptance and increasing prestige of the profession. They’ll leave with a better understanding of the forces impacting the future of chiropractic and the tremendous opportunities that lay ahead for the profession if it builds on the lessons it’s learned over the past 125 years.”

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Course Schedule