Clinical Experience - D.C.

As a student, your training will be hands-on from the very beginning. Because you practice the physical aspects of the art of chiropractic in the first year of study, you also adjust earlier – giving you a competitive edge.

Palmer College provides a number of ways for you to get clinical experience with the help of supervising faculty.

  • Campus Health Center for students (entry to the clinic system)
  • Campus outpatient clinics (general public)
  • Community outreach clinics (underserved patients)

Get on-the-job-training

Palmer also provides preceptorship and internship programs, as well as other specialized programs in sports, pediatrics and other fields to give you hands-on training:

  • Field Training Program – required for students in their last quarter on the West campus, this intensive internship program places you with a practicing doctor of chiropractic.
  • Intern Preceptor Program – for students in their last quarter or trimester on the Main (in Davenport, Iowa) or Florida campuses, this intensive internships program places you with a practicing doctor of  chiropractic.
  • Sports Council – train in off- and on-field settings with local athletes.
  • DoD/VA Student Rotation Program – work alongside a practicing doctor of chiropractic in a Veterans Health Administration or military hospital setting.

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