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Prerequisite Calculator

Wondering if you have the prerequisites you need to be accepted to Palmer?

Student success is central to everything we do at Palmer. Prerequisite requirements set our students up for success. If you’re not sure you’ve met our prerequisite requirements, use the prerequisite calculator below. If you haven’t quite met all of the prerequisites yet, be sure to check out the options we offer to help you get prepared for Palmer.

The best way to evaluate your academic credentials is with the help of an Admissions Counselor. Our Admissions Counselors are ready to answer all of your questions and help you prepare for success at Palmer.

Examples of qualifying science prerequisites

Biology Embryology Analytical Chemistry Physics
Human Anatomy Immunology Biochemistry Biomechanics
Human Physiology Genetics Toxicology Statistics
General Biology Chemistry Pharmacology Exercise Physiology
Cellular Biology General Chemistry Nutrition Medicine Kinesiology
Molecular Biology Inorganic Chemistry Nuclear Medicine Exercise Science
Microbiology Organic Chemistry Physical Sciences