Historical marker commemorating the first chiropractic adjustment.

Palmer College Strategic Plan

Letter from the Chancellor and CEO

Dr. Dennis Marchiori portrait

To the Palmer Community;

I’m proud to report we continue to actively plan, shape, and position the College for future success as we distinguish Palmer College as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education.® Building upon previous planning processes and our mission, vision, and
values, the following five Strategic Directions will form the foundation of the College’s planning for the next five years:

• Provide high quality, chiropractic-focused, academic and clinical research programs for diverse healthcare settings
• Model and provide chiropractic healthcare that is evidence-informed and integrates patient values and clinician experience
• Promote campus engagement, community service and professional participation
• Ensure and manage resources and processes in support of College programs and initiatives
• Improve human health by advancing knowledge

These strategic directions are further defined by corresponding goals, objectives and annual initiatives with key indicators to form a complete plan. To facilitate our necessary progress over the five-year strategic plan, we have adopted a cyclical annual-planning
model that adds, edits or retires objectives and initiatives under each strategic direction.

This plan is a high-level action plan that addresses the comprehensive needs of our institution. The collective thoughts of the organization are principal to the development of our new strategic initiatives. Therefore, the plan incorporates information and ideas contributed by faculty, staff, and administrators within our community, as well as external stakeholders. The planning committee was challenged by the constraints on human resources and budget as they sifted through the broad scope of improvements suggested by the community and other sources. Our students and their learning are at the heart of the draft plan presented to the Board of Trustees.

I want to thank everyone in our community for their important engagement in the process that led to this plan. I believe our efforts over the past five years have advanced
our organization into a new era. Congratulations! I’m very excited about the College’s future and am committed to providing hands-on leadership to ensure we achieve this vitally important work.



Dennis M. Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D.
Chancellor and CEO