Member of the military receiving an adjustment

Military Care Program

$6 million in pro-bono care

Since 2008, more than $6 million in pro-bono care has been provided to qualified active-duty personnel, veterans and their legal dependents through Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Military Care Program. No other program of its kind exists in the nation.

In support of our military, the Palmer Chiropractic Clinics offer complimentary care for patients in the following categories:

  1. Active-duty military personnel and their legal dependents without other chiropractic benefits (this includes active-duty status with the National Guard and Reserves).
  2. Veterans classified with a 20% or greater service-related disability rating by the Veterans Administration and their legal dependents without other chiropractic benefits. (Proof of disability rating required at first appointment, updated annually.)

Please note if you’re covered by another insurance plan under which you receive chiropractic care benefits (example, a spouse’s plan), you may not qualify for complimentary care.

Complimentary care includes:

  • Chiropractic clinical care
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Chiropractic rehabilitative services
  • X-rays, if warranted