Stay alert with Palmer Alert

Palmer College uses an emergency notification system called Palmer Alert to communicate urgent information to students and employees on each campus using landline phones, cell phones, voicemail, email and text messaging. A email address is needed to sign up for Palmer Alert.


Palmer Alert Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Palmer Alert?
A. Palmer Alert is the name of Palmer College’s emergency notification system. The College has contracted with Omnilert, which enhances Palmer’s ability to effectively communicate with students and employees on each campus.

This system can distribute thousands of messages within minutes to help ensure the safety of everyone at Palmer College during an emergency.

Q. What is considered an emergency?
A. An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to the health and safety of any campus community or significantly disrupts its programs and activities.

Q. How do I sign up for Palmer Alert?
A. To sign up for Palmer Alert, please fill out the form, print it out and turn the completed form into the appropriate office: students Registrar’s Office, employees Human Resources Department.

Q. Another member of my household is signed up with Palmer Alert. Will we receive two phone calls?
A. The system recognizes repeated phone numbers and calls each unique phone number only once.

Q. The phone directory lists a common phone number for multiple people in our office. Will we receive multiple phone calls at that number?
A. No. The system recognizes repeated phone numbers and calls each unique phone number only once.

Q. After signing up for Palmer Alert, I did not receive a phone call, email or text message, even though others did, and I submitted my information. What should I do?
A. If you’re a student, please verify that the Registrar’s Office has your most up-to-date contact information, including your cell phone number. If you’re an employee, contact the Human Resources Department.

Q. What if I need to update my Palmer Alert contact information?
A. If you’re a student and you need to change your contact information for Palmer Alert, you may contact the Registrar’s Office. If you’re an employee and you need to change your contact information for Palmer Alert, contact the Human Resources Department.

Q. Who is authorized to send Palmer Alert messages?
A. Palmer Alert messages will be distributed by the Safety & Security Department and Marketing & Communication Department, following appropriate administrative approval.

Q. If I change my mind and don’t want to receive Palmer Alert messages, can I opt out?
A. Yes, you may opt out at any time. Students are to contact the Registrar’s Office and employees should contact the Human Resources Department.

Q. How often will I receive Palmer Alert messages?
A. Currently, the College plans to conduct full tests of all the emergency communications systems once each term. However, the College reserves the right to conduct additional testing based on significant changes to either the enrollment population or upgrades to the systems.

Q. Will I receive information other than emergency alerts from Palmer Alert?
A. No. Currently, Palmer College only intends to use the Palmer Alert emergency notification system for emergency situations that threaten the safety of the Palmer College community.

Q. What steps are taken to ensure the information I submit is secure?
A. The contact information submitted for use with Palmer Alert is stored locally at Palmer College in the administrative system that is protected by multiple layers of physical and technological security. Access to that data is limited to authorized College staff. Your contact information is then transmitted via secure socket layer (SSL) technology to the vendor, Blackboard Connect. Blackboard Connect also has multiple layers of security to protect the data once it is in their system.

Q. Will my contact information be sold to telemarketers?
A. No. Omnilert does not sell, lease, share, rent, or barter personally identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of Omnilert service provider. For more information, please contact Palmer’s Information Technology Department.

Q. What number will be reflected on my caller ID when a Palmer Alert message is issued?
A. Your caller ID will show a call from “563-884-5406.”

Q. What email address will be reflected when an alert is issued
A. The “From” address field of a Palmer Alert email message will appear as “”

Q. What should I do if I receive an emergency call or email from Palmer Alert?
A. If you receive an emergency message via Palmer Alert:

  • Listen to or read the entire message
  • Take the message seriously
  • Follow any instructions given in the message

Q. What other emergency notification systems are used at Palmer College?
A. Currently, Palmer College makes use of any or all of the following systems depending on the specific emergency:

  • Palmer Communications email announcements
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Local media for weather-related emergencies

Q. What else should I know about emergency preparedness?
A. As always, we strive to keep Palmer College a safe place. However, emergencies and disasters can always occur. Every individual should be prepared both at Palmer College and at home. Visit for information on individual emergency preparedness.

Q. If classes are cancelled due to a weather-related emergency, will I get a message from Palmer Alert?
A. Yes.

Q. How many attempts will Palmer Alert make to reach my telephone?
A. If there is no answer or a busy signal, Palmer Alert will continue to try to contact each phone number a maximum of three times.

Q. What if someone else (a parent, spouse or significant other) wishes to receive these alerts, too?
A. You may designate a third party to be included as your “Other Cell Phone” listing on the Palmer Alert registration form.