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Early Alert Response System (EARS) Referral

Are you concerned for a student?

The Early Alert Response System (EARS) is a proactive step that allows the Palmer College community to refer a student who may be experiencing academic or emotional distress.

EARS is a referral system that identifies individuals who demonstrate behaviors that may be early warning signs, such as unusual, disruptive, or unethical behaviors, including but not limited to, poor performance on exams, poor attendance, anxiety, misconduct.

A referral is immediately processed by the appropriate department which allows a student access to timely information about support services available to them and provided to them by Palmer College. For example, academic tutoring, off-site personal counseling, financial aid policies, important dates such as withdrawal and drop dates, or the safety and security and compliance departments.

The College strictly prohibits retaliation or reprisal of any kind against any individual who has referred a concern.

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