Historical marker commemorating the first chiropractic adjustment.

Purpose Statement

Palmer College of Chiropractic graduates have a clear understanding of the responsibility of a primary health-care practitioner. They understand the depth and breadth of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic, not merely as a clinical procedure, but as a healing discipline concerned with the whole patient. The greatest strength of Palmer graduates as practitioners is their grounding in homeostatic balance and neuromusculoskeletal integrity.

The Palmer curriculum embraces evidence-based and chirocentric principles. As a result, Palmer graduates are able to apply critical thinking skills, evidence-based best practices for patient management and a caring attitude. Training in business management ensures their practice success. Our graduates are lifelong learners who embrace the acquisition of new knowledge and the value of research. As leaders in their profession and communities, Palmer graduates have an understanding of their contribution to the chiropractic profession and their important role as primary health care providers in the community.

Palmer College supports the profession through the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge. This includes both applied and basic science research as well as access to and development of a variety of successful business models. Palmer aids its alumni and doctors of chiropractic by providing services such as continuing education and networking opportunities that celebrate the chiropractic and Palmer communities. Palmer recognizes the value of professional unity to speak with one voice in order to best serve the publics’ health needs. By promoting the benefits of chiropractic to health care consumers, Palmer not only continues to support the profession, but also enhances the value of the Palmer degree.

Approved by Palmer Board of Trustees – June 9, 2007