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The following parking procedures have been established by Palmer College to allow the maximum number of students, employees, patients and visitors the opportunity to find parking in the areas designated for them.

These procedures are enforced by Campus Security under the direction of the Senior Director for Safety and Security.

The procedures are as follows:

  • No person shall stop, stand or park any vehicle which impedes traffic or creates a potential safety hazard, unless directed by a police officer, traffic control device or other appropriate authority.
  • While parked on Palmer property, no vehicle shall undergo any repairs or maintenance, including oil changes.
  • No vehicle shall be parked overnight on Palmer property
  • Driving motor vehicles on property other than authorized roads, driveways, or parking areas is prohibited without prior permission from Campus Security or other appropriate authority.
  • Palmer College is not responsible, by state law, for damage to or theft of the personal property of students on campus. Students are encouraged to adequately ensure their personal property and to protect their property by locking their car or bike and taking other precautions to prevent theft or damage.
  • Vehicles must park in designated spaces.
  • For information on motorcycle parking, please contact Campus Security.
  • Any exceptions for special occasions must be authorized in advance by calling Campus Security.
  • Disabled vehicles must be reported to Campus Security immediately. If reported, up to 24 hours may be granted for campus parking while arrangements are made to move the vehicle. A vehicle creating a hazardous situation must be removed immediately.
  • Arrangements for parking trailers, buses and large vehicles must be made with Campus Security in advance of using campus parking facilities.
  • Any incident involving a vehicle on Palmer property must be reported immediately to Campus Security.
  • For special occasions or major public events and in emergencies, parking limitations may be imposed by Campus Security.

Vehicles may be towed and stored at the owner’s expense and risk, under any of the following circumstances:

  • Any vehicle left in a position that endangers public safety, interferes with vehicular or pedestrian traffic, interferes with Palmer functions and operations, or which could cause harm to Palmer property.
  • Vehicles of habitual offenders may be towed at any time without warning. A habitual offender is anyone who has four or more citations or parking violations.
  • Any vehicle presumed abandoned, which sets a maximum time limit for parked vehicles of no more than 48 hours on Palmer property, will be towed.
  • Any vehicle parked in areas that are closed for use, as indicated with the use of barricades.
  • Wherever possible, areas subject to towing will be clearly marked. Palmer is authorized to tow vehicles and any towing that has been done will be subject to review and appeal by the Senior Director for Safety and Security.


  • The Senior Director for Safety and Security will review appeals.
  • Anyone wishing to appeal a parking violation must file a written notice to Campus Security and the Senior Director for Safety and Security.
  • The same violation may be submitted for appeal twice, once in writing and once in a personal appearance.

These procedures are enforced:

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • 12 months a year