Sun streaming behind First Adjustment Statue of D.D. Palmer.

Palmer Identity

Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Identity documents provide the institution with principles to guide its actions as well as set high standards for excellence and achievement. These documents are approved by the Board of Trustees and are thoughtfully updated as circumstances require.


The mission of Palmer College of Chiropractic is to promote learning, deliver health care, engage our communities and advance knowledge through research.


Palmer College of Chiropractic strives to be The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education®.

Identity Statement

The primary care professional for spinal health and well-being.

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Chiropractic Pillars

Doctors of Chiropractic:

  1. Integrate evidence, clinical experience, and patient values and preferences
  2. Deliver expert chiropractic adjustments, manipulation and other manual care
  3. Embody a tradition of caring, effectiveness and patient satisfaction
  4. Collaborate and coordinate care with other health professionals
  5. Enhance patient quality of life and performance
  6. Promote vitality, wellness and patient empowerment
  7. Improve quality of life without drugs or surgery
  8. Offer readily accessible care
The Values of Palmer College of Chiropractic Community reflect the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic

Academic excellence

Business acumen

Clinical excellence



Community health

Critical thinking


Evidence-based chiropractic practice

Heritage and tradition

Justice, ethics and integrity

Life-long learning

Student success