Anthony Lisi, D.C. speaking at Palmer College

Live Continuing Education Seminars

Clinical Care of the Chiropractic Patient Spring 2023

Palmer’s Clinical Care series continues with this LIVE event on Saturday, June 3, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.

You can earn up to 10 hours of CE in one day*. Clinical topics include radiology, active care, technique, and applying research in your practice. 

Palmer College of Chiropractic
1000 Brady St., Davenport, IA
Room P206

Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m.

8-10 a.m.
Evidence-Based Answers to Ten Common Patient Questions

Brian Anderson, D.C., M.P.H., M.S., Ph.D.

This two-hour seminar will review the published scientific literature regarding common questions patients ask during chiropractic care. These questions were generated using a combination of the authors’ 15 years of clinical and academic experience along with the results of a survey posted in a popular chiropractic Facebook group. Topics covered include the use of ice vs. heat, optimal sleeping positions/surfaces, the origin of the SMT audible release, risks of self-manipulation, prolonged sitting and its contribution to spine pain, the safety of post-surgical chiropractic care, utilization of supportive braces, postural effects on spine pain, and use of home traction units/inversion tables.

10 a.m.- 12 p.m.
Contemporary Active Care Principles and Protocols

Spencer Lindholm, D.C.

Current concepts of active care treatment in the chiropractic setting are often misunderstood or poorly utilized. There has been a recent progression in our understanding of evidence-informed active care management of musculoskeletal conditions which serves to greatly enhance outcomes for our patients. This course will cover the principles of rehabilitation which should serve as the foundation for active care treatment within the chiropractic setting. There is an emphasis on the multi-factorial nature of injury, including through the lens of the biopsychosocial model. You will learn the hallmarks of assessing the mechanism of injury from a mechanical standpoint, the basic framework of phased rehab, and gain an appreciation for building resiliency against future injuries.

12-1 p.m. 
Lunch provided by Palmer College Continuing Education

1-3 p.m.
A Patient with Persistent Pain 
Kevin Percuoco, D.C., Cert. MDT

Join Dr. Kevin Percuoco in this engaging session where he discusses the persistence of pain, the complexity of the pain experience, and best practices for Chiropractic management. Dr. Percuoco will cover pain-based classifications, prognostic indicators and incorporate real clinical vignettes in this informative session.

3-5 p.m.
Nutrition for GI Health 
Lia Nightingale, Ph.D.
The enteric nervous system contains more nerves than the spinal cord and has far-reaching effects. The health of the gastrointestinal system is intrinsically linked with everything from neuropathy to chronic visceral pain to mental health and beyond. This session will touch on nutritional considerations for many GI issues, such as Celiac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and more. 

5-7 p.m.
Friend or Foe? A Case Review of Benign Bone Tumors
Siri Leech, D.C., DACBR
Benign bone tumors are often times found incidentally on imaging but may also be associated with pain. When are these benign tumors friend and when are they foe? This session will focus on a review of benign bone tumors, case presentations and patient management.