A List of U.S. Chiropractic Schools

Fountainhead of Chiropractic Schools

Most chiropractic schools trace their origins back to Palmer College of Chiropractic. Founded in 1897, Palmer College is known as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education® because:

The following list of chiropractic schools illustrates why Palmer College is the fountainhead of chiropractic.

  • Palmer College of Chiropractic: Founded in 1897 by the discoverer of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer.
  • University of Western States: In 1904, John Marsh, D.C., and his wife Eva founded the school with support from D.D. Palmer.
  • National University of Health Sciences: Founded in 1906 by Palmer College graduate John Fitz Allen Howard, D.C.
  • Texas Chiropractic College: Founded in 1908 by John N. Stone, M.D., D.C.
  • Southern California University of Health Sciences: Founded in 1911 by Charles Cale, D.C.
  • New York Chiropractic College: Founded in 1919 by Frank Dean, D.C.
  • Cleveland Chiropractic & Health Sciences: Founded in 1922 by Palmer College graduates C.S. Cleveland Sr., D.C.; Ruth R. Cleveland, D.C. and Perl B. Griffin, D.C.
  • Logan University: Founded in 1935 by Dr. H.B. Logan.
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University: Founded in June 1941 by Palmer College graduate John B. Wolfe, D.C.
  • Sherman College of Chiropractic: Founded in 1973 by Palmer College graduate Thom Gelardi, D.C.
  • Life University and Life Chiropractic College West: Founded in 1975 by Sid Williams, D.C., a graduate of Palmer College.
  • Parker University: Founded in 1978 by Palmer College graduate James W. Parker, D.C.
  • University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic: Founded in 1990.
  • D'Youville College of Chiropractic: Founded in 2003.

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