Degree Programs

A professional degree from Palmer College prepares you to be a primary health care provider.

At Palmer you'll learn to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You'll also become an excellent communicator and a broad thinker, capable of understanding ethical and epidemiological dimensions of the choices you make to promote the common good.

Prepare for Your Future

Ready for a challenging learning experience? As a chiropractic student, you'll spend as much time as a medical student on the classics: anatomy, physiology, diagnosis and neurology. Why? Because those skills are part of the foundation that'll help you become a high-quality primary health care provider.

At Palmer you'll graduate confident in your academic achievement and ability to apply new knowledge. We have a plan to help you become a vital resource to your patients, community and colleagues.

Doctor of Chiropractic- All Palmer Campuses

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Palmer College of Chiropractic is the birthplace of chiropractic. We're known as the trusted leader in chiropractic education. Palmer's Doctor of Chiropractic degree program offers you a rigorous academic education and hands-on learning in both classroom and clinical settings.

Along with chiropractic's best classroom instructors, you'll have the opportunity to learn from chiropractic researchers at the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research - the world's leading chiropractic research facility.

Post Graduate Programs

Earn eligibility for certification and diplomate status through one of Palmer College's post graduate and specialty programming options. Taught by leading practitioners in the field, our programs feature cutting-edge clinical applications and hands-on instruction. Students will also save time and money with our convenient live/online learning structure for select topics.

Work While Waiting for Licensure

The Post-Graduate Preceptor Program provides an opportunity for Palmer D.C. graduates to work in a chiropractic practice while waiting to attain state licensure. You will work under the direct supervision of a licensed chiropractor. The program provides you an opportunity to continue to enhance your clinical training and gain insight into the daily management of a practice.

Other Degrees Offered on the Davenport, Iowa, Campus

Master of Science in Clinical Research

Palmer is the leading research institution for chiropractic health care. As a Master of Science student, you’ll work as part of a clinical-research team in large clinical trials and conduct patient-oriented research with faculty in our extensive, state-of-the-art research facility. You also can investigate important issues and research questions in chiropractic by conducting clinical studies at our Research Clinic and in our human bioengineering laboratories.

Bachelor of Science in General Science

Not everyone arrives at Palmer with a Bachelor’s degree in hand. That’s where our Bachelor of Science in General Science (B.S.) degree program comes in. This program allows you to complete your undergraduate program of study while also taking courses that count toward your Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree. You can start the Bachelor’s program before being accepted into the D.C. program.