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  • this is where chiropractic began

    this is where chiropractic began

  • world-class technique training

    world-class technique training

  • faculty and staff who care

    faculty and staff who care

  • We educate successful chiropractors

    We educate successful chiropractors

Be a part of chiropractic's history and innovation.

Main campus tour videos

The Main campus, located in Davenport, Iowa, is where chiropractic began. Here you’ll find all the excitement of a big city with all the hospitality of a small town. Our award-wining museums and cultural centers, internationally-recognized festivals, beautiful riverfront, exciting sporting events and vibrant nightlife will ensure that you always have something to do. You’ll appreciate the low cost of living in this family-oriented community. Ask about our travel reimbursement program!


Main campus highlight tour (7:15)

Explore daily life on the main campus with this highlight tour that includes drone and 360-degree video.

Palmer College Virtual Look

Wonder what it's like to be a Palmer College student? This playlist of VR 3D videos puts you in the middle of everyday life on the main campus. Rotate your view using your touchscreen or computer mouse, or put on your VR headset for a truly immersive experience. These videos are best viewed in the Youtube app.

Main Campus
R. Richard Bittner Athletic & Recreation Center

The R. Richard Bittner Athletic & Recreation Center is a state of the art athletic and recreation facility completed in August, 2017. The facility includes over 46,000 square feet of space with two basketball courts, two strength areas, thirty pieces of cardio equipment, functional training areas, an outdoor workout area, two group fitness rooms and leisure space.

Main Campus
Philosophy Hall

Even in lecture there’s engagement and interaction at Palmer. Students use "clickers" to answer live surveys, take pop quizzes and provide real-time feedback to instructors.

Main Campus
David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library Building

The David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library is the most comprehensive library of any chiropractic school, with nearly 50,000 volumes of scientific and biomedical journals and texts. It serves as an important health-science resource for the state of Iowa. The Library also houses the most extensive chiropractic archives in the world.

Main Campus
Technique class

Palmer’s world-class technique training at starts your first term and builds, skill upon skill, throughout your three and a third years on campus. You’ll learn and practice a wide variety of techniques from experienced faculty with real-world clinical experience.

More VR 3D video—click the menu in the video frame to navigate.

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John’s story

“I chose Palmer because back in my hometown there’s a lot of respect for Palmer graduates.”

Naomi’s story

“My dream is to go back to Kenya to start a chiropractic clinic for kids, so that they will grow up and appreciate chiropractic.”

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