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Homecoming Program

Alumni and friends of Palmer College are welcomed for Homecoming events at each of the Palmer campuses. 

For more information on Homecoming events, select a campus below or call the Continuing Education Department toll free at 800-452-5032.

Palmer Main Homecoming

September 16-18, 2021

Earn up to 25.5 hours of continuing education credit at this year's event. This list will be updated as more class details become available.

Thursday, September 16

Gonstead for the Non-Gonstead Chiropractor, Dan Lyons, D.C., DPhCS  
When most people hear "Gonstead" they envision the cervical chair, pelvic bench, and knee chest with the Nervoscope. But the Gonstead work is much more. It is a philosophy that enables the practitioner to understand the science of analysis and use all the tools available to every chiropractor to better understand that patient’s subluxation so they can determine the best method of correction. We will specifically cover instrumentation (thermography, HRV, S EMG and O2 sat), palpation (static and motion), visualization, X-ray including both traditional Gonstead analysis and more, and history taking/symptomatology. Attendees will learn how to better integrate these into their decision-making and when to value the findings of one more than the other.  

Women Chiropractors: Past, Present, and Future: Examining Our Past to Help Project the Future of Female Doctor of Chiropractic and Their Impact in Society, Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper, D.C., DICCP and Cyndy Shaft-Toll, D.C.  

Women chiropractors have been pioneers throughout the 125 years of chiropractic and have made enormous contributions to the chiropractic profession and the world. Please join Dr. Elwartowski Cooper and Dr. Shaft-Toll as they discuss women chiropractors in history and their accomplishments. Women chiropractors held the first license to practice in many states, provinces and countries. Who were they and why were they "first" in an age that males would normally be listed in those accomplishments? What does the future hold for women chiropractors? What will their effect be on the growth and development and implementation of chiropractic care?

Opening Session-State of the College, Chancellor and CEO Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D.  
Join Dr. Marchiori as he opens the 125th Celebration of Chiropractic by offering an insider’s view of the state of the College. In the tradition of the last few years, he will share our latest measures of success, on-going challenges and new strategies to advance Palmer’s mission. Facilities updates, curriculum improvements, and new opportunities will be addressed. This session will celebrate who we are, where we have been, and where we are going as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education®.  

Friday, September 17

Evidence-Based Resources for Low Back Pain, Robert Vining, D.C., D.H.Sc.  
This one-hour session will introduce attendees to research recently conducted and published by members of the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research. This research focused on providing clinicians with evidence-based diagnosis and treatment-related tools for managing the many conditions that can cause low back pain. Key components of an evidence-based examination and a clinical decision aid for low back pain will be described.  

Setting the Bar Higher for Prenatal Patients - Going Beyond Our Adjusting Skills, Nichelle Gurule, D.C. 
Treating pregnant women is complex with all the changes their body goes through during the 40 weeks. Adjustments are a great tool for this population, but could we give women more and get better outcomes? Learn which rehab exercises to give pregnant women, what supplements and food women should be on, how to help pregnant women in their fitness, who you need for referrals, and other tips for treating the prenatal population.  

Intermittent Fasting: Implications for Health and Nervous System, Dan Weinert, D.C., Ph.D.  
The course content was derived from a review of literature regarding intermittent fasting, autophagy, neurodegenerative disorders, hormesis, ketosis and brain metabolism. Intermittent fasting (IF) has profound clinical applications. In addition to changing anthropomorphic and metabolic variables, IF decreases inflammation, enhances neural health, and may have a profound impact on preventing/managing neurodegenerative disease.

When Your Athletic Patient Says “Hey Doc, my hip hurts”: Is the Hip Really the Source of Symptoms? Tracey Littrell, D.C., DACBR, DACO  

Evaluating the cause of a patient’s hip symptoms can be frustrating for chiropractors and their patients. In addition to overuse, traumatic, and degenerative conditions specific to the iliofemoral articulation, many musculoskeletal conditions can cause referred pain to the hip, as can degenerative conditions of the spine, urological and gynecological disorders, and abdominal visceral conditions. This lecture will review hip overuse injuries and their mimics with an emphasis on clinical symptoms, examinations and radiographic and advanced imaging findings. 

What to Consider When Treating Postpartum Patients, Nichelle Gurule, D.C. 
Treating postpartum patients has many unique opportunities to make a profound impact on their healing through adjustments, rehab home care, nutritional guidance, breastfeeding support, and more. Discover what makes treating postpartum women different. Learn how to assess and treat for the common postpartum aches and pains, diastasis recti, and pelvic floor dysfunctions. Gain confidence in guiding women on how to return to fitness optimally for their body. 

Mastering the Foot, Ankle, and Knee the Wong Way, Kevin Wong, D.C.  
Sponsored by Foot Levelers, Inc.  

This unique course is designed to teach patterns of subluxation in the foot, ankle, and knees that present in clinical practice. Starting at the toes we will move through the foot and ankle bones moving up the leg to the knee. This class teaches the student how to analyze the patient, identify subluxation patterns, and render treatment in the form of chiropractic adjustments. It involves hands-on examination and adjusting procedures.

Care and Management of Chiropractic Patients with Co-Morbid Psychological Disorders, Michelle Drover, D.C., M.S.W.  

There are many patients who present to the chiropractic office with co-morbid psychological disorders, both diagnosed and undiagnosed. In this session, we will review some of the more common disorders, including anxiety, depression, psychosomatic and neurodevelopmental disorders. For each disorder, we will discuss the primary clinical features, red flags and clinical clues, the role/impact of chiropractic care, modifications to treatment for the comfort and safety of the patient (if needed), and the importance of coordinated care with other mental health professionals.  

Mastering the Foot, Ankle, and Knee the Wong Way Part II, Kevin Wong, D.C.  
Sponsored by Foot Levelers, Inc.  

This unique course is designed to teach patterns of subluxation in the foot, ankle, and knees that present in clinical practice. Starting at the toes we will move through the foot and ankle bones moving up the leg to the knee. This class teaches the student how to analyze the patient, identify subluxation patterns, and render treatment in the form of chiropractic adjustments. It involves hands-on examination and adjusting procedures.  

Case Studies in Diagnostic Radiology, Ian McLean, D.C., DACBR  
Join Dr. McLean in a presentation of clinically diverse cases encountered in a chiropractic radiology practice. Imbedded in the presentation will be discussions on the changing imaging environment pertinent to chiropractic practice inclusive of CT, MRI and MSK diagnostic ultrasonography.

Saturday, September 18

“Health and Disease” Through a Chiropractic Lens: Perspectives for 2020 and Into the Future, Rob Sinnott, D.C., DPhCS, FPhC, FICA (hon)  

How do you view the patient differently than an ordinary doctor? Chiropractic’s unique view was described by D.D. Palmer in his text 110 years ago. After all this time, what does science have to say about the premises put forth by our founder? The answer will absolutely amaze you! The lens through which a chiropractor views each individual is far different than the model of “treating disease”. Using our unique objective, this session will consider how those views formulate in clinical experience. Chiropractic’s objective is no longer unique, the educational arm of the medical profession is seizing upon D.D.’s question as well. We will incorporate the most cutting-edge scientific research in our discussion in evidence of this fact. Attendees will receive information that they can it put to immediate use.  

Innovation and Identity: Competition or Collaboration, Nate Hinkeldey, D.C., DACRB and Michael Tunning, D.C., M.S., ATC  

Innovation, by definition, involves change and evolution while identity is entrenched in stability and endurance. Conflict often arises when groups of individuals work to identify one or the other as a threat rather than a symbiotic relationship. Join us as we explore how the evolution of clinical care has resulted in innovations in patient evaluation that allow for the maintained identity of chiropractic while providing opportunities for advancement during the next 125 years.  

Technique: How we adapted for the future, Arlan Fuhr, D.C. 
Today we will be going over the following items, the 3 Keys of the Activator Methods technique, Where, When and When Not To.  An Introduction to our Virtual Training platform, examples of our training including a brief history of adjusting devices.  Why the Leg Length Analysis works and is necessary, Position #1 and Position #2. We will be discussing our most recently clinical research trials on Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  

Chiropractic Excellence Today and Tomorrow: Enhancing Clinical Acumen to Expand Interprofessional Collaboration, Anthony Lisi, D.C.  

This session is structured around a conceptual model in which high quality chiropractic care results in optimal patient outcomes, improved integration, and increased patient access to chiropractic care.     

Part One starts with a detailed review of the current evidence on common lumbar spine pathological conditions, clinical assessment, testing indications, triage, and guidelines for clinical practice. The presentation will also address the inclusion of chiropractic care in collaborative case management, and current evidence supporting chiropractic adjustments. This is advanced level content aimed at a target audience of clinicians who manage patients with lumbar spine complaints. Part Two moves to a discussion of the emerging evidence supporting chiropractic clinical expansion in the VA health-care system. Lessons learned in managing complex patients and increasing access to chiropractic services will be presented. Career development pathways for Doctor of Chiropractic will be discussed. 

D.D. Palmer’s Life, Disease, Death and Immortality, Brad Poock, D.C. 
D.D. Palmer was insatiable in his search to explain the phenomena of our existence. He studied the facts, laws and principles of biology voraciously, and then founded a profession based upon the summation of anatomy, physiology, and pathology. He married it to his new philosophy based upon health, not disease. This presentation will bring forth D.D.’s views of defining life, disease, death, and immortality. My goal is to honor our historical roots. This lecture will give you a reason why we all can be PALMER PROUD! 

Top Five Nutritional Foundations for the Chiropractic Practice, Dave Hogsed, D.O.M., A.P. 
Sponsored by Standard Process Inc. 

"Where do I even start?” This is a question frequently asked by health practitioners who have a desire to incorporate nutrition and herbal counseling into their practice but feel overwhelmed by so many options to choose from. In The Top 5 Nutritional Foundations for the Chiropractic Practice David Hogsed, D.O.M., A.P. shares simple and effective ways to incorporate the synergistic benefits of whole food supplements and herbs into practice.  

Atlas Orthogonal Past, Present and Future: An Overview of Procedures, Clinical Applications and Advanced Imaging, Angelo Colavita, D.C., BCAO
Sponsored by Atlas Orthogonal  

Please join Dr. Colavita and Dr. Griffin as they give a brief history of Atlas Orthogonal. They will then provide an Atlas Orthogonal Overview discussing procedures, pre and post X-rays, and case studies. The session will wrap up with advanced imaging (MRI) studies, ongoing research and the future of Atlas Orthogonality.

It started with a movement of hands that changed spinal health and well-being forever. On Sept. 18, 1895, Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer adjusted Harvey Lillard in downtown Davenport, Iowa, and the chiropractic profession was born. On September 18, 2020, chiropractors around the world took part in the Virtual 125th Founder’s Day Celebration. Watch the video.

In 2022, Palmer College, the founding college of chiropractic, will celebrate its 125th anniversary. Mark your calendar for September 15-17, 2022 for the 125th anniversary of the Fountainhead.

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Palmer Florida Homecoming

2022 Palmer Florida Homecoming dates to be announced soon.

General Homecoming Photo Gallery (includes past Homecoming events)

Homecoming weekend is our opportunity to come together and celebrate this great profession and what better place to do so than in sunny Florida. We hope you will join us for a weekend of camaraderie, reconnecting with the College, and re-energizing yourself with some terrific educational sessions.

Take a look throughout the event pages and find out why Palmer College of Chiropractic's Port Orange, Fla., Campus Homecoming is worth the time away from your practice. Educational speakers on topics relevant to daily practice, fun social events, and an exhibit area with new products and services is just an overview of what you will find throughout the weekend.

We hope to see you here in 2022!

Palmer West Homecoming

2022 Palmer West Homecoming dates to be announced soon.

General Homecoming Photo Gallery (includes past Homecoming events)

Homecoming weekend is our opportunity to come together and celebrate this great profession. We hope you will join us to renew old friendships, reconnect with the College, and re-energize yourself with some terrific educational sessions.

Check out our full program of events, to see why Palmer College of Chiropractic's San Jose, California Campus Homecoming is a great deal. Educational speakers on topics relevant to daily practice, entertaining social events, and an exhibit hall with new products and services are just a few of the great experiences you will enjoy in this convenient weekend format.

We hope to see you here in 2022!


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