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Homecoming Program

Alumni and friends of Palmer College are welcomed for Homecoming events at each of the Palmer campuses. 

For more information on Homecoming events, select a campus below or call the Continuing Education Department toll free at 800-452-5032.

Palmer Main Homecoming

Save the Date

In 2022, Palmer College, the founding college of chiropractic, will celebrate its 125th anniversary. Mark your calendar for September 15-17, 2022 for the 125th anniversary of the Fountainhead.

General Homecoming Photo Gallery (includes past Homecoming events)

Palmer Florida Homecoming

Friday, February 25, 2022

8-10 a.m.

Ethics and Professional Boundaries for the Chiropractor, Mary Frost, D.C., M.B.A.
Please join Mary Frost, D.C., M.B.A., (Main, ’96) for this session on ethics in chiropractic practice. She will reference Florida and other state laws regarding chiropractic. Topics in this session will include sexual misconduct, ethical misconduct, professional boundaries, as well as fraud and abuse.

Whiplash Associated Disorder–Subluxations & Syndromes, Ken Murkowski, D.C.
During this two-hour presentation, Ken Murkowski, D.C. (Main, ’72), will review a history of spinal concussion and whiplash disorders. He will discuss how this new scientific, evidence-based research carefully explains the whiplash mechanism and spinal concussion. Dr. Murkowski will discuss spinal biomechanics, spinal concussion injury, spinal ramping, documentation and coding as it relates to these injuries, and much more.

Systematically Attacking the Cervical Spine-A Rehab ApproachTrevor Shaw, D.C., DACRB, CSCS
In this course, attendees will learn a systematic evidence-based approach to the diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation of cervical spine syndromes. First, attendees will learn the details of diagnosing pain generators based on Donald Murphy’s Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain (CRISP) literature, followed by a logical approach to movement provocation testing and management. The second hour will focus on clinical cases and building the rehab program for proper patient empowerment.

10:30-11:30 a.m.

Magnifying Awareness to Chiropractic Care Across the NationPeter Martin, D.C., Sherry McAllister, D.C. M.S. (Ed), CCSP®, and Susan Welsh, D.C., DACBSP®, FPAC

Over the last two years, the country has renewed its focus on health, well-being, and the importance of remaining active. Chiropractic care is well-suited to be a leading voice in this national conversation. Panelists will share current public relations, advocacy, and educational efforts to position the chiropractic profession in that discussion, and support attendees' ability to lead a renewed movement of health creation within their communities.

12:30-1:30 p.m.

OnBase U- The Story of a Movement Science, Sports-Based ProgramGreg Rose, D.C.
Please join international speaker Greg Rose, D.C. for this session on how the science of movement led him to start a company to work with baseball players to improve performance.

1:30-3:30 p.m.

Active and Passive Care of Lower Extremity ConditionsJesse Hodges, D.C. and Marc Lucente, D.C., M.A., DIANM
Jesse Hodges, D.C. (Florida, ’13) and Marc Lucente, D.C. for this two-hour course on treatment protocols and differential diagnosis of lower extremity conditions. They will explore clinical presentation and treatment of both acute and chronic knee conditions and Achilles tendinopathy, laser and pressure wave modalities, as well as different care plans for stable vs. unstable conditions.

Collaborative Care in the Perinatal Period: How to Treat and When to ReferErica Boland, D.C.
Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts and well sought after for pregnancy and postpartum challenges, but we cannot do it alone. Still, in 2021, there is no standard of postpartum care and a lack of musculoskeletal standards during pregnancy. The team approach is just the beginning. Listen in to discuss what is in our scope as perinatal care providers, how to treat the most common perinatal challenges, and what challenges need referral — and to whom. As a profession, we have the opportunity to set the standard and include other birth workers in the area on the best practices for collaborative care.

Movement Science and Athletic PerformanceGreg Rose, D.C.
This workshop covers movement science and diagnosing issues in athletes, and how to address them. He will discuss the interaction with athletes, as well as how to communicate with coaches and other health-care professionals to the benefit of the athlete.

4-6 p.m.

Introduction to TMJ Analysis and AdjustingSteven Cuono, D.C.
This class will introduce the concept of adjusting and analysis of the TMJ. Topics include common causes, anatomy, examination, patient history, adjustments, other treatments and ancillary procedures. Emphasis will be placed on simple procedures which can be incorporated easily into your typical exam and office visit.

Diagnostic Imaging of Movement in the Cervical SpineMatthew Richardson, D.C., DACBR
In this two-hour lecture we will focus on motion assessment in the upper and lower cervical spine with attention to sagittal, coronal and axial instabilities. We will discuss alteration of motion segment integrity (AOMSI), as well as what that means in providing an impairment rating. We will look at how CBCT helps us assess vertebral listhesis, and effects on stenosis. The remainder of our time will be spent reviewing diagnostic imaging cases with focus on CBCT imaging.

The Spectacular Role of the Human Microbiome in Preventing Post-Prandial or Metabolic Endotoxemia, the Number One Cause of Mortality WorldwideChris Frogley, D.C.
Sponsored by Microbiome Labs

You are more bacteria than you are human with 10 trillion human cells outnumbered by more than 100 trillion bacteria cells in and on your body. The human genome contributes just 1% genetic material to daily metabolic function compared to the 99% that is contributed by the microbiome. An often overlooked role of the microbiome is to prevent post-prandial endotoxemia and the inflammatory devastation that follows. This lecture will illustrate the danger of having post-prandial endotoxemia and why this condition is being called the number one cause of mortality worldwide as it sets up the body for virtually every chronic disease. This condition is caused by eating and a failure of the microbiome to protect its host from this response. You simply cannot completely correct any chronic condition without addressing post-prandial endotoxemia.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

8-10 a.m.

Oh The Bones in Your Body: An Imaging Anatomy and Assessment ReviewSiri Leech, D.C., DACBR
This course will review spinal and chest anatomy from an imaging perspective while discussing pertinent clinical negatives and relevance. Attendees will gain a thorough review of each area of the axial skeleton and chest with correlation to radiographic anatomy.

Fructose Metabolism in Health and Disease, Dan Weinert, D.C., Ph.D., DACRB
Please join Dan Weinert, D.C., Ph.D. (Main, ’96) for this two-hour session on fructose metabolism in health and disease. He will discuss fructose consumption in the U.S. and review fructose metabolism. In addition, he will explain the impact of fructose on the brain and immune system. 

The Documentation Compliance Seminar, Part ISteven Conway, D.C., DABCOH, Esq.
Sponsored by NCMIC Insurance Company

This program will define and demonstrate proper compliance procedures with an emphasis on proper documentation to reflect the services provided. Dr. Conway will also provide in-depth analysis of Medicare initial visit and subsequent visit requirements. 

10:30-11:30 a.m.

Pain, Posture, and PerformanceSherry McAllister, D.C., M.S.(Ed), CCSP®
During "Pain, Posture and Performance," F4CP President Sherry McAllister, D.C. (West, ’96), will offer greater understanding of how to leverage the current trending health-care topics to maximize the value of chiropractic care. In addition, she will cover research exploring the value of chiropractic care as it relates to pain, posture and performance.

12:30-2:30 p.m.

Innovation and Identity: Competition or CollaborationNate Hinkeldey, D.C., DACRB and Michael Tunning, D.C., M.S., ATC
By definition, innovation involves change and evolution while identity is entrenched in stability and endurance. Conflict often arises when groups of individuals work to identify one or the other as a threat, rather than a symbiotic relationship. Join us as we explore how the evolution of clinical care has resulted in innovations in patient evaluation that allow for the maintained identity of chiropractic while providing opportunities for advancement during the next 125 years.

Whole Food Advantage to DetoxificationKimberly Besuden, B.S., D.C., CFMP
Kimberly Besuden, D.C. provides clinicians with the ability to clinically manage a patient during a detoxification program related to nutritional deficiencies. She will offer the practitioner protocols to interpret underlying health and wellness issues that may arise will supporting nutritionally deficient chiropractic patients on a detoxification program.

The Documentation Compliance Seminar, Part IISteven Conway, D.C., DABCOH, Esq.
Sponsored by NCMIC Insurance Company

The continuation of The Documentation Compliance Seminar, Part I.

2:30-4:30 p.m.

Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerve EntrapmentsSpencer Lindholm, D.C. and H. Michael Olson, D.C., CCSP®, ICCSP

Upper extremity entrapment neuropathies are common in the general population. Peripheral nerves are at risk of injury and entrapment because of their superficial nature and length. Injury and entrapment of these nerves can cause pain, sensory loss and muscular weakness, ultimately leading to functional disability. In this presentation, Dr. Lindholm (Main, '16) and Dr. Olson (Main, '11) will review the common entrapment sites of the median, ulnar and radial nerves as they course through the upper extremity. The pathophysiology behind each entrapment will be outlined and proper assessment for differential diagnosis will be explained. Lastly, various treatment options for peripheral nerve entrapments will be discussed with example treatments demonstrated at numerous locations.

Utilizing Movement and Response-Based Assessments for Chiropractic PatientsKevin Percuoco, D.C., Cert.MDT
Join Kevin Percuoco, D.C. (Main, ’16) for this two-hour presentation as he discusses movement and response-based assessments for diagnosis, care, and case management of chiropractic patients. Dr. Percuoco uses case studies in this informative presentation.

The Documentation Compliance Seminar, Part IIISteven Conway, D.C., DABCOH, Esq.
Sponsored by NCMIC Insurance Company

A continuation of The Documentation Compliance Seminar, Part II.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

8-10 a.m.

Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis — The Chiropractic RoleKenice Grand, D.C., D.H.Sc., DACBN, CWP
This session will discuss the role of the chiropractic doctor in the prevention and management of osteoporosis, focusing on the influence of inflammation and the American lifestyle on bone health. We will highlight natural interventions and strategies to promote optimal bone health, diving deep into the literature and going beyond the traditional recommendations of calcium, vitamin D, and exercise. The attendee will walk away with an evidence-informed toolkit for the prevention and management of osteoporosis that will benefit their patients, their students, and their community.

Preventing Clinical Errors in PracticeScott Munsterman, D.C., DICC, CPCO
As health-care providers, we have all taken the oath of  "First do no harm". But how is this defined from a risk management perspective in patient care? Learn how to decipher the types of events that could lead to a clinical error and how to prevent adverse events or near misses from occurring in the first place. Begin to understand how to "set-up" defense layers within your practice to ensure safety for your patients.

10:30 a.m.-1:20 p.m.

HIV/AIDS: Conventional and Chiropractic ManagementMark Murdock, D.C., R.N.
This session will review basic, intermediate, and advance concepts regarding HIV infection. Epidemiology will be covered for different demographics. The clinical presentation of stages of HIV infection will de delineated. Online personal testimony will be presented. Cellular stages of infection will be discussed. Life expectancy with and without HART will be compared via diagram. Diagnostic tools will be discussed. Prevention measures involving pre-prophylaxis and post-prophylaxis will be explained. Bodily fluid clean-up procedures will be demonstrated. In addition, advanced management approaches will be explored from a conventional and chiropractic perspective. Conventional treatment will be matched with the cellular stages. Side effects will be revealed. Chiropractic management will be discussed with a focus on support, interdisciplinary management, and encouragement. The comparative effectiveness of herbal effects on HIV/AIDS will be shown in table format. This well-rounded presentation will expose the learner to a concise aid to understanding HIV.

10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Florida Laws and Rules, Jason Nicholas Belcher, D.C. and Mary Frost, D.C., M.B.A.
Join Jason Nicholas Belcher, D.C(Florida '13) and Mary Frost, D.C., M.B.A. (Main, ’96), for this two-hour session which satisfies the Florida continuing education requirement. Topics to be discussed are qualifications for licensure and fees, license status and renewal, continuing education, scope of practice, application of the law through case studies, and much more.

12:30 p.m.-1:20 p.m.

Risk Management in the Chiropractic OfficeScott Munsterman, D.C., DICC, CPCO
Defining risk management is easy, but applying it successfully to practice operations begins with fully understanding all your potential risks. Federal, state, and local governmental agencies enforce regulations (HIPAA, OSHA, OIG, Medicare, etc.) upon the health-care industry. In addition, the standard of care for health-care providers — governed by their respective licensing board  upholds consumer protections through accountability mechanisms. Covering these bases and more through a risk management or compliance program is your first step to protecting your patients, your practice, and your future. 

General Homecoming Photo Gallery (includes past Homecoming events)

Homecoming weekend is our opportunity to come together and celebrate this great profession and what better place to do so than in sunny Florida. We hope you will join us for a weekend of camaraderie, reconnecting with the College, and re-energizing yourself with some terrific educational sessions.

Take a look throughout the event pages and find out why Palmer College of Chiropractic's Port Orange, Fla., Campus Homecoming is worth the time away from your practice. Educational speakers on topics relevant to daily practice, fun social events, and an exhibit area with new products and services is just an overview of what you will find throughout the weekend.

We hope to see you here in 2022!

Palmer West Homecoming

2022 Palmer West Homecoming dates to be announced soon.

General Homecoming Photo Gallery (includes past Homecoming events)

Homecoming weekend is our opportunity to come together and celebrate this great profession. We hope you will join us to renew old friendships, reconnect with the College, and re-energize yourself with some terrific educational sessions.

Check out our full program of events, to see why Palmer College of Chiropractic's San Jose, California Campus Homecoming is a great deal. Educational speakers on topics relevant to daily practice, entertaining social events, and an exhibit hall with new products and services are just a few of the great experiences you will enjoy in this convenient weekend format.

We hope to see you here in 2022!

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