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Felicia Devine, D.C. and Taylor Sandin, D.C.

Felicia Devine, D.C. (Main, ’1920) and Taylor Sandin, D.C. (Main, ’21) adjusting patients on table.Felicia Devine, D.C. (Main, ’20) and Taylor Sandin, D.C. (Main, ’21) met playing on the Palmer Women’s Rugby Team, and when the opportunity arose to once again be on the same team, they both went for it.

Dr. Felicia opened The Wāv Collective, a chiropractic and wellness practice in Berks County, Pennsylvania that offers chiropractic adjustments, reiki, sauna and stretching to their patients, shortly after graduating with Cum Laude honors from Palmer’s Main Campus. When she put out the word that she was seeking an associate, her former teammate Dr. Taylor Sandin took the opportunity. Now, the two doctors work together every day.

“I shadowed Dr. Felicia back in 2021 and I remember thinking to myself how awesome it would be to work in an office like hers,” says Dr. Taylor. “Almost a year later I got the chance to work at the same amazing office I was daydreaming about. Life works in magical ways.”

“We’re an all-female office and have amazing chemistry, teamwork and unified goals,” says Dr. Felicia. “I’m proud of the way our office has become a place of education and expansion for families seeking something different. We’re different and we’re intentional about it.”

This desire for something different was inspired early on in Dr. Felicia by the chiropractor she saw after getting injured during a boxing match.

“My mom took me to her chiropractor, Palmer graduate Dr. Geoff Huls (Main ‘08), and he showed me the power of the human body, what true healing means and philosophy about human design and innate intelligence. He opened my eyes to a profession that is fulfilling, impactful and in alignment with how I wanted to share my gifts. Dr. Geoff was the catalyst for expanding my paradigm,” says Dr. Felicia.

“Palmer College was the only school I even considered,” she continued. “I knew from researching the history, philosophy and curriculum that I wanted to go to Palmer Main. Dr. Geoff also had nothing but great things to say about Palmer and his experience.”

It was while she was on the Palmer Women’s Rugby Team that she met Dr. Taylor, who also played on the team.

“Playing rugby for Palmer was hands-down the best decision I ever made. It has helped shaped me into the person, chiropractor, and leader I am today,” says Dr. Felicia. “Dr. Taylor had a grounding presence to her on the pitch. You knew that she’d undoubtedly have your back in any situation.”

“During our time at Palmer, Dr. Felicia was one of the hardest workers on the team, and that still shows today,” says Dr. Taylor. “When she put out the call for an associate in her practice, I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to work with her since I know how dedicated she is to her patients.”

Felicia Devine, D.C. (Main, ’1920) and Taylor Sandin, D.C. (Main, ’21)  smiling.“We have similar work ethics and a mutual desire to hustle,” says Dr. Felicia. “We’re both strong females but have a way of working well together and not competing with one another. I see Dr. Taylor as my equal and I fully trust her with stepping into her role in my practice. She has proven to me on the pitch and now in practice that she has my back. I value her desire to care for our community and expand our reach.” 

To students considering a career in chiropractic, Drs. Felicia and Taylor offer their words of advice.

“The world belongs to those who show up,” says Dr. Felicia. “Show up to everything. Go to clubs, seminars, tutoring sessions, after-school events, rugby matches, homecoming, symposiums, class, business center events. Do it all and do it with an open and serving heart. You will meet people, learn, and expand your paradigm.” 

“Never be afraid or timid to ask for help,” says Dr. Taylor. “This was me and I regret it. Asking for help or a better explanation will help you so much. Palmer provides so many different resources for you to succeed. Use them! That is why they are there.” 

“Chiropractic is a gift that we are entrusted with given to be able to unlock unlimited potential in every single person you lay your hands on. I would never change the path I took and the profession I chose to unveil my greatest passions,” says Dr. Felicia.

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