Palmer has arranged with a Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer to provide a Google Tour package exclusively for alumni. For just $400, Palmer alumni will receive a five-node, 360-degree Google Tour of their practice, along with up to eight commercial still photos. Additional 360-degree nodes may be purchased for $50 per node, and additional commercial photos may be purchased at $25 per photo.

A Google Business Tour example:

google office image - Burt Chiropractic
Burt Chiropractic Clinic

If you like what you see in our tour example and want to create a Google tour of your chiropractic clinic, simply complete the request form to have the Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer contact you. This photographer is Google trained, certified and trusted to create the best possible online tour of your practice.

Here are some tips from the photographer once you have scheduled your photo session:

  • Do a pre-shoot walk-through of your clinic and straighten up anything that looks messy or out-of-place.
  • A Google Business Photos agreement may be sent prior to the shoot; the photographer also will bring a copy. An authorized signature is needed before any photos are taken.
  • Be sure to notify your employees in advance of the scheduled session.
  • Payment is expected by credit card, cash or check at the end of the photo session.
  • Conduct a final walk-through with the photographer indicating important areas and finalize the Google tour size.
  • The photo session will begin outside your front door and the tour will continue inside your clinic, just as any walking tour of your clinic would be conducted.
  • Your photo session also includes still feature photos, so be sure to discuss areas you would like highlighted in these photos.
  • The photographer will post signs informing the public that a photo session is in progress. Any faces or license plates that appear in the photos will be blurred prior to publishing.
  • Your photo session may last several hours, depending on the number of panoramic views and feature photos taken.
  • After your Google tour has been published and gone live on Google sites (usually from 7 to 14 days), update your business’s Google + Local page with business hours, insurance and payments accepted, special services, etc. The more complete the information, the more useful customer searches will be.
  • Plan to incorporate the Google tour or links to the tour on your website and Facebook page.

Take advantage of the Google Tour package through Palmer—another example of our customized, sophisticated business services for alumni.

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