The Palmer Family Heritage

In many ways, the history of chiropractic is the story of four generations of Palmers; Daniel David Palmer, usually called D.D.; his son, Bartlett Joshua Palmer, D.C., called B.J., and B.J.’s wife, Mabel Heath Palmer, D.C.; B.J. and Mabel’s son, David D. Palmer, D.C., often called Dr. Dave; his wife, Agnes Mae High Palmer, D.C.; and their daughters, Bonnie Palmer McCloskey, Jenny Wren Palmer Sutton, H.C.D. (Hon.), and Vickie Anne Palmer, H.C.D. (Hon.). Each of the Palmer daughters has served the College and Board of Trustees in various roles.

Vickie Anne Palmer has devoted her life to Palmer College, serving 21 years as chairman of the Palmer College Board of Trustees. She continues to serve the Board as secretary general and as a member of the Executive Committee.