As the founder of chiropractic, there is no equal to the Palmer experience. Join us today and prepare for a career that will serve you for a lifetime.

Attending Palmer is much more affordable than you may think. We offer comprehensive financial planning services. Our staff is experienced at guiding you through the process, helping you to move your career forward.

Contact your admissions representative to get started today with a D.C. Tuition Deposit Form.

General fees - all degree programs:

  • Payment of delinquent tuition 12% (APR service fee on monthly unpaid balances)
  • Checks returned from bank for insufficient funds $25
  • Duplicate diploma $30
  • Transcript fee $5 per transcript
  • Other duplicate certificates $5
  • Refund policy can be found in the student handbook.

Transcripts cover only courses taken at the Palmer College of Chiropractic campus.

Doctorate of Chiropractic Program

Your Financial Aid Officer can help you budget. You will need to include the cost of tuition, fees, books, equipment and living expenses.

Talk with your representative to discuss qualifying for financial aid. Students must remain in acceptable academic standing and meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements to maintain aid eligibility. A wide variety of financial aid options are available including:

  • grants, loans or work-study employment through the U.S. Department of Education
  • grants and scholarships

2017/2018 Academic Year Tuition

Palmer College of Chiropractic’s main campus in Davenport, Iowa:

  • 16-21 credit hours ─ $11,519 per trimester. Program is 10 trimesters long.
  • Less than 16 hours ─ $720 per credit hour
  • More than 21 credit hours ─ $720 per each additional credit hour

Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, in Port Orange, Fla.:

  • 16-21 credit hours ─ $8,725 per quarter. Program is 13 quarters long.
  • Less than 16 hours ─ $545 per credit hour.
  • More than 21 credit hours ─ $545 per each additional credit hour.

Palmer College of Chiropractic West, in San Jose, Calif.:


Nonrefundable fees:

  • Application fee (one- time) $100
  • Tuition deposit $200
  • Matriculation fee $150
  • Activity fee (per term) $20
  • Liability insurance (one-time charge at the start of the 5th term) $245

Clinical enrichment program fees:

  • $217 per course (Davenport campus) or $144 per course (Florida campus).
  • Drop fee: $10 if dropped 22 days or more from first scheduled class date.
  • Drop fee: $50 if dropped 21 days or less from first scheduled class date.

Books and Equipment

During each academic term, the student will be required to purchase textbooks that will be used throughout the academic program. In addition, each student will need to purchase equipment that will serve the student doctor in the clinical portion of the academic program. The cost of books and equipment varies depending on term in school and where the book/supply is purchased from.

Personal Checks

Palmer does not provide check-cashing services for students. However, checks may be written for tuition, fees and bookstore purchases. A fee of $25 will be made for the first check returned by the bank for insufficient funds. If a second check is returned, you may be asked to make future payments with currency or certified funds.

Library Fines

Overdue books from the library are subject to a fine. Check with the library staff on your campus to determine the fine.


Fines will be posted to the student's account and a hold will be placed on registration/graduation until payment is made. Pay your outstanding fines at the Student Administrative Services Office.

Davenport Campus Only

Master of Science In Clinical Research

2017/2018 Academic Year

  • $456 per credit hour (No tuition deposit is required.)


  • Application fee $50
  • Evaluation fee $100
  • Intent-to-Graduate fee $81

Financial Assistance

Tuition scholarships and program fellowships are available on a competitive basis. Contact Research Program Manager.

Bachelor of Science, General Science

2017/2018 Academic Year

  • $224 per credit hour for each trimester

Nonrefundable fees

  • Application $50
  • Evaluation fee $100
  • Graduation and record fee $100

Academic Load

A full-time load for this degree is 12 credits. Students with fewer than 6 credits are considered less than half-time.

Financial Assistance

Talk with your Admissions Representative or the Financial Planning Office for guidance. Special arrangements must be made with the Undergraduate Studies program and the Financial Planning Office. Financial Planning is on the third floor of the Campus Center on the Davenport, Iowa, campus and can be reached at (563) 884-5740 or (800) 722-2586, Ext. 2.

  • You must be enrolled in the B.S. degree program and accepted into the D.C. program to qualify
  • You must maintain at least half-time enrollment