Beacon Legacy Society

Icon - Beacon Legacy - representation of the beacon at Palmer College in a circleThe generous individuals who choose to remember Palmer College in their estate plans are visionary and uncommonly dedicated. They work closely with College Advancement staff to choose giving options that achieve their personal, financial and charitable goals.

Members of the Beacon Legacy Society share a strong bond of philanthropy and turn their individual passions into action, looking ahead to the needs of future generations.

Beacon Legacy Society members enjoy:

  • Perpetual recognition in donor honor rolls
  • Special invitations to events on each campus
  • Unique opportunities to meet with College leadership, faculty and students
  • Recognition in the Fountainhead Endowment Society, for gifts that establish endowed funds or scholarships

Through a planned gift to Palmer College, you can strengthen and sustain the future of education, care and research. You’ll make a lasting, positive impact that will further the profession and Palmer College’s place as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education®.

Beacon Society Donor Honor Roll


* Employee
† Deceased
Dennis Acquaro, DC and Mrs. Kay Acquaro*
Ron Akers, DC
Dr. Laurence E. Allen †
Dr. John M. Anderson †
David Antoniotti, DC
Dale Applegate, DC and Mrs. Gloria Applegate
Dr. Boyd E. Ashton †
Dr. Warren B. Atkinson †
Dr. Frederick W. Auerbach †
Gary Auerbach, DC and Mrs. Christine Auerbach
Dr. O W Babcock †
Steve Baer, DC and Mrs. Sarah Baer
Dr. Herbert F. Bahr †
Dr. R. D. Baker †
Dr. Roger Baker
Dr. George B. Banks †
Ronald Barth, DC and Mrs. Leann Barth
Clayton Bartness, DC and Mrs. Leslie Bartness
Dr. Charles L. Bartoli †
Dr. Felix G. Bauer †
Dr. Ercil V. Beane †
Dr. Ruth S. Beck †
Frank Bemis, DC and Mrs. Bemis
Robert D. Berry, D.C.
Joseph Birdwell, DC and Ms. Denice Henning
Dr. Devere E. Biser †
Dr. Joseph G. Bishop †
Chester Blackmon, DC and Mrs. Patricia Blackmon
George Blackwood, DC
Kenneth Blackwood, DC and Mrs. Marvel Blackwood
Thomas Blankenbaker, DC and Mrs. Leticia Blankenbaker
Timothy Bly, DC and Mrs. Kim Bly
Dan Bobb, Jr., DC and Mrs. Donna Bobb
Dr. Howard M. Boos †
Howard Boos, DC and Mrs. Christine Boos
Cindy Bouchard, DC and Mr. Chad Bouchard
Dr. Joseph N. Brace †
Dr. Dorothy D. Brandt †
Dr. Harrison V. Breedlove †
Norris Breitbach, DC and Mrs. Ilah Breitbach
Dr. Raymond E. Breitbach †
David Bridson, DC and Mrs. Annette Bridson
Robert Brockman, DC and Mrs. Kimberly Ireland-Brockman
Robert Brooks, DC
Jacqueline Broughton, DC and Mr. Stuart Broughton
Richard Brown, D.C.
Craig Brue, DC and Mrs. Carol Brue
Mark Brusveen, DC and Mrs. Susan Brusveen
Jeffrey Buller, DC and Mrs. Donna Buller
Dr. Evelyn E. Bunyard †
Dr. Carl W. Burkhardt †
Rick Burns, DC and Mrs. Vickie Burns
Dr. and Mrs. Mickey Burt
Dr. Claude J. Canfield †
Kent Carlomagno, DC
H Bruce Carrick, DC and Mrs. Nadine Carrick
Mark Chance, DC and Mrs. Mary Chance
Daniel Chasse, DC and Mrs. Christine Chasse
Glenn Chidlow, DC and Mrs. Marilyn Chidlow
Michael Chimes, Jr., DC
Ray Clinton, DC and Mrs. Carol Clinton
Ronald Clukey, DC and Mrs. Donna Clukey
Dr. John V. Coffey †
Bruce Coleman, DC
Robert Connely DC
Alex Cox, DC
Ronald and Christine Cronk, DCs
Dr. Reese W. Cross Sr., †
S Brian Crum, DC and Mrs. Mary Crum
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley & Katherine Dale†
Dr. Genevieve M. Dasinger †
Dr. William R. Dawson †
Mrs. Martha Dehn and Dr. Fred Dehn†
Dr. R. T. Denniston †
Steven Derr, DC and Mrs. Lynn Derr
Dr. Mark G. DeVeau †
Luigi DiRubba, DC and Mrs. Anna Marie DiRubba
David Dolezal, DC and Mrs. Cynthia Dolezal
Anthony and Marilyn Dragosh, DCs
Duane Dressen, DC
Terrence Droessler, DC
Steven Duff, Jr., DC
Dr. Kenneth R. Eastman †
Dr. Melvin D. Eastman †
Leigh Elceser, DC
Vincent Erario, Jr., DC
Dr. Russell Erhardt †
Dr. Henry D. Esch †
Joan Fallon, DC
Dennis Farrell, DC
Dr. Dudley S. Fay †
David Felton, DC
Metro Ferrance, DC
Dr. Lamar G. Fields †
Dr. Shirley A. Fieldse †
Dennis Fitterer, DC
Dr. Paul Fitterer †
Jon Foster, DC
Dr. R. L. Fredrich †
Dr. Luther S. Frondal †
Dr. and Mrs. Edward & Mary Anne Galvin, Jr.
Jeffrey Gehlsen, DC
Richard Gehrke, DC and Mrs. Janice Gehrke
Darrell Gibson, DC and Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson
Dr. Harley D. Gilthvedt †
R Tyler Given, DC and Mrs. Barbara Given
Bill Glaccum, DC and Mrs. Shirley Glaccum
George Gott, D.C.
Dr. Frank J. Gough †
Dr. David C. Green †
Mr. Kent Greenawalt
Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt †
Dr. Cecil M. Grogan †
John Grumish, DC and Mrs. Debi Grumish
Dr. Earl T. Hagen †
Pamela Hahn, DC and Mr. Marc Regenwether
Dr. Roy O. Harmon Jr, †
William Harrington, D.C.
Dr. Rolland K. Hart †
Dr. and Mrs. J and Kerri Hartley
Dr. Ralph H. Hartman †
Dr. Stanley B. Heard †
Dr. Glenn M. Hedges †
Dr. Richard S. Herd †
Richard Herfert, DC
J Jay Hill, DC
Sharon Hill, DC
Eugene Hirsch, DC and Mrs. Sheila Hirsch
Dr. Fred A. Hoffman †
Dr. Harold M. Hollingsworth †
Dr. William F. Holmberg †
Dr. Clarabelle Hopkins †
Mark Houk, DC
Dr. Roger Hulsebus
Dr. Raymond E. Jacquette †
David Jantz, DC and Mrs. Andrea Manteuffel-Jantz
Robert Jarmain, DC and Mrs. Nancy Jarmain
Martin Jenness, DC
David Johnson, DC and Mrs. Julie Johnson
Dr. John P. Johnson †
Julie Johnson, DC and Mr. Scott Johnson*
Karl R O S Johnson, DC and Mrs. Sandy Johnson
Marjorie Rosengren Johnson, DC
Gregory Judd, DC and Mrs. Cynthia Judd
Edward Judge, DC and Mrs. Bonnie Judge
Dr. Eugene Judge †
Ross Kading, DC
Dr. Fletcher G. Keith †
Drs. Charles, Carl, Eric Keller
Kenneth Otto and Khristine Kenned-Otto, DCs
Donald Kern, DC and Mrs. Nancy Kern
Dr. John N. King †
Joseph King, DC
Dr. David N. Kirkland †
William Kisthardt, III, D.C.
Daniel Kitamura-Tintor, DC and Mrs. Lory Kitamura-Tintor
Christopher Klaes, DC
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan and Lois Kundel
Richard LaBarbera, DC and Mrs. Teresita LaBarbera
Charles LaCoste, DC
Robert and Sandra Lado, DCs
Dr. Robert LaFave
Dr. James W. Langford †
Dr. Samuel E. Lapp †
Pamela Le Roux-Troxell, DC
Dr. Henri L. LeBel †
Dr. Kirk A. Lee †
Dr. Thomas R. Lemon †
Dr. Lawrence F. Lieske †
Murray Limbocker, DC and Mrs. Murray Limbocker†
Betty Lok, DC and Mr. Kevin Lok
Dr. Virgil J. Lombardi †
Dr. Joyce A. London †
Edward Long, DC
Dr. Victor L. Loofboro †
Dr. William H. Lucas †
William Lucas, Jr., DC and Mrs. Lisa Lucas
Malcolm and Patricia Macdonald, DCs
Kenneth Mahnke, DC
Carol Malcheff, DC
Dr. Ervin M. Malcheff †
Delno Malmstrom, DC
Dr. Daniel J. Mancini †
Stanley Manges, DC and Mrs. Joan Manges
Carmel-Ann Mania, DC and Mr. John Montero
Jerry Mantonya, DC and Mrs. Judith Mantonya
Dr. Lynn P. Markey †
Dr. Ernest G. Marty Jr, †
Ed Mason, DC
Dr. Ronald O. Masters Sr., †
David Mayer, DC
Dr. Joseph P. Mazzarelli Sr., †
Barry McAlpine, DC and Mrs. Kim McAlpine
Dr. Jerome F. McAndrews †
Dr. Mark E. McConaughy †
James McCoy, DC and Mrs. Lynnae McCoy
Dr. Daniel G. McDonald †
William McDonald, DC and Mrs. Janet McDonald
Clifton McLellan, DC
Gary McLeod, DC and Mrs. Dara McLeod
Dr. D. M. McPeak †
Dr. Anton Meister †
Michael Meyer, DC and Mrs. Carol Meyer
Clifford Meylor, DC and Mrs. Debi Meylor
Dean Meylor, DC and Mrs. Jeanene Meylor
Lee Meylor, DC and Mrs. Laurie Meylor
Wayne Meylor, DC and Mrs. Kris Meylor
Gilbert Michel, DC and Mrs. Cathi Michel
Roland Miller, DC and Mrs. Sally Miller
Dr. George R. Mitchell †
Dr. Gerald M. Moore †
Dr. Bill D. Morgan †
Carol Mullen, DC
William Muscara, DC and Ms. Christy Gall
Rusty Myers, DC
Gerry Nadeau, DC and Mrs. Celine Nadeau
Daniel Nagy, DC and Mrs. Anne Nagy
Dr. George R. Nease †
Curt Nelson, DC and Mrs. Ardis Nelson
Dr. Milton R. Nelson †
Mark Newcomer, DC and Mrs. Sheri Newcomer
Bruce Nordstrom, DC and Mrs. Linda Nordstrom
Ronald Nyeggen, DC and Mrs. Eva Nyeggen
David Odiorne, DC and Mrs. Gloria Odiorne
Hal Orr, DC and Mrs. Gloria Orr
Kenneth Otto and Khristine Kenned-Otto, DCs
Dr. Agnes M. Palmer †
Dr. Fletcher L. Parker †
Dr. James W. Parker †
Dr. Gary R. Pennebaker †
Dr. Paul and Alice Peterson
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Pfeiffer
John NIcholas Pikulin, D.C.
Dr. James C. Ploch †
David Pokorny, DC and Mrs. Dorothy Pokorny
Dr. Alexander C. Politis †
Dr. Lorene M. Price †
Dr. Paul E. Pride †
Nickalus Psaltis, DC and Mrs. Heather Psaltis
Gary Randolph, D.C.
Dr. James M. Rasmussen †
Jack Rasmussen, DC
Richard Ratliff, DC and Mrs. Diane Ratliff
Robert Recor, DC and Mrs. Doris Recor
John Reeder, DC and Mrs. Mickey Reeder
Dr. Robert R. Reich †
Thomas Rexroth, DC and Mrs. Sharon Rexroth
Dr. Clark E. Rich †
Dennis & LInda Ridenour
Dr. Ernest L. Risley Jr, †
Ronald Rolley, Jr., DC and Mrs. Lori Rolley
John W Ross, DC
Pat Rothermich, DC
Dr. Ross Royster
Todd Salow, DC and Mrs. Vicky Staner-Salow
Frederick Santangelo, DC and Mrs. Jane Santangelo
Jay Sayers, Jr., DC and Mrs. Ginny Sayers
Dr. Kathryn V. Scallon †
Dr. Abe J. Schlabach †
Lelia Esch Schlabach, DC
Dr. Frances M. Schmelzle †
Dr. Gilbert O. Schmiedel †
Anthony Schneider, DC
Charles Schollmeyer, DC and Mrs. LuAnn Schollmeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Keith G. Scott
Eric Seiler, DC and Mrs. Sherry Seiler
Dr. Dennis G. Semlow †
Philip Sewell, DC
Dr. Marlon E. Shelton †
Dr. William D. Shepherd †
Ronald Sheppard, DC and Mrs. Nadine Sheppard
Jeannette Sherwood, DC
Dr. William F. Shiepe †
William M. Shord, D.C., Jayne S. Shord
J Randall Short, DC
Dr. James D. Shown †
Michael Shreeve, DC and Mrs. Dawn Shreeve*
Miriam Shultz, DC
Gerardo Siebert, DC and Mrs. Judith Siebert
Dr. Leon Sigler †
Allen Sipes, DC and Mrs. Pamela Sipes
Bevier Sleight, III, DC and Mrs. Nancy Sleight
Dr. Herbert C. Sloat †
Duane Smethurst, DC and Mrs. Theresa Smethurst
Dr. Charles D. Smith †
Dr. Lewis D. Smith †
Willard M Smith, DC
William R Smith, DC
Todd Spieles, DC and Mrs. Sylvia Spieles
Thomas Stanzel, DC and Mrs. Stanzel
Dr. John H. Staples †
Dr. Harold A. Starr †
Lloyd Steffensmeier, DC
Kirk Steketee, DC and Mrs. Nancy Steketee
Dr. Edward C. Stevens †
Dr. Lula M. Stevenson †
Denny Stierwalt, DC and Mrs. Marjorie Stierwalt
James Stoenner, DC and Mrs. Dina Stoenner
Larry Stout, DC
Victor G. Strang, D.C., F.P.A.C.*
Gary Street, DC and Mrs. Shirley Street
Kari Swain, DC and Mr. Scott Swain
Larry Swank and Julie Schrad, DCs*
Roy W. Sweat, DC
David Tanner, DC and Mrs. Pam Tanner
Judy Tatum, DC
Dr. Troy L. Tatum †
Mark Telesz, DC
Richard Thompson, DC
Alwin and Patrice Toensing, DCs
Dr. Alwin F. Toensing †
Dr. J. L. Troxell †
Clay Tuttle, DC
Dr. Donald G. VanderBeke †
Paul and Donna VanDuyne, DCs
Dr. Jerry B. Vesey †
Richard Vincent, DC and Mrs. Carla Vincent
Frederick Vlietstra, DC and Mrs. Susanne Vlietstra
Dr. Henry C. Vogt †
Ida Wallen, DC
Patrick Walsh, DC
Gregory Walter, DC and Mrs. Rebecca Walter
Frank Warren III, DC and Mrs. Linda Warren
Genevieve Weber, DC and Mr. Robert Weber
Eugene Weir, DC
Lyle Wilcox, DC and Mrs. Rosemary Wilcox
Dr. Clarence R. Will †
Dr. Harold A. Williams †
Dr. Hugh S. Williams †
Dr. A. J. Willis †
Lee and Wendy Willis DCs
Lee and Wendy Willis, DCs
Barry Winkler, DC and Mrs. Melanie Winkler
Dr. Kerwin P. Winkler †
Dennis Woggon, DC and Mrs. Brenda Woggon
William F. Wolfe, DC and Mrs. Rose Wolfe
Dr. Lucinda K. Wright †
Ronald Wright, DC
Dr. Vera L. Young †
Dr. Henry G. Zastrow †
Thomas Zastrow, DC
Chad Zeh, DC
Gerald Zelm, DC


* Employee
† Deceased
John Anderson
Beverly Baker
Mrs. Ruth Baker
Mrs. Fran Beck
Mrs. Lena M. Biser †
Mrs. Margaret Brace
Dr. & Mrs. Myrvin and Anne Christopherson
Ms. Katherine M. Dale †
Mrs. Martha Dehn
Mrs. Florence E. Diehl †
Mrs. Ruth Erhardt
Dr. Elmer W. Ferguson †
Mrs. Linda Fitterer-Finley
Dr. Carolyn Hardin PhD, †
Peter Laliberte, DC and Mrs. Jane Laliberte
Ms. Bernice E. London †
Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Charlotte McManus
Michael Meyer, DC and Mrs. Carol Meyer
Mrs. Lillian S. Myers †
Dr. Subba Reddy †
Mr. Salvatore Rizzo †
Dr. F. R. Roese †
Mr. Carol Schaefer
Mr. William Schilling †
Frederick Schofield, DC and Mrs. Susan Schofield
Ms. Lorraine Shouldis
Michael Shreeve, DC and Mrs. Dawn Shreeve
Mrs. Marion Staples
Ms. Patricia R. Stitzel †
Mr. Edgar J. Veit †
Ms. Lorraine Vierthaler †
Mrs. Mary W. Wenger †


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PCC Int'l Alumni Assoc of South Dakota
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