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Avoid text-neck and improve your health through better posture.

Is posture really such a big deal?   “Think about it this way,” said Dave Juehring, D.C., a clinical professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic, “imagine having an eight-year-old (about 60 lbs.) hanging from your neck for 90 minutes each day.”  It seems absurd, but that's about the same amount of pressure we put on our spine when we are bent over our phones, books or projects with our necks at a 60 degree angle. That kind of strain can lead to back pain, headaches, herniated disks, and even surgery, according to Dr. Juehring.

Yes, posture is a BIG DEAL.  Poor posture has been linked with a number of ailments. The science is limited, but so far it indicates that maintaining correct posture increases your lung capacity, improves breathing, and reduces the likelihood of falls.  Behavioral studies also show that posture can have a positive impact on mood and confidence levels, and can even impact hormone levels in a way that increases feelings of power and ability to tolerate risk.  While the evidence is not conclusive, it is compelling. Improving your posture may improve your health.

For more information about text-neck, check out this article by Julie Johnson, D.C., or this blog post on the digital lifestyle. If you're suffering from text-neck symptoms, and would like to learn more about improving your posture -- and relieving your pain -- request an appointment today!

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