Experts estimate that 90 percent of all professional and Olympic-level athletes use chiropractic to prevent injury, speed recovery, and improve athletic performance potential. Chiropractors with special training in biomechanics, sports injuries and athletic performance have a unique approach to the care they provide. They focus on:

  • Staying in the game. “I never eliminate the athlete from their training environment. I always find ways to substitute some form of training to keep them psychologically in the game and minimize deconditioning.”—Dave Juehring, D.C.
  • Small changes with big results. “When working with a new athlete it’s common to try to do too much at first. Small changes to the biomechanics of an elite athlete can have big results. I take into consideration their training schedule, competition schedule and find a good time to implement changes.”—Lisa Goodman, D.C.
  • Ongoing collaboration. “Remember, just as the athlete is part of a team, so is the chiropractor.  It’s important to work as a team player.  When I am working with an athlete I always try to make sure I’m on the same page as their coach and other health-care providers.”—Michael Tunning, D.C.
  • Good communication. “Elite athletes have a pretty good sense of their bodies. I listen carefully to get a clear understanding of the athlete’s needs, goals, and expectations.” --Edward Feinberg, D.C.

Sports Chiropractors understand athletes. They work with you to help you achieve your goals through sports therapy, sports rehabilitation, and performance training.

Sports Chiropractic Infographic

What is chiropractic? How does it work?

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During your first visit, you will receive the most thorough assessment of your nerves, muscles, bones and joints available in health care. That assessment will inform everything we do to relieve your pain and get you moving toward wellness. And don’t worry—if we aren’t able to help you, we’ll connect you with a health-care provider who can.
Research shows that chiropractic is safe, effective, affordable care for sports injuries in patients of all ages and performance levels. Many athletes also experience improved performance.
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