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Orientation is mandatory. If you can't attend Orientation, please contact your admissions representative immediately to discuss options.

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In order to comply with the federal reporting requirements for Race and Ethnicity Data, set in place by the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB), please provide the following information.

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If you're bringing more than 1 vehicle, separate with commas (e.g. ABC123, ZYX098)

Palmer Alert: Emergency Notification System

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for Palmer Alert to promptly receive voice or text messages in the case of an emergency. This is a free service provided by the college, however, normal text message fees may apply.

Palmer College Student Directory & Reporting Information

The College has designated certain categories of information as directory information. A student's consent is needed to release this information. Regardless of a student's enrollment status, a request to withhold directory information remains in force until the student submits a subsequent request for removing the restriction. If you need to change your approval information, forms may be obtained and filed in the Student Administrative Services Office.

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