Annual Report 2018 ­– ­2019

A Message from the Chancellor and CEO

To the Palmer Community,

Emerging opportunities for chiropractors require a cutting-edge chiropractic education. This report highlights how Palmer College is building on success by making strategic changes for the future. Even our past was forward-thinking, and you’ll see that at Palmer College, we continue to challenge the status quo in chiropractic education, research and patient care.

B.J. Palmer said, “Make your decision for what is right, not expedient, and wash your mind of all compromise.” Our fiscal 2018-19 Annual Report reflects the accomplishments of our community as well as our uncompromising efforts to advance the college and uphold our reputation as The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education®

I hope you’ll join me in recognizing everyone involved in the outstanding work represented in this report. It illustrates how the Palmer community continues to advance the chiropractic profession.


Dennis M. Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D., Chancellor and CEO 

There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause. D.D. PALMER, F.P.A.C.
Discoverer of Chiropractic and Founder of
Palmer College of Chiropractic