Tutorials and Study Strategy Sessions

The Palmer Academic Success Services (P.A.S.S.) program is a free study strategy service available to all D.C. students on Palmer's Davenport, Iowa, Campus. We understand that the life of a Palmer student is fast-paced and often challenging. P.A.S.S. study leaders are successful upper trimester students who have the skills, ability and desire to facilitate the learning and academic successes of their peers.

Lecture and Lab Study Strategy Sessions

P.A.S.S. offers lecture and lab study strategy sessions on a weekly basis. Small or large group lecture study strategy sessions focus on courses in the 1-3 and 5th trimester curriculum. Reviewing important course material, offering mock exams and quiz questions are examples of how the study leaders help you prepare for testing situations.

PASS Study Strategy Schedule

This printable schedule will allow you to plan your study strategy for the week.

Lab study strategy sessions are designed to give you an additional opportunity to view lab materials, as well as participate in review sessions and mock practical exams, to help conquer your nerves to achieve success in lab. To provide you the best experience possible, lab attendance is limited to 10 or 15 students per session and you must sign-up in advance.

PASS Lab Registration Form

The PASS lab registration form allows you to sign up for your preferred lab study strategy session on a weekly basis. Registration forms will be processed Monday through Thursday at noon in the order they are received. Due to the Spinal Anatomy Lab study session schedule, registration is done one week in advance of when the sessions are held. Please check the lab session preregistration sheets each week to verify your assigned lab study session section.

Study Strategy Self-Help Resources

Open Lab Assistance

If you are currently taking Gross I, Gross II or Spinal Anatomy, P.A.S.S. lab assistants are available during selective open lab hours to answer your lab-related questions and help facilitate your learning. Check the weekly schedule posted outside M101 and the Study Resource Center adjacent to the Student Union in the Campus Center Building on Palmer's Davenport, Iowa, Campus.

The Study Resource Center

This student-staffed resource library and study area is located on the first floor of the Student Union in the Campus Center Building on the Davenport, Iowa, Campus. The following resources are available to all students in the Study Resource Center:

  • Individual quiet study space in the Carrel room
  • Group study rooms with 4' x 6' white boards
  • Large color anatomical posters
  • Fully disarticulated spines
  • Labeled bone models - vertebrae and skull
  • Serena - female articulated skeleton
  • Primal Pictures 3D Interactive Anatomical Software program
  • Reference texts including Medical Terminology and Chiropractic Orthopedics
  • Study materials for National Board Exams
  • Veriflex HappyLite (full spectrum light)
  • Noise machines and ear plugs

Students are able to check out resources for up to two hours at a time when there is an assistant on duty. For more information about checking out materials from the resource library or any questions, comments and suggestions regarding the Study Resource Center, please contact academicsupport.ia@palmer.edu .

Tutorials on the San Jose, Calif., and Port Orange, Fla., campuses are handled on a case-by-case basis. Students interested in acting as tutors as well as those students seeking tutorial assistance should contact Student Services.

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