Campus Security

In addition, there are several documents that will provide you with valuable security and campus safety information. They are the Student Handbook , the  Guide to Campus Safety and Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness  and the Student Code of Ethics .

Crime and Fire Statistics

Sex Offender Registries

Davenport Campus numbers to know

  • Emergencies:
    • (563) 884-5555 or 5555 from a campus phone
    • Code Blue phone

Palmer Campus Security will contact the proper emergency services and ensure their emergency responders are directed to where help is needed.

  • Non-emergencies:
    • (563) 884-5555 or 5555 from a campus phone
    • Davenport Police at (563) 326-7979
    • Palmer Investigations: (563) 884-5556

Campus Security: West Hall, Rooms W104 and W109

Campus phones

Campus phones can be found throughout the campus. To contact Campus Security from one of them, phone 5555.

Campus phone locations:

West Hall

  • Lower Level, across from W10
  • 1st floor, next to W129
  • 2nd floor, outside W217 and across from the elevator
  • 3rd floor, outside W315 and across from the elevator

Memorial Hall

  • Lower level, at bottom of stairs
  • 2nd floor, outside M202

Academic Health Center (AHC)

  • Lower level, by east elevator
  • 1st floor, by east elevator and in the Welcome Center
  • 2nd floor, across from Room 212 and by stairs S2.2


  • by stairs to Campus Health Center

You may also reach Campus Security from any staff or faculty phone by calling 5555.

WestCampus numbers to know

  • Emergencies:
    • 6 a.m.- 6 p.m.: (408) 944-6000 or 6000 from a campus phone
    • After 6 p.m.: (408) 568-5951
  • Non-emergencies:
    • 6 a.m.- 6 p.m.: (408) 944-6011 or 6011 from a campus phone
    • After 6 p.m.: (408) 568-5951

Campus phones

Campus phones allow you to contact Campus Security directly by dialing the proper extension. To call an outside number, press 8 first, then press the rest of your number.

Campus phone locations:

  • 1st Floor Student lounge
  • 2nd Floor Elevator (five feet from elevator exit)

Florida Campus numbers to know

  • Emergencies:
    • Operational hours: (386) 763-2777 or 2777 from a campus phone
    • After hours: (800) 227-9805
    • Code Blue phone
  • Non-emergencies:
    • (386) 763-2777 or 2777 from a campus phone
    • Port Orange Police: (386) 566-4578

Campus Security: Building 2, Lobby

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Branch campuses

Florida campus
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