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B.J. Palmer standing near a fountain

Friends of the Museum

If you are interested in donating items, giving monetarily or helping with the restoration of the Mansion, we'd love to hear from you.

Friends of the Museum

  • We appreciate those who donate time or money toward restoration and preservation. Since 1997, friends have helped in the preservation of the B.J. Clinic files, cleaned slates from the original roof, cataloged artifacts, and painted B.J.'s office. They have gathered in the spring to plant flowers in the Mansion Courtyard and during the fall to dig up bulbs and prepare for winter. They have scrubbed walls and floors, washed and rehung drapes, and restored the kitchen to its 1950's paint scheme. They painted the railing around the front yard, scraped trim and moved artifacts from storage to display. They've had input on design and updating of exhibits.
  • Friends have "adopted" artifacts, donating money for their repair. Pictured are a couch recovered with a gift from Dr. Mark Sanna, and a chair, recovered with a gift from a group of Florida doctors.
  • If you are interested in supporting our cause, please call 563-884-5714, and you will be notified of upcoming opportunities.
Friends of Palmer Mansion

Donations to the Museum/Artifacts

  • The Museum collection has been enriched through donations, and we are always eager to talk to potential donors. Donors are eligible for tax credit, as the Museum is part of Palmer College of Chiropractic and as such is a non-profit institution. When an item is exhibited, the donor is recognized on the accompanying label and/or brochure.
  • We do have limited storage space, so we must be selective regarding the items we accept. Duplicate items already in the collection will only be accepted if they are in better condition or have an unusual and traceable history. We do not accept unsolicited loans of objects.
  • Donors are asked to sign a deed of gift, which is irrevocable. By execution of this Deed of Gift, the donor represents and warrants to Palmer that s/he is the sole owner of title to the object(s) and has full power and authority to give the object(s) to Palmer. The donor acknowledges that upon execution of this Deed of Gift, the object(s) irrevocably become the property of Palmer and may be displayed, stored, maintained and/or disposed of as Palmer sees fit. The donor acknowledges that because of the limited gallery space and the policy of changing exhibitions, Palmer has not promised, and is in no way obligated, to exhibit the object(s).

    If you have an item or items that you may wish to donate, please contact us at or 563-884-5714. Photographs are particularly helpful when discussing a potential donation, helping us to identify the object(s).

Friends of Palmer Mansion - Couch
Hanging our Your Shingle

Our Current Adoption Campaign

We are currently looking for people who are willing to adopt windows in the Palmer Family Residence. Many of the windows are in need of repairs. You can help! The windows available for adoption are listed here.

Contact Us

Roger Hynes
Contact Dr. Hynes with questions about the Osteological Collection or potential donations of chiropractic artifacts

Julie Knaak
Contact Julie with questions regarding Mansion tours, reference questions and related topics

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