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FAQ's for Respondents

What is an orientation session?

An orientation session is an informal meeting with a representative from the Office of Compliance who will provide the student with a copy of the charge(s) of misconduct, explain the student ethics process and answer any questions. It is NOT a hearing, but an opportunity for a student to become more informed about the process that will be followed to address a charge of misconduct.

I have been charged externally with violations of federal, state or local law, as well as, internally by the college. Why am i being charged by the college for an incident i have already been charged with externally?

While the activities covered by the laws of the larger community and those covered by College rules may overlap, the community’s laws and the College’s rules operate independently and do not substitute for each other. The College may pursue enforcement of its own rules to determine whether college rules have be broken whether or not legal proceedings are under way or not.

Refer to Article IV, Violation of Law and Student Code of Ethics and Article V, Reporting Violations of Local, State or Federal Law for more information.

If my criminal or civil charges have been dropped, will they also be dropped by the college?

No. Determinations made or sanctions imposed under the Student Code of Ethics are not subject to change because criminal charges arising out of the same facts giving rise to violation of the College’s rules were dismissed, reduced or resolved in favor of or against the criminal law defendant. Refer to Article IV, Violation of Law and Student Code of Ethics.

Do i need an attorney present during the hearing?

You may have an advisor present if you choose. This advisor can be an attorney, friend, parent, or whoever you choose. Regardless of who you choose to advise you, this person cannot speak for you in the hearing. You are responsible for presenting your own case.

Students choosing to have an advisor will need to communicate this to the Office of Compliance three class days prior to their hearing in order for an advisor to be present at the hearing.

Why do i have a student ethics hold on my registration?

The Office of Compliance may place a hold on your student records and registration if you have an outstanding case. This may mean that you have been charged with a violation of the Student Code of Ethics but have not begun the process. It may also mean that you have incomplete sanctions. Your hold will NOT be lifted until you contact the Office of Compliance and resolve the situation.

Will this charge stay on my record?

Two years after graduation, the student may, upon written application to the Coordinator, request that the student’s College confidential record be expunged by the Chief Academic Official of all disciplinary actions other than College dismissal, misconduct involving sexual misconduct, the College clinics, preceptorships, or any other Clinic program.

Who has access to my disciplinary file?

Disclosure of disciplinary records to persons other than the student and College officials with a legitimate educational interest is limited to:

  1. instances in which written consent of the student is provided or
  2. to the extent that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) authorizes disclosure without such written consent.

What sanctions will i be given?

Possible sanctions that may be imposed for misconduct are outlined in Article X, G. Determinations regarding charges of misconduct are made on a case by case basis. Considerations include, but are not limited to the severity of the charge(s), a student's disciplinary history (if any), a student’s educational and developmental needs, and the Student Code of Ethics.

What if i do not agree with the decision of the college official?

An appeal request must be submitted in writing to the Office of Compliance within ten academic days from the date of the decision letter. An appeal request must be based on one of the reasons listed in the Student Code of Ethics, Article XI, B.

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