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Student Code of Ethics Jurisdiction

Where does the code apply?

  • On College premises;
  • At College-sponsored or College-related activities;
  • At service functions on or off College premises;
  • At non-College activities on or off College premises that adversely affects the College Community and/or the pursuit of its objectives;
  • On-line.

When does the code apply?

  • From the time of application for admission through the actual awarding of a degree;
  • Before classes begin or after classes end;
  • During the academic year and during periods between terms of actual enrollment;
  • During the time a student withdraws from school while a disciplinary matter is pending.

Does the code apply to conduct on-line?

  • Applies to misconduct occurring on-line by email, via video, information posted to blogs, webpages and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook or other on-line postings.
  • Harassment delivered by email;
  • Acts of bullying or discrimination posted in video form or on gossip sites.


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