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When you receive a grant, you don’t have to repay it. It’s NOT a loan.

Federal Pell Grant

  • For undergraduate students only
  • Must not have earned a bachelor’s or professional degree
  • Determined by Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Full- or part-time student status affects award amount
  • Limited to the equivalent of six years (12 trimesters)

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

If you’re awarded a Federal Pell Grant and demonstrate the greatest exceptional financial need, you’ll be considered for FSEOG first.

  • Must be Pell eligible
  • For undergraduates with exceptional financial need

Palmer Student Emergency Relief Fund

The Palmer Student Emergency Relief Fund is made possible by generous donations from alumni, staff, faculty and friends of Palmer College The intent of the funding is to support students experiencing financial hardship related to a qualifying event. Aid distributed through this emergency relief fund are considered grants and are not required to be repaid. Maximum award amounts are capped and determined by the nature of the qualifying event. Availability and size of the award(s) is contingent upon the amount of available monies in the fund, as well as applicants’ meeting the eligibility criteria.

Financial Hardship

For the purposes of this program, financial hardship is defined as an immediate and significant financial need related to a qualifying event which cannot be met through existing household resources.

Qualifying Event

For the purposes of accessing this fund, a qualifying event is one of four things:

  1. Medical Issue: The student experiences a recent and serious setback to their own health condition, or the sudden need to provide care for a spouse (or equivalent under Iowa, Florida or California law), child, or parent who is experiencing a serious medical condition. Maximum award $1,000.

  2. Emergency Car Repair: A student’s primary vehicle must be repaired to travel to and from campus. Maximum award $500.

  3. Emergency Travel: A student must travel due to the death of an immediate family member or care of an immediate family member. Maximum award $500.

  4. Declared Major Disaster/Emergency: The student experiences a demonstrated expense and/or financial hardship as a result of a federally declared or state declared major disaster/emergency. Maximum award $1,000.

Applications must be made no later than ninety (90) days after the qualifying event and include supporting documentation.

Award Eligibility

  1. Enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

  2. Enrolled for at least one (1) trimester or one (1) quarter during the current award year in which the qualifying event occurs, and in the term in which the student applies for access to the fund.

  3. Experiencing a qualifying event.

  4. Experiencing demonstrated financial hardship arising out of the qualifying event.

Students must not have previously received an assistance award associated with the same qualifying event.

Award Limits

Awards are limited to:

  • $1,000 in the case of a medical issue.

  • $500 in the case of emergency car repair. Funds will not be approved for the purchase or lease of a replacement vehicle.

  • $500 in the case of emergency travel due to the death of an immediate family member including spouse, child, parent, or sibling, or for the care of an immediate family member. Funds may be used for airline, bus or train tickets for the student, the rental costs for a vehicle for ground transportation or reimbursement at the IRS mileage rate when using personal vehicle. Funds may not be used for purchase of other incidental expenses associated with the student’s travel.

  • $1,000 in the case of a documented expense or financial hardship related to a federally declared or state declared major disaster/emergency. Expense or hardship may include home repair not covered by insurance, loss of income, cost for temporary or permanent relocation.

One award per qualifying event. Students will not be permitted to receive an assistance fund award associated with a qualifying event for which they have previously received an assistance fund award.

How to Apply

To apply, students must complete the Palmer Student Emergency Relief Fund Application and document their qualifying event via the appropriate certification form. Applications must be made no later than 90 days after the qualifying event to be considered.

Application Forms:

  • Palmer Student Emergency Relief Fund Application

  • Certification of Student or Family Member Health Condition

  • Certification of Required Vehicle Repairs

  • Certification of Emergency Travel

  • Certification of Expenses/Hardship Incurred due to Declared Major Disaster/Emergency

Review and Decision

The Student Affairs Division or their designee will review the application and determine whether the information submitted is sufficient to prove eligibility up to the requested amount. Students will be informed of the decision within 10 days of their application’s receipt by Palmer.

If the information presented is not sufficient to prove that the student is eligible for the requested amount, they may be granted a partial award, or the award may be fully denied. As long as the documentation proves eligibility and there are sufficient monies in the fund, requests shall not be unreasonably denied.

Disbursement of Funds

Award funds will be disbursed within ten business days of the application approval. Award monies will first be applied to meet any outstanding balance on the student’s account. The remaining amount will be disbursed to the student either by direct deposit or in a paper check.

If a student is receiving the maximum amount of financial aid when the Palmer Student Emergency Relief Fund Application is approved, the student will be given two options:

  1. The award will be applied to the student’s billing account resulting in a reduction of financial aid (i.e. student loans) received.

  2. The approved application and supporting documents will be provided to the College’s financial aid administrator to evaluate for Professional Judgement (PJ). If the financial aid administrator approves the PJ, the student’s cost of attendance will be increased allowing for the student to receive the award funds through one of the disbursement options above. uses cookies for advertising. You may disable them in your browser settings. Privacy Statement
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