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Admissions Resources

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Not Quite Sure Where to Begin?

That's ok. We've compiled a variety of resources and personal stories to help you along the way.

How to use the resource center:

  1. Find the topic that interests you. Perhaps it's hearing a Palmer graduate's inspiring story or learning more about financial aid.
  2. Click the button to access the resource.
  3. Have questions? We're happy to team you up with an admission representative who'll answer any additional questions you have.
  4. Ready for more?

Why Palmer

We see things Differently

Your Success Aligned
Want to help people improve their quality of life without drugs or surgery? Us, too.

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hands palpating a patients back

What is Chiropractic?
An estimated 50 million Americans see a chiropractor each year to reduce pain, increase movement and improve performance.

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Top 10 Reasons to be a Palmer Chiropractor
Patients prefer Palmer doctors. Here's a list of the top 10 reasons why you should get your Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

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Why Palmer
Rebecca, a 2017 graduate, discusses why she choose Palmer to be her chiropractic school.

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screen cap of Value of a Palmer Education

Value of a Palmer Education
Learn why receiving a Palmer education not only gives you the best technical foundation but an unparalleled reputation.

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palmer preparation

screen capture of Palmer Viewbook

Palmer Viewbook
Check out this descriptive overview of the Palmer experience and see how Palmer can be part of your future success.

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screen cap of prerequisites courses

Prerequisites and Curriculum
Make sure you’re on track for admission into Palmer’s Doctor of Chiropractic program.

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screen cap future palmer student doc

Admissions Checklist
Make sure you're fully prepared for admission into Palmer's Doctor of Chiropractic program by following these steps.

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screen cap of Preparing for your Chiropractic Degree

Recommended Courses for Future Palmer Students
Prepare for your degree and choose the right courses to ensure success with this handy checklist.

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screen cap of Financial Aid Checklist

Financial Aid Checklist
Here is a detailed list of every step in the financial aid process that future Palmer students can use to stay organized and on-track.

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screen cap of Align your future with Palmer College of Chiropractic

Align your future
This handout explains how Palmer College can help you achieve your chiropractic career goals.

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student life

screen cap of Student & Family Life Checklist for Future Palmer Students

Student and Family Life Checklist
Explore more on student housing, extracurricular activities and student and family life.

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screen cap of Academic Support Checklist

See what resources are available to support you during your studies at Palmer.

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career paths & outlook

screen cap of Sports Chiropractic infographic

Sports Chiropractic
Delve deep into what chiropractors can do to help athletes reach their full potential.

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screen cap of Corporate Chiropractic infographic

Corporate Chiropractic
Understand why corporate chiropractic can impact and help companies work towards more comprehensive and holistic health care.

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screen cap of Integrative Health Care

Integrative Health
Integrative health puts chiropractic at the center of high-quality, multidisciplinary health-care delivery.

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screen cap of Chiropractic Employment Outlook

Chiropractic Employment Outlook
See why chiropractic is a great health-care career option and a great investment in your future.

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Brant Pedersen portrait

Brant Pedersen
"Being able to use your head, your heart, your hands, and very little else to help people is a magical experience."

His Story >
Corey Harrington portrait

Corey Harrington
"I wanted to get involved in a profession that focuses on wellness and not necessarily on sick care.”

His Story >
Rebecca Warnecke profile

Rebecca Warnecke
"I wanted to be among the best professors and be engaged in as many experiences and opportunities as I possibly could."

Her Story >
Bryce Amdur portrait

"I cannot tell you how patriotic it is that Palmer provides complimentary care to veterans. They've helped me regain my mobility so I can live an active lifestyle again."

His Story >
David Johnson Portrait

David Johnson
“I’m a chiropractor. I adjust babies, I adjust grandmothers, I get to work with famous celebrities and athletes. It’s been very fulfilling to help people by hand and get great results. It’s just awesome.”

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Angie Prsad Portrait

Angie Prsad
“Being a chiropractor is amazing, awesome. It feels like I’m not going to work every day but that I’m going to see my family. It is the greatest satisfaction to have made that connection with patients."

Her Story >
Joe 'Otool Portrait

Joe 'Otool
"To really come out of school as a leader in your community and to change lives beyond just what you do in your clinic, that's where Palmer rises above far beyond every other school."

His Story >
Michael Pavalock Portrait

Michael Pavalock
“Our unique skills and decision-making abilities set chiropractors apart. Spinal adjustments take it to an even higher level of distinction and value.”

His Story >
Todd Rodman Portrait

Todd Rodman
"I chose Palmer College because they teach all the different specialties within chiropractic and they guide you to where your passion is."

His Story >
Scott Matz Portrait

Scott Matz
“I’ve been in practice for 33 years and I haven’t worked a day yet.”

His Story >
Naomi Ndungu portrait

Naomi Ndungu
"The reason I chose Palmer was because it's where chiropractic started and it has the biggest chiropractic research center. I knew this is where I'd get the best education."

Her Story >
Terry Schroeder Portrait

Terry Schroeder
"I come to work every day with anticipation for being able to change people's lives in a positive way."

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