Campus Guides

The Palmer Campus Guides are mentors for new and prospective students. They conduct campus tours that are informative, interesting and entertaining, and provide you with an honest glimpse of what life at Palmer is like.

Get to know the Palmer Campus Guides below!

Main Campus

Chelsea Brunner portrait

Chelsea Brunner

Chelsea decided she wanted to become a chiropractor when she was young and has never wavered in her choice since. This decision was based on seeing her father, an alumnus of Palmer, help so many people with chiropractic care and her own personal experience with chiropractic, having received care from birth. She attended Colorado State University where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in health and exercise science. Chelsea chose to follow her father's footsteps and come to Palmer because she wanted to come to where the profession began and to be a part of the rich history of the school.

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Kennedy Cullen portrait

Kennedy Cullen

Kennedy grew up in Traverse City, Michigan. As a 3-sport varsity athlete in high school, she went through countless injuries and sought chiropractic care for them. She knew she always wanted to help people heal, and believed that chiropractic embodies the best aspects of healthcare. She went to Michigan State University and pursued a Kinesiology degree with the goal of attending Palmer College. She is thrilled to be learning about chiropractic in the city where it was founded and is honored to continue the time-honored tradition as a Palmer guide!

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Karlee Dresen portrait

Karlee Dresen

Karlee was born and raised in Oelwein, Iowa. She grew up with chiropractic as her primary care because her mother worked for a chiropractor. During her time at the University of Northern Iowa, Karlee received a position at a chiropractic office as a pre-chiropractic intern where she further explored her passion for the the chiropractic profession. Karlee’s love for the profession and the patients she met through working at the office really ensured her that chiropractic was the career that she would love everyday. In her free time, Karlee enjoys going boating on the Mississippi River, rollerblading, kayaking, and relaxing.

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Jennifer Drews portrait

Jennifer Drews

Jennifer grew up in Sheboygan, WI, a small town on Lake Michigan. After high school, she attended Winona State University and received her Bachelors of Science degree in exercise science. After she realized the pre-physical therapy route was not for her, she decided to search through professions in the health care field. She shadowed a few chiropractors and learned more about the philosophy and biomechanics of how chiropractic worked and she knew this was the career path for her to pursue. She wanted to receive her education from the place where chiropractic all started, Palmer College of Chiropractic.

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Nick Dugger portrait

Nick Dugger

Nick grew up in Belmond, Iowa where his interest in human sciences first started. He decided to pursue this interest majoring in biology at Wartburg College in northern Iowa. It was during his time there that he had his first experience with chiropractic. While competing collegiality in track and field, he suffered a lower back injury. After seeking out chiropractic care, Nick got to learn about the philosophy and science of chiropractic. He knew immediately that chiropractic was his calling. Nick took a visit to Palmer College of Chiropractic his senior year in college and fell in love with the exceptional technique department, success rates after graduation and the rich history Palmer College had to offer.

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Megan Epps portrait

Megan Epps

Megan was introduced to chiropractic upon entry into this world, as her father was a Palmer graduate. She grew up in a household that practiced the chiropractic lifestyle and initially choose a career path of marketing and managing a chiropractic office in her hometown of Dover, Delaware, before eventually returning to school to pursue her true calling of being a chiropractor. Upon graduation, Megan plans to open practices so to influence the health of communities being served through delivering the chiropractic principles. Megan has an undergraduate degree in sociology and anthropology from Goucher College, in Baltimore, MD and enjoys learning and getting to know people. Megan chose Palmer College of Chiropractic as a tribute to her father and for Palmer’s history, knowledge, and practice of the art, philosophy and science of chiropractic.

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McCartney Goff portrait

McCartney Goff

McCartney grew up in Baraboo, Wisconsin where she first learned about chiropractic her junior year of high school. A Palmer alum taught her the philosophy of chiropractic and helped her become pain free for the first time in her life. This impactful experience made her not only want to serve others as a chiropractor but also go to Palmer to receive the same philosophy based education that inspired her and so many others. She received her Spanish and Portuguese degree at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with the aspiration to break language barriers in her future office. One of the most exciting aspects of Palmer to McCartney is learning and walking amidst the history where chiropractic first started. Between studying, you can find McCartney baking and cooking, enjoying nature on a walk, watching a movie or exploring new places around town.

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Brenna Gray portrait

Brenna Gray

Brenna grew up in London, Ontario and first saw a Chiropractor after a rollerblading injury when she was young. After this incident, she grew curious as to why it helped. Her curiosity led her to the University of Waterloo where she completed a kinesiology undergraduate degree. Brenna came to Palmer to continue her chiropractic journey.

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Bethany Grunewald portrait

Bethany Grunewald

As a Bettendorf, Iowa resident, Bethany lived near Palmer College of Chiropractic and loved the surrounding community. After high school, she knew she wanted to be a chiropractor. Bethany first started off at Scott Community College, where she received an Associate's degree, then transferred to Palmer's undergraduate program. This is where she plans to finish her Bachelor's degree and have it completed by the time she graduates with her Doctorate from Palmer. In her free time, Bethany enjoys hiking, hanging out with friends and getting involved with clubs on campus.

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Kyle Hagerty portrait

Kyle Hagerty

Kyle comes from Sellersville, a small town in Pennsylvania. He played many sports growing up, but stuck with Track and Field at Moravian college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He always knew that he had a passion for helping and teaching others about their body for track and for everyday life. He chose Palmer College after learning of chiropractic through an alumnus of Palmer. Kyle is in love with the process and environment that he is in at Palmer.

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Sydnee Hubbard portrait

Sydnee Hubbard

Sydnee has been involved with the chiropractic field her entire life, being adjusted since just three weeks old. Although Sydnee is currently a first-generation chiropractic student, she knew at a very young age that becoming a chiropractor was all she wanted to do when she grew up. Graduating from a small high school, Sydnee decided to attend a small private college in Adrian, Michigan and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science fall of 2016. She heard about Palmer College from her own chiropractor, took one visit and that was all it took. It felt like home from day one, and she could not be happier with her decision.

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Hannah Jones portrait

Hannah Jones

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Kelly Kimball portrait

Kelly Kimball

Kelly grew up in Weatogue, Connecticut. She was first introduced to chiropractic during a job shadow day at her high school, and she fell in love with the profession on the spot for its rich philosophy and emphasis on helping the body heal itself naturally. She graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University, majoring in Human Science and completing chiropractic research while there. Kelly decided to pursue her chiropractic education at Palmer for its strong emphasis on all three components of chiropractic: science, art, and philosophy. In her free time, Kelly enjoys tap dancing, tea parties, and reading chiropractic philosophy and research articles.

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Raymond Kociolek portrait

Raymond Kociolek

Raymond grew up in Indianola, Iowa with a large, extended family. After high school, Raymond attended Upper Iowa University, graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, with passing the national Board of Certification exam. After graduating from Upper Iowa, he attended Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska to work as a graduate assistant athletic trainer, working with the Wildcat football and track & field teams. While at Wayne State, Raymond received a Master of Science in Organizational Management degree, with an emphasis in sport and recreation management. While working in sports, He found a respect for the body to work from within itself and when he found out that is what chiropractic was, he was sold and enrolled in Palmer. Ray is an avid football fan (Go Eagles!) and also enjoys bowling, reading and watching movies with his 3 year old dachshund, Max.

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Holly McCrady portrait

Holly McCrady

When she was eleven years old, Holly began seeing a chiropractor after a teammate on her diving team referred her. She had begun tower diving the year before, and the force of the water was very rough on her neck and shoulders. She decided to stay at home with her parents throughout her undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario, and for the first two years of her degree and despite her history with chiropractic, she volunteered in a prestigious physiotherapy and sport medicine clinic, hoping to pursue a career in physical therapy. Her interests shifted when she realized she wanted to know more about how to prevent injuries from occurring before they get to the stage where physical therapy is needed. She decided on chiropractic after numerous discussions with her chiropractor, who inspired her.

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Tanner Mitchell portrait

Tanner Mitchell

Tanner grew up in Big Rapids, MI. After high school, he attended Spring Arbor University in Spring Arbor, MI, and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree. While at Spring Arbor, Tanner had internships in two chiropractic offices that greatly increased his passion for the field. Chiropractic stands out to him because of the positive impact that the field has on patient’s lives. He is excited to share his passion and help others reach optimal wellness!

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Virginia Salata portrait

Virginia Salata

Virginia grew up in Cedar Lake, Indiana with her parents, little brother, and pet bearded dragons. She loved staying active in gymnastics and dance, and being involved in her school through academic teams, service clubs, and cheerleading. Her love of anatomy and an active, healthy lifestyle led her to IUPUI in Indianapolis where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology. During Virginia's last semester at IUPUI, she had an internship in exercise rehabilitation in a chiropractic clinic. Despite her original plans to attend medical school, she fell in love with the holistic approach to medicine and the philosophy of chiropractic she was able to observe during her internship. Virginia knew by reputation and research that Palmer College of Chiropractic was the best school to attend for chiropractic, so that is where she wanted to go. She loves that Palmer is the first, the original, and full of opportunity for career development so she can be successful in her field.

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Katelyn Senebouttarath portrait

Katelyn Senebouttarath

Katelyn obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Katelyn has always enjoyed an active lifestyle and taught group fitness classes, kickboxing and is an avid weight lifter. Being the eldest of five siblings, three of which have Hemophilia Factor 7, Katelyn always understood her purpose in life was to help people stay active and healthy. This purpose was fully realized as she gained experience working as a Chiropractic Technician, where she discovered the positive influence Chiropractic has on an individuals lives. Palmer College of Chiropractic sharpens the skills necessary for Katelyn to someday run a successful Chiropractic clinic.

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Lindsey Sneary

Lindsey Sneary

Lindsey grew up in small town in Northwest Ohio. After high school, she attended Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio, graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in biology. While at Ohio Northern, she pursued the pre-physician assistant route, but the closer she got to graduation the more she realized that this was not the right path for her. After graduation, Lindsey worked as a state tested nursing assistant to gain patient care experience as she tried to decide what her next step would be. Over that summer, she thought back to what she always wanted to be as a child, a chiropractor. Lindsey began researching chiropractic more and found the profession that fit with exactly what she was looking for! She is thrilled to be here at Palmer College of Chiropractic and to learn from where this profession all began.

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Kaytlynn Toering portrait

Kaytlynn Toering

Kaytlynn Toering Kaytlynn was born in Hobbs, New Mexico. Wanting to be closer to family, her family moved back to her hometown of Saint Joseph, Michigan shortly after her birth. Because of the deep chiropractic roots in her family, Kaytlynn decided at a very young age she wanted to pursue a career in chiropractic. She spent much of her childhood at her mother and grandfather's private clinic, observing the art of chiropractic and seeing the positive results chiropractic care had on so many different people. After graduating from high school, Kaytlynn attended Valparaiso University to study Biology for two years. She then decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic and finish her Bachelor's degree, while pursuing her passion for the Doctor of Chiropractic program. Kaytlynn chose Palmer because of the influence of the Palmer graduates in her family, as well as the desire to study at the first and most prestigious chiropractic school. She is blessed to have the opportunity to help people through natural healing of the body. Outside of school Kaytlynn enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.

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Shelby Wall portrait

Shelby Wall

Shelby grew up in the small town of Monticello, Iowa where she participated in numerous clubs and sports all throughout her childhood and teenage years. Shelby knew at a young age she wanted to help people and after a regular adjustment at her local chiropractor she realized how she could do just that. After graduating as salutatorian of her high school class, Shelby attended Kirkwood Community College for two years before starting the DC program at Palmer. Shelby has always loved Palmer's philosophy of allowing the body to heal itself as well as the idea of living a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

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Florida Campus

Cloe Barnes portrait

Cloe Barnes

Cloe was born in Montreal, Canada, and attended James Madison University for her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a minor in coaching education. During her time there, she had many opportunities to shadow various fields in health care. However, what spoke to her most was chiropractic. She was first exposed to chiropractic in high school when her father took her to see his practitioner and since then, she was sold. She loved the individualized care and interaction between patient and doctor, especially considering how impersonal western medicine is becoming.

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Portrait of Jacob Howarth - Florida Campus Guide

Jacob Howarth

Jacob was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana. He attended Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, OH where he majored in Biology and played football. He is set to graduate from Palmer in 2020 and is looking forward to helping people live their lives pain-free and as fully as possible.

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Samantha Jordan portrait

Samantha Jordan

Samantha worked alongside a team of chiropractors that inspired her to pursue a career in chiropractic. The way they represented the profession, provided quality care for their patients and overall promoted a great environment in their practice made her want to aspire to be like them. She gained confidence that Palmer was for her by the quality of professionalism, adjusting technique and knowledge that these Palmer chiropractors embodied.

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Portrait or Shelby Kemp - Florida Campus Guide

Shelby Kemp

Shelby grew up in the rural community of Sesser, Illinois. She graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science and a minor in chemistry. She was first exposed to chiropractic as a patient after the wear and tear of cheerleading and gymnastics began to cause her pain. The benefits of chiropractic care as an alternative to medications and invasive surgeries had such a profound impact on her life that it influenced her to pursue it as a career. 


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Portrait or Michael Kreatsoulas - Florida Campus Guide

Michael Kreatsoulas

Michael attended Youngstown State University majoring in Human Performance and Exercise Science, while participating as a member of the football team. Interested in Strength and Conditioning, he accepted a Graduate Assistant position with the University of Findlay Athletic Department. While coaching he earned a Master of Education degree from the University of Findlay. Michael began competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, becoming nationally ranked. Realizing that his own performance increased while receiving chiropractic care, he decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. 


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Amber Scott portrait

Amber Scott

Amber graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Science; pre-chiropractic concentration. She chose her career path early in life thanks to a knee injury. Rather than pursue a second knee surgery she decided to take a less invasive, holistic approach. This is when she started her chiropractic journey and became a patient. It was an influential decision because it was her first exposure to chiropractic and helped her avoid an invasive surgery. From that day on it became her passion to one day be able to provide that option for someone else.

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Portrait or Machesney Thiel - Florida Campus Guide

Machesney Thiel

Machesney is a Wisconsin native with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree from Arizona State University. After being failed by the western medical system, Machesney decided to pursue a more natural route to health, which is where she fell in love with Chiropractic. Since she was little, she knew she wanted to make an impact in people’s health and being a Doctor of Chiropractic fit in as the right choice for her. Palmer stands for the art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic, making it a well-rounded, holistic education. Florida’s unique curriculum as well as early hands on experience confirmed it was the best school for her.

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Portrait or Megan Zarnick - Florida Campus Guide

Megan Zarnick

Megan is a Michigan native, and received her bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a concentration on Integrative Holistic Medicine from Oakland University. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to become a doctor, with the goal of changing people’s lives for the better. It wasn’t until her junior year in college that she realized she would accomplish that through Chiropractic. From there, she shadowed numerous doctors in the field, many with their own specialties and praise about the profession. Hearing about Palmer throughout her education is what lead her to be a student at the Florida Campus. 

Contact Megan Zarnick

West Campus

Alexandra Barone portrait

Alexandra Barone

Alexandra grew up in Plainfield, Ill., where she attended Loyola University in Chicago, and earned her B.S. in exercise science. While attending Loyola, she worked as a certified personal trainer, before deciding to pursue a career in the chiropractic profession. In addition to Campus Guides, Alexandra is active with several other West campus student-clubs and organizations, including the Sports Council, and the Motion Palpation and Yoga Clubs. Alexandra enjoys volunteering at the local humane society, hiking, and exploring new cities – and when she graduates in 2020, Alexandra hopes to practice in California, Colorado (or, possibly, an international location).


Contact Alexandra Barone
Vivie Bojilov portrait

Vivie Bojilov

Vivie is a native of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, who earned his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. Once Vivie decided to pursue a career in chiropractic, he chose to attend Palmer’s West campus, where he would be “close to home,” and enjoy the quality of a Palmer College education. In addition to Campus Guides, Vivie also is active with the West campus Sports Council, and is in the process of completing the chiropractic neurology diplomate program. When he graduates in 2010, Vivie hopes to practice in Canada. 


Contact Vivie Bojilov
Alix Boyer portrait

Alix Boyer

Alix is a Bay Area native and earned her B.S. degree in kinesiology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. "I chose Palmer West as the investment for my future because I knew that I wanted to be like the people I saw and met here – to put it simply, Palmer West felt like home."

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Emelia Bracken portrait

Emelia Bracken

Emelia, a native of Canton, Ohio, earned her bachelor’s degree (exercise science) from John Carrol University, located near Cleveland. Focused on athletic training while attending JCU, Emelia’s chiropractor inspired her to pursue a similar career path. After spending much of her life in the Cleveland area, once Emelia decided to pursue her chiropractic dream, the opportunity to head west (as in Palmer West) held a great deal of appeal! Emelia’s decision to attend Palmer’s California branch campus was influenced by several other equally important considerations, including Palmer’s leadership in the profession, and the distinguished reputation of the West campus Sports Council program.  Emelia serves as her class’ Associated Student Government representative, and enjoys playing volleyball. When she graduates in 2020, Emelia hopes to return and practice in her home state of Ohio.


Contact Emelia Bracken
Andre Bugawan portrait

Andre Bugawan

Andre grew up in Iwakuni, Japan, before moving to the U.S. in 2013, to attend Sacramento State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. After considering various career options, Andre felt chiropractic was best-suited to help achieve his career ambition – and Palmer West the best college to help prepare him for the profession. In addition to Campus Guides, Andre is active in various technique-clubs (including Gonstead, SOT, and AK), the Sports Council, and sports-clubs (including basketball, football, Spikeball, volleyball, and rock-climbing). When Andre graduates in 2020, he plans to practice in Sacramento, and travel around the world – with the long-term goal of eventually practicing in Japan and Hawaii, before returning to retire in California.


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Shanna Buller portrait

Shanna Buller

Shanna grew up in Rochester Hills, Mich., where she attended Michigan State University and earned her B.S. in kinesiology (with minors in health promotion and German). She also grew up in a chiropractic family (her father and brother are both Palmer Davenport graduates). Shanna, a member of the Elite Dance Team at MSU (and team-captain for two years), says she chose to attend Palmer West, in part, due to the comfort of a smaller campus. “Everyone was so welcoming when I visited the campus – it made the place feel like a huge family!” In addition to Campus Guides, Shanna also is a member of the Sports Council, and enjoys participating in various campus clubs, including the Motion Palpation Club and the Yoga Club. When she graduates in 2020, Shanna plans to either return home and practice in Michigan – or stay, and begin her career in California!


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Nancy Chu portrait

Nancy Chu

A native of Granite Bay, Calif., Nancy graduated from UC-Irvine (B.S., psychology) in 2011. "Palmer West’s academic reputation made me feel confident that I would get the best chiropractic education. I also wanted to choose a school that I would consider ‘home,’ and the West campus community-environment fosters a tight-knit ‘family’ dynamic among students, staff, and faculty. I have an immense amount of respect for the critical-thinking, genuineness, and knowledge that chiropractors possess, and I hope to represent the profession equally well."

Contact Nancy Chu
Kimberly Delen-Briones portrait

Kimberly Delen-Briones

Kimberly earned her B.S. (allied health science) from St. Mary’s College in Moraga, Calif., where the San Francisco native earned multiple academic and athletic honors as a member of the Gaels’ rowing team. Her desire to enter the chiropractic profession was fueled by the health benefits of receiving chiropractic care while competing in a variety of sports – and the desire to help others prevent or recover from similar injuries. In addition to Campus Guides, Kimberly is a member of the Sports Council, and the Motion Palpation, Rehab 2 Performance, and Yoga clubs. While the San Jose location held great appeal given its proximity to family and friends, Kimberly’s decision to attend Palmer West was also impacted by other factors – including the care she received from Palmer interns while a member of the St. Mary’s women’s rowing team. Kimberly hopes to establish her practice in the Bay Area (“close to home”) when she graduates in 2020.


Contact Kimberly Delen-Briones
Maggie Dunlop portrait

Maggie Dunlop

A native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Maggie graduated from Brock University (kinesiology) in 2007, and earned her Advanced Athletic Training certificate from Mount Royal University in 2008. Maggie’s decided to pursue a career in the chiropractic profession to broaden her diagnostic and manual-therapy scope of practice. Her decision to attend Palmer’s California branch campus was impacted by the endorsement from the chiropractors she worked with in Calgary – all of whom are Palmer West alumni. In addition to Campus Guides and ASG, Maggie participates in many of the West campus-clubs. She served as her class-rep on the Associated Student Government (ASG), before her election as an ASG executive officer. Maggie works as an athletic trainer at Menlo-Atherton High School (20 miles north of San Jose), and at Focused Individual Trainers. She enjoys running, swimming and “hanging out with my German Shepherd.” When Maggie graduates in 2020, she plans to return to Canada, and hopes to practice in her hometown of Toronto (or in Calgary).


Contact Maggie Dunlop
Kamran Eghtesad portrait

Kamran Eghtesad

Kamran completed his Palmer prerequisites at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, with focused study in the field of kinesiology. Drawn to a career in the health-care profession, Kamran pursued multiple internships during the course of undergraduate studies, with the hope of discovering a field of care that would ignite his passion, and place him on a specific career path – which turned out to be chiropractic. Kamran chose to attend Palmer's West campus because of "the highly respected Sports Council", the level of education – and to "chase the California sun."

Contact Kamran Eghtesad
Ken Fuyuki portrait

Ken Fuyuki

Born and raised in Honolulu, Ken graduated from Azusa Pacific University (B.S., athletic training). "I chose to attend Palmer’s West campus because of the evidence-based curriculum and patient-focused approach to clinical care. Palmer is the college that prepares and the molds the future generation of health care professionals. We are taught by medical doctors, radiologists, rehab specialists, nutritionists – and, of course, the top chiropractors in the profession. My goal is to return home, and establish a practice in Hawaii."

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Ilan Green portrait

Ilan Green

Ilan Green is a Bay Area native and earned his B.S. degree in kinesiology from California State Univ.-Northridge in 2015, and initiated his chiropractic studies at Palmer's West campus the following year. "From my first visit, I felt at home within the community -- the faculty, staff and students are all supportive and encouraging, while sharing a passion for chiropractic. I also felt that Palmer's approach toward chiropractic, through evidence-based and patient-focused treatments, would provide me the best education and opportunity to become a great chiropractor."

Contact Ilan Green
Jake Halverson portrait

Jake Halverson

Prior to enrolling at Palmer, Jake earned his B.S. degree in zoology from Weber State University. Jake's interest in a chiropractic career was ignited in high school, when he worked as a medical assistant in the office of a Palmer alumnus, and developed an appreciation for holistic health. In addition to his Palmer chiropractic classes, Jake also is completing coursework with the Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, with the goal ofearning his diplomate in chiropractic neurology (DACNB).

Contact Jake Halverson
Monique Hamon portrait

Monique Hamon

Monique graduated from Las Positas College in Livermore, Calif., with an emphasis in math and science. She's earned Dean's List honors five quarters at Palmer. "I chose to attend Palmer’s West campus not only for its close proximity to my family, but also because of the recommendation from many of the chiropractors who have cared for my family. Palmer offer hands-on learning throughout the program, from the early quarters to the outpatient clinic, where we get to apply our knowledge and skills by helping the ‘real world’ patients who seek our care."

Contact Monique Hamon
Joanna Holleran portrait

Joanna Holleran

A native of Chester Springs, Penn., she earned her B.S. degree in emergency medicine from the Univ. of Pittsburgh. "Initially, I was drawn to Palmer by its amazing reputation, and evidence-based curriculum. I loved the small class sizes at Palmer West, and the emphasis on the Sports Council. What really sealed the deal for me, however, was the sense of community I felt immediately upon visiting the campus – I knew this was the place for me."

Contact Joanna Holleran
Hayley McHugh portrait

Hayley McHugh

Hayley grew up in Shawano, Wisc., where she attended the Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, graduating with her B.S in Kinesiology, Movement Studies Emphasis. During her years as competitive water-skier, Hayley sustained numerous low-back injuries, which always responded well to chiropractic care. Hayley’s positive experiences as a patient inspired her to pursue chiropractic as a career. “I’ve known that I wanted to be involved in the health care field, and improve the lives of others since I was 14.” Although she grew up in Wisconsin, Hayley recalls trips to visit with family in California – and feels right at home at the West campus. “Palmer West has a ‘big family’ feel that really makes you feel welcomed. I truly think this is where I was meant to be!” In addition to Campus Guides, Hayley enjoys participating in the Sports Council, and the Yoga Club. When she graduates in 2020, Hayley hopes to practice somewhere in California.


Contact Hayley McHugh
Korissa Ramage portrait

Korissa Ramage

From an early age, Korissa knew that she wanted to pursue a career in health care – her search for the ideal profession ultimately led her to the chiropractic profession. “I found chiropractic to be the perfect fit with my health and wellness beliefs,” said Korissa a native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who earned her B.S. (kinesiology) from the Univ. of Calgary. “Among all the doctors that I met in my hometown, those who graduated from Palmer West matched my idea of the type of doctor I wanted to become.” In addition to Campus Guides, Korissa is active in the Sports Council. She’s achieved Dean’s List honors at Palmer West, and also earned the Dr. Peggy Sherman Endowment Scholarship. An avid snowboarder and hiker, Korissa hopes to return and practice in Calgary when she graduates in 2019, but also acknowledges “wherever I end up in the world will be ‘home’.”


Contact Korissa Ramage
Monika Rizkalla portrait

Monika Rizkalla

Monica earned her undergraduate degree from The Catholic University of America, where she majored in psychology. "The evidence-based approach that Palmer teaches, as well as all the other skills required to become a successful chiropractor, made my decision an easy one. Palmer West offers a strong curriculum, and welcoming community, which is why I'm extremely confident that I made the right choice. I agree with the mission of Palmer College, and share the same values."

Contact Monika Rizkalla
Kyle Siskar portrait

Kyle Siskar

Kyle earned his B.S. (biology) from State University of New York College (SUNY) at Buffalo. "Palmer was my first choice. I saw the multiple opportunities that the program provides. The professors are not only great instructors, but several have literally ‘written the books’ used not only at Palmer, but other chiropractic colleges. Nothing comes close to the beautiful coast of California, which has allowed me to embrace my ‘outdoor side,’ and treated me to some amazing hikes, surfing, snowboarding, and rock-climbing."

Contact Kyle Siskar
Stephanie Stensaas portrait

Stephanie Stensaas

Prior to enrolling at Palmer, Stephanie earned her Bachelors of Science in biology and physiology emphasis, with a chemistry minor, from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Drawn to a career in the health-care profession from a young age, the challenge for Stephanie was deciding which path to follow. That uncertainty gained clear focus when she gained a first-hand perspective about the chiropractic profession, when she spent some time observing practice activities in the offices of two Palmer Davenport alumni.

Contact Stephanie Stensaas
Danielle Walsh portrait

Danielle Walsh

Prior to enrolling at Palmer, Danielle earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & extended psychology minor from the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbottsford, B.C. Like many Palmer students, Danielle's desire to enter the chiropractic profession was inspired by a positive experience as a patient.

In addition to Campus Guides, Danielle also is a member of the Sports Council, and hopes to open a practice in her hometown of Vancouver.

Contact Danielle Walsh
Nicholas Westfall portrait

Nicholas Westfall

A native of Kalamazoo, Mich., Nicholas earned his B.S. (interdisciplinary health services) from Western Michigan University in 2015, and received his Associate of Applied Science (medical assisting) from Baker College in 2011. His initial career path took him in the direction of the medical field. However, he soon realized that he preferred a career in a health care field that provided greater interaction with patients – “and I found chiropractic to be the perfect profession to get more involved in patient-health and well-being,” said Nicholas, who in addition to serving as a West Campus Guide, also is an executive officer of the Associated Student Government (ASG). Nicholas has experienced many Bay Area attractions while attending Palmer West, and, in particular, enjoys visiting the beaches and hiking in the mountains, each of which are just a short drive away. When he graduates in 2019, Nicholas plans to practice in either Southern California or back home in Michigan, and also hopes to explore many opportunities all over the world. 


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Mandy Wong portrait

Mandy Wong

Mandy enjoys the distinction of attending a Palmer campus in the town where she grew up: San Jose.  Although the location convenience was quite appealing, Mandy says other features factored into her decision. “Palmer West holds high prestige in the Bay Area, as well as nationally,” said Mandy, a 2012 graduate of Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., where she earned her B.S. in biology. “The institution provides students with a wide variety of opportunities outside of the curriculum to get involved in the community, which strengthen their skills, enhancing their ability to succeed in practice.” Since initiating her studies at Palmer West in 2017, Mandy has participated in various clubs, such as SOT, and attended many events, including the Women’s Forum. While Mandy enjoys attending Palmer’s West campus in her hometown, she enjoyed attending Creighton, and hopes to return one day and practice in the Midwest.


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