alumni taking photos with D.D. Palmer First Adjustment statue

Oral History Project

Take Your Place in the Palmer History Books Forever

The walls of Palmer College carry the richest and longest history in the chiropractic profession. As alumni of Palmer College, you are an important piece of that history. The story of every Palmer graduate is woven within the fabric of the last 125 years of Palmer, and now it’s your time to share that story.

  • What are your fondest memories of your time at Palmer?
  • What instructor made the greatest impact on you as a student?
  • Did you meet your husband/wife/best friend at Palmer?
  • Where has your career in chiropractic taken you?

Your story is up to you. We’re excited to partner with Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) who will gather your stories as part of the Oral History Project, a project that celebrates the last 125 years of Palmer. Stories will be compiled in a hardcover memory book that will be made available for purchase following the completion of the project. No purchase is required for alumni to participate.

In the coming weeks, you will receive a postcard and email from PCI, on our behalf, with an invitation to participate in this important milestone project.

The Oral History Project officially launches June 6! To make sure you are included, you may call 877-583-7858 to update your information.

Additional numbers for this project:

  • 877-585-2101
  • 877-583-7861
  • 877-583-0228
  • 877-583-7857
  • 877-583-7858

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