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Palmer Academy of Chiropractic Fellows

Fellows in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic at the main campus in Davenport, IA for the annual meeting at Homecoming

Fellows in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic at the main campus in Davenport, IA for the annual meeting at Homecoming

In 1963, David D. Palmer, D.C. established the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic ("P.A.C.") to formally recognize outstanding supporters of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Founded on the four principles of leadership, recruitment, philanthropy and service, selected individuals are awarded Fellowship in the P.A.C. for showing extraordinary dedication to Palmer College.

Fellowship is given to those exemplary individuals who embody the principle set forth by Dr. David D. Palmer, chosen each year through nominations from current Fellows, the College's presidents, or the Chancellor and CEO. The rigorous selection process is completed by a committee of Fellows representatives and College leadership, with official inductees confirmed by the Board of Trustees. Nominees are evaluated on their accomplishments and experience in the areas of the four principles, and honors bestowed on the select few who exemplify these principles. Nominees do not have to be a Doctor of Chiropractic or a graduate of Palmer College to be eligible. Fellowship is the most prestigious peer award given by the College.

Eligibility criteria for Fellowship consideration includes:

  • Leadership – Demonstration of the values of Palmer College which reflect the Science, Art, and Philosophy of chiropractic; achievement in educational, clinical, research and/or administrative/faculty/staff performance; and
  • Recruitment – Efforts promoting Palmer College and the chiropractic profession to prospective students; serving as liaison for high schools or colleges; identifying and recruiting prospective students; and
  • Philanthropy – Support of Palmer College through history of giving, endowment or scholarship support, estate gift intentions, or service as a fundraising volunteer; and
  • Service – Involvement with the College and contributions to the chiropractic profession as a volunteer, event speaker, or student mentor; legislative efforts at a local, state, or federal level.

2021 Palmer Academy Fellows Inductees

Mark Houk, D.C. (Main, '80)

Dr. Houk believes we truly “receive by giving and not by getting.” He demonstrates philanthropic leadership in numerous ways, including making challenge gifts on the College’s Giving Day and supporting Palmer at the Founder’s Circle level every year. Most recently, Mark and his wife, Inez, made a generous gift of $100,000 to support campus facility enhancements, and they have made an estate commitment that will come to Palmer after their lifetimes.

  — Marie Kelly, Director of Development

Elizabeth Kressin, D.C. (Main, '86)

Dr. Liz looks for the “better mousetrap.” She inspects what she expects and has a remarkably functional, effective and systematic practice. She’s always more than willing to help anyone with any problem. Dr. Liz’s passion and commitment to promote, perform and profess chiropractic is second to none. Be proud of her qualifications as a Fellow, which elevate us all.

  — Lance Vanderloo, D.C. (Main, '86)

Sherry McAllister, D.C. (West, '96)

Currently, Dr. McAllister serves as the president of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is positive press for chiropractic. As president of that organization, Dr. McAllister has opened more doors and introduced chiropractic to more organizations outside of chiropractic than anyone I know, and she’s just getting started — all while balancing a private practice and family life.

  — Mickey Burt, D.C. (Main, '73)

New Alumni Awards

Brant Hulsebus, D.C. (Main, '02)

2021 Bright Beacon Award

Dr. Hulsebus is an inspiring example of how our alumni continue to be active in the College community after graduation. He refers and encourages potential students to become chiropractors and strengthen our profession. He philanthropically provides for Palmer’s future, maintains a strong network of influential chiropractic connections and promotes Palmer College whenever and however he can. 

  — Patrick Downing, Director of Development

Daniel Warner, D.C. (Florida, '08)

2021 Referrer of the Year

A 2008 graduate from Palmer Florida, Dr. Warner has referred 62 prospective student, 25 of whom have already graduated. That’s why I’m excited to see that Dr. Warner has been honored with the inaugural Referrer of the Year Award. This honor recognizes a graduate who has supported the College by recruiting future generations of Palmer chiropractors.

  — Skye Corken, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement

The individuals below have been inducted as Fellows in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic since the organization's inception in 1963:


* Employee
† Deceased
Dennis A. Acquaro, DC*
Abner A. Adams Jr., DC†
Hewett M. Alden, DC†
Beverly Alden, DC
James R. Alexander Jr., DC†
Richard M. Alexander, DC†
Laurence E. Allen, DC†
Orland K. Armstrong III, DC
Clarence F. Aumann, DC†
James J. Badge, DC†
Keith D. Bailey, DC†
R. Douglas Baker, DC†
George P. Banitch, DC†
George B. Banks, DC†
Virginia A. Barber, DC*
Frederick H. Barge, DC†
Harold T. Barnes, DC†
Ronald J. Barth, DC
Charles L. Bartoli, DC†
Stanley L. Beane, DC†
Evan J. Beane, DC
Herbert M. Beatty, DC
William O. Bedford, DC†
Frank C. Bemis, DC
Enrique Benet-Canut, DC
Glenn D. Benner, DC†
Anita M. Bigo, DC
Mark A. Bilan, DC
Devere E. Biser, DC†
Stanley P. Bolton, DC†
Sira M. Borges, DC
John M. Bottorff Sr., DC†
Raymond E. Breitbach, DC†
Norris D. Breitbach, DC
Robert T. Brooks, DC†
Jacalyn G. Buettner, DC
Kurt V. Burbach, DC
Mickey G. Burt, DC
Chad W. Burt, DC
G. Harold Byers Sr., DC
Anthony A. Cacioppo, DC†
David Wan-Hau Chan, DC
Mary Ann Chance, DC†
Michael D. Chance, DC
Michael Chimes Jr., DC
James R. Coder, DC†
Robert J. Coleman, DC†
Douglas B. Cox, DC
William A. Cox, DC
Donna L. Craft, DC
Elmer L. Crowder, DC†
Kevin A. Cunningham, DC*
George B. Curry, DC
Todd E. Curzie, DC
Timothy J. Day, DC
Fred P. Dehn, DC†
Heather A. Dehn, DC
R. Tyrrell Denniston, DC†
John G. Donovan, DC
Leigh A. Elceser, DC
Jerry R. England, DC†
Russell Erhardt Sr., DC†
Norris A. Erickson, DC†
Frank R. Fasulo, DC†
Dr. Leonard Feldman
Paul Fitterer, DC†
Dennis J. Fitterer, DC
Glenda E. Foy, DC
Chris J. Frogley, DC
H. Ronald Frogley, DC†
Jeffrey P. Gehlsen, DC
Phillip E. George Sr., DC†
Jerry L. Gerrard, DC
Craig E. Gilbaugh, DC
Paul C. Gilmore, DC
Harley D. Gilthvedt, DC†
Frank E. Gingras Jr., DC
James A. Glisson, DC†
William D. Godbey, DC
Norma E. Godfrey, DC†
Keith B. Godfrey, DC†
Reginald R. Gold, DC†
Lorraine M. Golden, DC†
Donald F. Gran Jr., DC†
Merlyn A. Green, DC†
Kent S. Greenawalt
Monte H. Greenawalt, DC†
Robert E. Griffin, DC†
Leonard K. Griffin, DC†
Cecil M. Grogan, DC†
John D. Grostic, DC†
Bruce C. Hagen, DC
Michael J. Hahn, DC
Scott Haldeman, DC
William D. Harris, DC†
Kenneth R. Harrison, DC†
J. Edward Hartley, DC
D. Gordon Hasick, DC
Jack K. Hendricks Sr., DC†
Eugene L. Hirsch, DC
Gottfried J. Hollenstein Jr., DC†
William F. Holmberg, DC†
Mark Houk, DC
Paul R. Hug, DC†
Robert L. Hulsebus, DC†
Michael J. Hulsebus, DC
Roger D. Hulsebus, DC
Trevor V. Ireland, DC
Raymond E. Jacquette, DC†
Merland B. Jago, DC†
Thomas M. Jones, DC†
Eugene Judge, DC†
Palmera E. Kabana, DC†
William W. Kalas, DC
Patrick T. Keefe Sr., DC†
Fletcher G. Keith, DC†
Ronald G. Kelemen, DC
Charles J. Keller, DC
Donald P. Kern, DC
Dr. William J. Kiernan
Lisa Z. Killinger, DC*
Marvin F. Klaes, DC†
Helmut G. Koch, DC†
Steven J. Kraus, DC
Elizabeth Kressin
Kirk A. Lee, DC†
Arthur G. Lensgraf, DC
Arlington E. Lill Sr., DC†
James M. Loftus, DC
Joyce A. London, DC†
Edward M. Long, DC†
Victor L. Loofboro, DC†
Thomas S. Louw, DC†
Rolland J. Lucas, DC†
Eileen L. Lucas, DC†
William H. Lucas Sr., DC†
Malcolm E. Macdonald, DC
Ervin M. Malcheff, DC†
Carol A. Malcheff, DC†
Peter A. Martin, DC*
Ernest G. Marty Jr., DC†
Ronald O. Masters, DC†
Joseph P. Mazzarelli Sr., DC†
Sherry McAllister
Barry L. McAlpine, DC
Jerome F. McAndrews, DC†
Donald E. McAreavy, DC†
Randy W. McCall, DC
Edwin E. McConaughy, DC†
James W. McCoy, DC
Ian D. McLean, DC*
Gary R. McLeod, DC
Maxine McMullen, DC†
Bill C. Meeker, DC
Michael S. Meyer, DC
Charles P. Miller, DC†
John L. Miller, DC†
Julius Millman, DC†
Francisco Montano, DC†
William E. Morgan, DC
Bill D. Morgan, DC†
Thomas O. Morgan, DC
Arthur G. Mork, DC†
Esther A. Mork, DC†
Tena S. Murphy, DC†
James E. Musick, DC
Ernest G. Napolitano, DC†
George R. Nease, DC†
William F. Nease, DC†
Hans J. Nielsen, DC†
Sterling H. Nighswander, DC†
Ronald G. Nikolich, DC
Clair W. O'Dell, DC†
Harold E. Orr, DC
Thomas A. Owen Jr., DC†
Agnes M. Palmer, DC†
Dorothy L. Peaslee, DC†
Michael D. Pedigo, DC†
Robert E. Percuoco, DC*
Lyman C. Perkins, DC†
Thomas S. Perrault, DC†
Rolf E. Peters, DC
Paul S. Peterson, DC
Joel G. Pickar, DC
Burton A. Pierce Sr., DC†
Walter V. Pierce, DC†
James C. Ploch, DC†
Alexander C. Politis, DC†
Lorene M. Price, DC†
Galen R. Price, DC†
Mary A. Pruitt, DC†
Lincoln R. Pyles, DC†
William H. Quigley, DC†
Todd J. Raemisch, DC†
Gary D. Randolph, DC
Douglas C. Redfield, DC
James E. Reese Jr., DC†
Robert R. Reich, DC†
Ray B. Richardson, DC†
Guy F. Riekeman, DC
Joseph N. Riggs, DC†
Lloyd W. Robertson, DC†
Roger R. Roff, DC†
Frank J. Sartz, DC†
Edward M. Saunders, DC†
John J. Sayers Jr., DC†
John J. Sayers Sr., DC†
Kathryn V. Scallon, DC†
Lelia E. Schlabach, DC
Gilbert O. Schmiedel, DC†
Dennis G. Semlow, DC†
Cynthia Shaft-Toll, DC
Robert J. Short, DC
Allen P. Sipes, DC†
Don D. Smallie, DC
Willard M. Smith, DC
Marilyn P. Smith, DC
Frank R. Sovinsky, DC†
Louis Sportelli, DC
Lewis G. Squires, DC
H.E. Stanford, DC†
Lloyd A. Steffensmeier, DC
Kirk J. Steketee, DC
Edward C. Stevens, DC†
Denny D. Stierwalt, DC
Victor G. Strang, DC
Virgil V. Strang, DC†
Gary R. Street, DC†
Kari L. Swain, DC
Larry L. Swank, DC
Roy W. Sweat, DC†
Lora L. Tanis, DC
John Q. Thaxton, DC†
J. Clay Thompson, DC†
Robert N. Thompson, DC†
Clay D. Tuttle, DC†
Lance E. Vanderloo, DC
Willard E. VanderStolp, DC†
Paul D. VanDuyne, DC
Richard E. Vincent, DC†
Henry C. Vogt, DC†
Robert R. Walper, DC†
John D. Waterhouse, DC
Susan Welsh, DC
Sam G. Wenger, DC†
J. Calvin Wenger, DC
A. Joe Willis, DC†
Jerry R. Willis, DC
John C. Willis, DC
Carroll H. Winkler, DC†
Kerwin P. Winkler, DC†
Wayne C. Wolfson, DC
Ronald W. Woods, DC
Lester A. Yoos, DC
Frank W. Young, DC†
Henry G. Zastrow, DC†
Arden D. Zimmerman, DC†


* Employee
† Deceased
R. Richard Bittner†
Richard Brown, DC
Alana Callender, Ed.D.
David Chapman-Smith
Myrvin F. Christopherson, DC
Carl S. Cleveland III, DC
Charles DuBois
Finley V. Elliott†
Kent M. Forney
Arlan W. Fuhr, DC
Peter N. Fysh, DC
Christine Goertz, DC
Dana J. Lawrence, DC
Robert E. Lee
Gale R. Lewellen†
George P. McAndrews
Ronald A. Mulder
Vickie Anne Palmer
Brian Porteous, DC
Howard J. Ross, DC†
Arthur G. Scofield, DC†
Thomas A. Souza, DC*
William Wilke


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