These individuals have been inducted into the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic since the organization began in 1963.

Being named a Fellow is one of the most prestigious honors bestowed by the College. Fellows are leaders in the profession, and their community, and support Palmer College and its mission.


Dr. Dennis A. Acquaro, Daytona Beach, FL1965 DCDavenport 1999
Dr. Abner A. Adams Jr, Deceased1924 DCDavenport 1969
Dr. Beverly M. Alden, Stone Mountain, GA1966 DCDavenport 1997
Dr. Hewett M. Alden, Deceased1964 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. James R. Alexander Jr, Deceased1969 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Richard M. Alexander, Deceased1972 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Laurence E. Allen, Deceased1939 DCDavenport 1969
Dr. Clarence F. Aumann, Deceased1917 DCDavenport 1964
Dr. James J. Badge, Phoenix, AZ1973 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Keith D. Bailey, Brentwood, TN1948 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. R. D. Baker, Deceased1970 DCDavenport 1993
Dr. George P. Banitch, Deceased1948 DCDavenport 1985
Dr. George B. Banks, Deceased1947 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. Henry A. Barge, Deceased1923 DCDavenport 1974
Dr. Frederick H. Barge, Deceased1954 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Harold T. Barnes, Deceased1957 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Ronald J. Barth, Wichita, KS1971 DCDavenport 2005
Dr. Charles L. Bartoli, Deceased1971 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Evan J. Beane, New Albany, OH1969 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Stanley L. Beane, Deceased1947 DCDavenport 1970
Dr. Herbert M. Beatty, Albuquerque, NM1968 DCDavenport 2003
Dr. William O. Bedford, Deceased1945 DCDavenport 1973
Dr. Frank C. Bemis, Alton, IL1965 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Hanna K. Bend, Deceased1930 DCDavenport 1965
Dr. Enrique Benet-Canut, Mexico1966 DCDavenport 1990
Dr. Glenn D. Benner, Deceased1947 DCDavenport 1981
Dr. Anita M. Bigo, Latrobe, PA1956 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Mark A. Bilan, Anchorage, AK1989 DCDavenport 1900
Dr. Devere E. Biser, Deceased1937 DCDavenport 1997
Dr. Stanley P. Bolton, Deceased1948 DCDavenport 1991
Dr. Sira M. Borges, Toronto, ON1990 DCDavenport 2017
Dr. John M. Bottorff Sr., Deceased1955 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Norris D. Breitbach, Oregon, WI1960 DCDavenport 1992
Dr. Raymond E. Breitbach, Deceased1955 DCDavenport 1992
Dr. Robert T. Brooks, Tulsa, OK1970 DCDavenport 1994
Dr. Jacalyn G. Buettner, San Francisco, CA1985 DCDavenport 2001
Dr. Kurt V. Burbach, Dyersville, IA1986 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Mickey G. Burt, Walcott, IA1973 DCDavenport 1992
Dr. G. H. Byers Sr., Louisville, KY1952 DCDavenport 1968
Dr. Anthony A. Cacioppo, Deceased1960 DCDavenport 2005
Dr. David W. Chan, Kennewick, WA1980 DCDavenport 2001
Dr. Mary Ann Chance, Deceased1959 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Michael D. Chance, Gainesville, FL1978 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. M. D. Chance, Deceased1935 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Hugh C. Chance, Deceased1924 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Michael Chimes Jr, Palm Beach Gardens, FL1973 DCDavenport 1997
Dr. Carl S. Cleveland Sr., Deceased1917 DCDavenport 1970
Dr. James R. Coder, Deceased1925 DCDavenport 1965
Dr. Robert J. Coleman, Yorkville, IL1949 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Clyde W. Covey, Deceased1948 DCDavenport 1970
Dr. Douglas B. Cox, Mount Horeb, WI1963 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. W. A. Cox, Mount Horeb, WI1964 DCDavenport 1984
Dr. Donna L. Craft, Ann Arbor, MI1986 DCDavenport 2016
Dr. Edith M. Cronk, Deceased1937 DCDavenport 1968
Dr. Elmer L. Crowder, Deceased1947 DCDavenport 1999
Dr. Kevin A. Cunningham, Eldridge, IA1988 DCDavenport 2013
Dr. George B. Curry, Windsor, CT1982 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Todd E. Curzie, Anchorage, AK1995 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Timothy J. Day, Spokane, WA1987 DCDavenport 2000
Dr. William S. Day, Deceased1947 DCDavenport 1967
Dr. Fred P. Dehn, Carmichael, CA1970 DCDavenport 1993
Dr. Heather A. Dehn, Sacramento, CA1994 DCDavenport 2017
Dr. R. T. Denniston, Deceased1927 DCDavenport 1975
Dr. John G. Donovan, Carroll, IA1950 DCDavenport 2002
Dr. Leigh A. Elceser, Pontiac, MI1994 DCDavenport 2012
Dr. Jerry R. England, Deceased1951 DCDavenport 2004
Dr. Russell Erhardt, Deceased1951 DCDavenport 1984
Dr. Norris A. Erickson, Deceased1972 DCDavenport 2000
Dr. Frank R. Fasulo, Deceased1947 DCDavenport 1968
Dr. Dennis J. Fitterer, Palmyra, PA1978 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Paul Fitterer, Deceased1958 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Robert B. Fleuty, Deceased1954 DCDavenport 1973
Dr. Glenda E. Foy, Aledo, IL1975 DCDavenport 2013
Dr. Chris J. Frogley, Bountiful, UT1981 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. H. R. Frogley, Deceased1961 DCDavenport 1996
Dr. Jeffrey P. Gehlsen, Freeport, IL1985 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Phillip George, Deceased1958 DCDavenport 1985
Dr. Jerry L. Gerrard, Mesa, AZ1972 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Craig E. Gilbaugh, Ashland, WI1983 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Paul C. Gilmore, Waterloo, ON1959 DCDavenport 1991
Dr. Harley D. Gilthvedt, Enumclaw, WA1966 DCDavenport 1980
Dr. Frank Gingras, Deceased1947 DCDavenport 2014
Dr. Frank E. Gingras Jr, Deland, FL1975 DCDavenport 2014
Dr. James A. Glisson, Eustis, FL1962 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. William D. Godbey, Bay Minette, AL1964 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Keith B. Godfrey, Deceased1964 DCDavenport 1971
Dr. Norma E. Godfrey, Deceased1948 DCDavenport 1971
Dr. Reggie R. Gold, Deceased1957 DCDavenport 1972
Dr. Lorraine M. Golden, Deceased1942 DCDavenport 1995
Dr. Merton J. Gonstead, Deceased1928 DCDavenport 1974
Dr. Robert B. Gordon, Deceased1936 DCDavenport 1966
Dr. Donald Gran Jr, Port Orange, FL1978 DCDavenport 2016
Dr. Merlyn A. Green, Salinas, CA1981 DCSan Jose 1989
Dr. Robert E. Griffin, Deceased1960 DCDavenport 1992
Dr. Leonard K. Griffin, Deceased1937 DCDavenport 1992
Dr. Cecil M. Grogan, Deceased1960 DCDavenport 1975
Dr. John D. Grostic, Deceased1969 DCDavenport 2002
Dr. Bruce C. Hagen, Sioux Falls, SD1953 DCDavenport 1965
Dr. Michael J. Hahn, Bettendorf, IA1990 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Scott Haldeman, Santa Ana, CA1964 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. William M. Harris, Deceased1938 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. Kenneth R. Harrison, Edson, AB1963 DCDavenport 2000
Dr. J. E. Hartley, Saint Augustine, FL1992 DCDavenport 2012
Dr. D. G. Hasick, Calgary, AB1980 DCDavenport 1991
Dr. Jack K. Hendricks, Deceased1956 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. Eugene L. Hirsch, Raleigh, NC1966 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Gottfried J. Hollenstein, Deceased1952 DCDavenport 1968
Dr. William F. Holmberg, Deceased1955 DCDavenport 1970
Dr. Paul R. Hug, Deceased1957 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Michael J. Hulsebus, Fontana, WI1975 DCDavenport 1993
Dr. Robert L. Hulsebus, Deceased1949 DCDavenport 1982
Dr. Roger D. Hulsebus, Freeport, IL1974 DCDavenport 1991
Dr. Trevor V. Ireland, Anchorage, AK1970 DCDavenport 1985
Dr. Mitchell W. Jabczenski Jr, Deceased1949 DCDavenport 1970
Dr. Raymond E. Jacquette, Deceased1953 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Merland B. Jago, Deceased1940 DCDavenport 1964
Dr. Thomas M. Jones, Deceased1950 DCDavenport 1972
Dr. Eugene Judge, Deceased1954 DCDavenport 1991
Dr. Palmera E. Kabana, Deceased1941 DCDavenport 1964
Dr. A. F. Kabana, Deceased1920 DCDavenport 1972
Dr. William W. Kalas, Sedona, AZ1955 DCDavenport 1970
Dr. Patrick T. Keefe Sr., Deceased1965 DCDavenport 1996
Dr. Fletcher G. Keith, Deceased1959 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. Ronald G. Kelemen, O Fallon , MO1969 DCDavenport 1984
Dr. Charles J. Keller, Valhalla, NY1955 DCDavenport 1985
Dr. Donald P. Kern, Davenport, IA1958 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Lisa Killinger, Davenport, IA1983 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Marvin F. Klaes, Deceased1948 DCDavenport 1980
Dr. Helmut G. Koch, Deceased1953 DCDavenport 1973
Dr. Steven J. Kraus, Carroll, IA1988 DCDavenport 2015
Dr. Kirk A. Lee, Deceased1980 DCDavenport 2004
Dr. Roy E. LeMond, Deceased1938 DCDavenport 1974
Dr. Arthur G. Lensgraf, Nashviille, TN1976 DCDavenport 2016
Dr. Arlington Lill, Deceased1923 DCDavenport 1964
Dr. James M. Loftus, Lake Geneva, WI1956 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. Joyce A. London, Deceased1970 DCDavenport 1993
Dr. Edward M. Long, Biloxi, MS1968 DCDavenport 2000
Dr. Victor L. Loofboro, Deceased1941 DCDavenport 1984
Dr. Thomas Louw, Deceased1965 DCDavenport 2016
Dr. William H. Lucas, Deceased1951 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Eileen L. Lucas, Deceased1941 DCDavenport 1971
Dr. Rolland J. Lucas, Deceased1941 DCDavenport 1971
Dr. Malcolm E. Macdonald, Falmouth, MA1952 DCDavenport 1967
Dr. Carol A. Malcheff, Hillsdale, MI1970 DCDavenport 2004
Dr. Ervin M. Malcheff, Deceased1969 DCDavenport 2004
Dr. Peter A. Martin, Port Orange, FL1968 DCDavenport 1994
Dr. Ernest G. Marty Jr, Deceased1954 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Ronald O. Masters Sr., Deceased1936 DCDavenport 1994
Dr. Joseph P. Mazzarelli Sr., Deceased1947 DCDavenport 1970
Dr. Barry L. McAlpine, Holland, MI1971 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Jerome F. McAndrews, Deceased1956 DCDavenport 1985
Dr. Donald E. McAreavy, Deceased1948 DCDavenport 1971
Dr. Randy W. McCall, Reynoldsville, PA1977 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Edwin E. McConaughy, Deceased1949 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. James W. McCoy, Sycamore, IL1967 DCDavenport 1994
Dr. Ian D. McLean, Le Claire, IA1979 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Gary R. McLeod, Three Rivers, MI1981 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Maxine McMullen, Port Orange, FL1971 DCDavenport 2002
Dr. William C. Meeker, San Jose, CA1982 DCSan Jose 1995
Dr. Michael S. Meyer, Elkhart, IN1975 DCDavenport 1992
Dr. John L. Miller, Deceased1954 DCDavenport 1990
Dr. Charles P. Miller, Deceased1952 DCDavenport 1966
Dr. Julius Millman, Deceased1955 DCDavenport 1996
Dr. Francisco Montano, Deceased1948 DCDavenport 1966
Dr. Bill D. Morgan, Deceased1958 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. William E. Morgan, Coppell, TX1985 DCSan Jose 2011
Dr. Thomas O. Morgan, Cedartown, GA1963 DCDavenport 1995
Dr. Arthur G. Mork, Deceased1930 DCDavenport 1985
Dr. Esther A. Mork, Deceased1931 DCDavenport 1972
Dr. Leslie C. Mudgway, Australia1948 DCDavenport 1995
Dr. Tena S. Murphy, Deceased1927 DCDavenport 1964
Dr. James E. Musick, Milpitas, CA1972 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Ernest G. Napolitano, Deceased1943 DCDavenport 1969
Dr. William F. Nease, Deceased1956 DCDavenport 1992
Dr. George R. Nease, Deceased1919 DCDavenport 1969
Dr. Hans Nielsen, Deceased1925 DCDavenport 1967
Dr. Sterling H. Nighswander, Deceased1928 DCDavenport 1973
Dr. Ronald G. Nikolich, Naples, FL1965 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. Clair W. O'Dell, Deceased1936 DCDavenport 1967
Dr. Peter P. O'Hara, Santa Barbara, CA1970 DCDavenport 1981
Dr. Harold E. Orr, Naples, FL1965 DCDavenport 1994
Dr. Thomas A. Owen Jr, Ringgold, GA1955 DCDavenport 1973
Dr. B. J. Palmer, Deceased1902 DCDavenport 2006
Dr. David D. Palmer, Deceased1938 DCDavenport 2006
Dr. Mabel H. Palmer, Deceased1905 DCDavenport 2006
Dr. Agnes M. Palmer, Deceased1938 DCDavenport 1997
Dr. Dorothy L. Peaslee, Deceased1931 DCDavenport 1972
Dr. Michael D. Pedigo, Deceased1969 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Robert E. Percuoco, Long Grove, IA1983 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Frank Percy, Deceased1924 DCDavenport 1964
Dr. Lyman C. Perkins, Deceased1939 DCDavenport 1966
Dr. Thomas S. Perrault, Methuen, MA1962 DCDavenport 2005
Dr. Rolf E. Peters, Australia1958 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Paul S. Peterson, Carmichael, CA1967 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Joel G. Pickar, Albuquerque, NM1977 DCDavenport 2013
Dr. Burton A. Pierce Sr., Deceased1932 DCDavenport 1970
Dr. Walter V. Pierce, Deceased1955 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. James C. Ploch, Deceased1946 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Alexander C. Politis, Deceased1939 DCDavenport 1994
Dr. Lorene M. Price, Deceased1936 DCDavenport 1990
Dr. Galen R. Price, Deceased1936 DCDavenport 1990
Dr. Mary Ann Pruitt, Deceased1949 DCDavenport 2000
Dr. Lincoln R. Pyles, Deceased1938 DCDavenport 1967
Dr. William H. Quigley, Deceased1940 DCDavenport 2012
Dr. Todd J. Raemisch, Deceased1977 DCDavenport 1993
Dr. Gary D. Randolph, Guin, AL1959 DCDavenport 2000
Dr. Douglas C. Redfield, Pasco, WA1966 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. James E. Reese Jr, Deceased1948 DCDavenport 1980
Dr. Robert R. Reich, Deceased1951 DCDavenport 1995
Dr. Ray B. Richardson, Deceased1920 DCDavenport 1964
Dr. Guy F. Riekeman, Marietta, GA1972 DCDavenport 1998
Dr. Joseph N. Riggs, Deceased1947 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Lloyd W. Robertson, Deceased1945 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Roger R. Roff, Dillon, SC1961 DCDavenport 2000
Dr. Harold Rosenfeild, Deceased1923 DCDavenport 1974
Dr. Frank Sartz, Deceased1931 DCDavenport 1995
Dr. Edward M. Saunders, Deceased1937 DCDavenport 1963
Dr. John J. Sayers Jr, Montauk, NY1964 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. John J. Sayers Sr., Deceased1956 DCDavenport 1971
Dr. Michael F. Scallon, Deceased1926 DCDavenport 1965
Dr. Kathryn V. Scallon, Deceased1926 DCDavenport 1965
Dr. Lelia E. Schlabach, Phoenix, AZ1947 DCDavenport 1981
Dr. Gilbert O. Schmiedel, Deceased1959 DCDavenport 1997
Dr. Robert E. Schroeder, Deceased1953 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Steen A. Selander, Denmark1970 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Dennis G. Semlow, Deceased1972 DCDavenport 2004
Dr. Lyle Sherman, Deceased1937 DCDavenport 1965
Dr. Robert J. Short, Alexandria, VA1965 DCDavenport 1994
Dr. Allen P. Sipes, Tulsa, OK1955 DCDavenport 2005
Dr. Don D. Smallie, Stockton, CA1976 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Willard M. Smith, Davenport, IA1960 DCDavenport 1995
Dr. Marilyn P. Smith, Coronado, CA1969 DCDavenport 1985
Dr. Frank R. Sovinsky, Deceased1981 DCDavenport 2011
Dr. Louis Sportelli, Palmerton, PA1963 DCDavenport 1983
Dr. Lewis G. Squires, Scottville, MI1974 DCDavenport 2016
Dr. H. E. Stanford, Deceased1928 DCDavenport 1965
Dr. Lloyd A. Steffensmeier, Lisbon, IA1957 DCDavenport 1991
Dr. Kirk J. Steketee, West Olive, MI1975 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Edward C. Stevens, Deceased1968 DCDavenport 1993
Dr. Denny D. Stierwalt, Bettendorf, IA1966 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. John H. Stoke, Deceased1920 DCDavenport 1964
Dr. Victor G. Strang, Davenport, IA1977 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Virgil V. Strang, Deceased1951 DCDavenport 1987
Dr. Gary R. Street, Olney, IL1965 DCDavenport 1990
Dr. Kari L. Swain, Altoona, IA1995 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Larry L. Swank, Davenport, IA1976 DCDavenport 2005
Dr. Roy W. Sweat, Atlanta, GA1950 DCDavenport 2001
Dr. Lora L. Tanis, Warwick, NY1989 DCDavenport 2016
Dr. Laurie A. Tassell, Australia1985 DCDavenport 2000
Dr. John Q. Thaxton, Deceased1923 DCDavenport 1968
Dr. Hazel M. Thompson, Deceased1939 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. Robert N. Thompson, Deceased1939 DCDavenport 1989
Dr. J. C. Thompson, Deceased1949 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Clay D. Tuttle, Rock Island, IL1975 DCDavenport 1997
Dr. Lance E. Vanderloo, Washburn, IA1974 DCDavenport 2009
Dr. Willard E. Vanderstolp, Deceased1939 DCDavenport 1973
Dr. Paul D. VanDuyne, Chicago, IL1978 DCDavenport 2013
Dr. Henry C. Vogt, Deceased1910 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Robert R. Walper, Deceased1950 DCDavenport 1967
Dr. John D. Waterhouse, Australia1966 DCDavenport 1991
Dr. Susan Welsh, Odessa, FL1980 DCDavenport 1993
Dr. J. C. Wenger, Manheim, PA1956 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Sam G. Wenger, Deceased1937 DCDavenport 1969
Dr. Jerry R. Willis, Wytheville, VA1963 DCDavenport 1991
Dr. A. J. Willis, Deceased1959 DCDavenport 1994
Dr. John C. Willis, Richlands, VA1975 DCDavenport 1992
Dr. Kerwin P. Winkler, Deceased1960 DCDavenport 1990
Dr. Carroll H. Winkler, Bismarck, ND1949 DCDavenport 1993
Dr. Wayne C. Wolfson, Winter Park, FL1977 DCDavenport 2013
Dr. Ronald W. Woods, Greensburg, IN1968 DCDavenport 2010
Dr. Lester A. Yoos, Grayville, IL1956 DCDavenport 1986
Dr. Frank W. Young, Deceased1968 DCDavenport 1972
Dr. Henry G. Zastrow, Deceased1954 DCDavenport 1988
Dr. Arden D. Zimmerman, Deceased1939 DCDavenport 1997


Mr. Richard Bittner, Davenport, IA Friend 2001
Dr. Richard Brown, San Jose, CA Friend 1994
Dr. Alana Callender, Rock Island, IL Friend 2016
Mrs. Provvidenza Camilleri, Italy Friend 1986
Mr. David Chapman-Smith, Toronto, ON Friend 2011
Dr. Myrvin F. Christopherson, Decorah, IA Friend 1985
Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III, Overland Park, KS Friend 2003
Dr. Carl S. Cleveland Jr, Deceased Friend 1991
Dr. William N. Coggins, Deceased Friend 1970
Dr. Ian Coulter, Pacific Palisades, CA Friend 1991
Mr. Ronald P. Danis, Campbell, CA Friend 1981
Mr. Charles DuBois, Palmyra, WI Friend 2012
Mr. Horace Elliott, Humble, TX Friend 2014
Mr. Finley V. Elliott, Deceased Friend 1970
Mr. Kent M. Forney, Des Moines, IA Friend 2001
Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr, Phoenix, AZ Friend 1991
Dr. Peter N. Fysh, Los Altos, CA Friend 2017
Dr. Martin Gallegos, San Dimas, CA Friend 1998
Dr. Christine Goertz, Davenport, IA Friend 2011
Mr. Kent Greenawalt, Roanoke, VA Honorary 2000
Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt, Deceased Honorary 2000
Senator Tom Harkin, Cumming, IA Friend 1900
Dr. William Harper Jr, Deceased Friend 1970
Dr. Kurt Hegetschweiler, Torrance, CA Friend 1997
Dr. Gordon L. Holman, Deceased Friend 1972
Dr. S. E. Julander, Deceased Friend 1964
Dr. Jerilynn S. Kaibel, Beaumont, CA Friend 1993
Dr. Dana Lawrence, Irving, TX Friend 2017
Mr. Robert E. Lee, Bettendorf, IA Friend 1995
Mr. Gale Lewellen, New Plymouth, ID Friend 1992
Congressman Donald Manzullo, Egan, IL Friend 2003
Mr. George P. McAndrews, Chicago, IL Friend 2014
Mr. Edward Mezvinsky, Buffalo, NY Friend 1973
Dr. Ronald A. Mulder, Holland, MI Friend 2014
Dr. D. D. Palmer, Deceased Friend 2006
Ms. Vickie A. Palmer, Princeton, IA Friend 2001
Dr. Brian Porteous, Newport Beach, CA Friend 2001
Dr. Howard Ross, Garden Grove, CA Friend 1995
Dr. Arthur G. Scofield, Deceased Friend 1966
Dr. Paul Smallie, Deceased Friend 1973
Dr. Thomas Souza, San Mateo, CA Friend 2013
Dr. Richard E. Vincent, Falmouth, MA Honorary 1975
Mr. William Wilke, The Villages, FL Friend 2017
Dr. Rex A. Wright, Deceased Friend 1968