Founder's Circle

Icon - Founders CircleAs a part of the Palmer Annual Giving Society, leadership donors propel the chiropractic profession and Palmer College to new heights. Donors who make leadership gifts of $1,000 or more in a fiscal year are invited to join the Founder’s Circle.

There are two levels of distinction in the Founder’s Circle:

  • Silver: $1,000 to $2,499
  • Gold: $2,500 and above

As a Founder’s Circle Silver member, you’ll enjoy all benefits of the Palmer Annual Giving Society, and:

  • Have opportunities to share your story in College publications and online
  • Receive a commemorative lapel pin recognizing your first gift of $1,000 or more
  • Receive an annual donor-impact report
  • Receive invitations to special events during annual Homecoming festivities

Founder’s Circle Gold members receive additional acknowledgment through:

  • Special recognition on honor rolls and during Homecoming
  • Special access to College-hosted events and activities

Members include individuals and businesses who make a gift during the current fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Membership is based on annual giving. Corporate matching gifts count toward an individual’s recognition level.

When you join the Founder’s Circle, you provide essential resources that sustain every aspect of the Palmer experience, including student well-being, instruction, research and innovation. You provide leadership that ensures Palmer continues to fulfill its commitment as a The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education®.

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Founder’s Circle Donors – gifts of $1,000 or more since July 1, 2017


* Employee
† Deceased
Dennis Acquaro, DC and Mrs. Kay Acquaro* Silver
Robert and Rebecca Ault, DCsSilver
Virginia Barber, DC* Silver
Dr. Evan & Cindy BeaneGold
William Beyer, DC and Mrs. Carol BeyerSilver
Judy Bhatti, D.C.* Silver
Martin Blanchard, Jr., DC and Mrs. Betty BlanchardSilver
Ron Boesch, DC and Mrs. Treva Boesch* Silver
Sira Borges, DC and Mr. David Chapman-SmithSilver
Dr. & Mrs. James and Kimberly BothwellSilver
Mark Boylan, DC and Mrs. Teresa BoylanSilver
Jacalyn Buettner, DCSilver
Jeffrey Buller, DC and Mrs. Donna BullerSilver
Michael Burak, DC and Mrs. Marnie BurakSilver
Chad Burt, DC and Mrs. Kris BurtSilver
Dr. and Mrs. Mickey BurtGold
Steve Byrne, DCSilver
Brady Pearson, DC and Carrie Jo Calisesi, DCGold
Shane Carter, DC and Mrs. Jennifer Carter* Silver
Scott Casteel, DCGold
Chris Chance, DC and Mrs. Diana ChanceSilver
Dean Chance, DC and Mrs. Kristin ChanceSilver
Mark Chance, DC and Mrs. Mary ChanceSilver
Michael Chance, DC and Mrs. Sandra ChanceGold
Michael Chimes, Jr., DCSilver
C Corey Colhoun, DCSilver
Dr. Brett CounselmanSilver
Donna Craft, DC and Mr. Marty GodinGold
Kevin Cunningham, DC and Mrs. Joanne Cunningham* Silver
Todd Curzie, DC and Mrs. Renee CurzieGold
Michael DeAngelo, DC and Mrs. Heidi DeAngeloSilver
Dr. and Mrs. George D. DeckerSilver
Mrs. Martha Dehn and Dr. Fred Dehn† Silver
Dr. Heather Dehn and Mr. Mike MorrisSilver
James Detelich, DC and Denise Vuich, DCSilver
Dr. Sandra Doman and Mr. Eric KaplanSilver
Ashlee and Michelle Drover, DCs* Silver
Dr. Carol DubbsSilver
William DuMonthier, DC and Mrs. Shalini DuMonthier* Silver
Ryan Dunphy, DCSilver
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. DurhamSilver
Leigh Elceser, DCSilver
Holly Elliott, DCSilver
Tom Exum, DC and Mrs. Deborah ExumSilver
Frank Farkas, DC and Mrs. Toni FarkasSilver
David Fieldgate, DCSilver
Lynn Florian, DC and Mr. Allen FlorianSilver
Dr. & Mr. Glenda and George FoySilver
Dr. & Mrs. Marc and Amanda FritzSilver
Chris Frogley, DCSilver
Drs. Jason and Mary Frost* Silver
Jeffrey Gehlsen, DCSilver
Ron Geiger and Lynn Johnson, DCsSilver
Phillip Gilbert, DC and Mrs. Cathy GilbertGold
Frank Gingras, Jr., DC and Mrs. Pamela GingrasSilver
Jason Gordon, DC and Mrs. Carolyn GordonSilver
Kristine Goulet, DCSilver
Dr. Donald F. Gran Jr, † Silver
Andrea G. Haan* Silver
Michael Hahn, DC and Mrs. Michelle HahnSilver
Todd Hamilton and Debbie Miller Hamilton, DCsSilver
Colin Hardy, DC and Mrs. Kara HardyGold
Dr. and Mrs. J and Kerri HartleySilver
Dr. Kevin G. HearonSilver
Margery Hinebaugh, DCSilver
Nathan Hinkeldey, DC & Mrs. Katie Hinkeldey* Silver
Harry Ho, DC* Silver
Dr. W. David HoffSilver
Reade Hubert, DC and Mrs. Roni HubertSilver
Michael James, DC and Mrs. Margaret JamesSilver
Edward Jennings, DC and Mrs. Verlyn JenningsSilver
Gregory Jones, DCSilver
Randal and Molly Jones, DCsSilver
Dr. and Mrs. Davidd and Michelle Juehring* Silver
Robert and Danielle Kauffman, DCsSilver
Drs. Charles, Carl, Eric KellerGold
Dr. Lisa Z. Killinger* Silver
Jeffrey Krabbe, DC and Mrs. Aimee Krabbe* Silver
Rex Jones and Elizabeth Kressin, DCsSilver
Dr. Charles KubaskoSilver
David Lehenbauer, DC and Mrs. Constance LehenbauerSilver
Dr. Arthur LensgrafGold
Paul Liechty, DC and Mrs. Sherri LiechtySilver
Tracey Littrell, DC and Mr. Clayton Hollenback* Silver
Dr. Anna Livdans-Forret and Mr. William Forret* Silver
John Lockenour, DCSilver
James Loftus, DC and Mrs. Mary LoftusSilver
Dr. Gregory W. LoganSilver
Dr. M. Douglas Lynes and Stephanie LynesSilver
Carol Malcheff, DCSilver
Timothy Malcheff, DC and Mrs. Cheryl MalcheffSilver
Dennis Marchiori, DC, PhD and Mrs. Cheryl Marchiori* Gold
Elizabeth Martin, DC and Mr. Michael MartinSilver
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Christian Martin* Gold
Charlotte Matityahu, DC and Mr. Eldad MatityahuGold
Sherry McAllister, DC and Mr. Don McAllisterSilver
Barry McAlpine, DC and Mrs. Kim McAlpineSilver
Frederic McAlpine, DC and Mrs. Linda McAlpineSilver
Dr. and Mrs. Jack & Andrea McAlpineGold
Dr. Ian and Mrs. Connie McLean* Silver
Gary McLeod, DC and Mrs. Dara McLeodSilver
Dr. Brent McNabbSilver
Dr. Bill Meeker and Ms. Karen Boulanger* Silver
Jeffrey Meier, DC and Mrs. Kimberly Spitzke-MeierSilver
Daniel Miller, DC and Mrs. Becky MillerSilver
Todd Hamilton and Debbie Miller Hamilton, DCsSilver
Michael Mills, DC and Mrs. Amy MillsSilver
Tom Milus, DC* Silver
William and Clare Morgan, DCsSilver
Joseph Nappi, DC and Mrs. Victoria NappiSilver
Dr. Edward Pappagallo* Silver
Dennis Paustian, DCSilver
Dr. Kevin Paustian* Silver
David Pavlicek, DC* Silver
Robert Pelham, DC and Mrs. Darlene PelhamSilver
Robert Percuoco, DC and Mrs. Anna Marie Percuoco* Silver
Tom Perrault, DCSilver
Dr. Paul and Alice PetersonGold
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas G. PfeifferSilver
Dr. Greg PitmanSilver
Mark Chen and Amber Plante, DCsSilver
William Pollack, Jr., DCSilver
Nickalus Psaltis, DC and Mrs. Heather PsaltisSilver
Jason Rannfeldt, DC and Mrs. Ann Marie RannfeldtSilver
Brian Reilly, DC and Mrs. Lisa ReillySilver
Edward Requet, DC and Mrs. Margaret RequetSilver
Dr. Tom Ring* Silver
Ronald Rolley, Jr., DC and Mrs. Lori RolleySilver
Dr. Ross RoysterSilver
Gary W. Schaaf, D.C., L.C.P.Silver
Dr. and Mrs. Keith G. ScottSilver
Cynthia Shaft-Toll, DC and Mr. William Toll IVSilver
Steven Simmons, DC and Mrs. Vanessa SimmonsSilver
Charles Simpson, DC and Mrs. Leslie SimpsonSilver
Drs. Dale and Carol SmithGold
Willard M Smith, DCSilver
Dr. Greg Snow* Silver
Bill Spontak, DCSilver
Lewis Squires, DC and Mrs. Wanda SquiresSilver
Dr. David StalheimSilver
Drs. John Stites and Cynthia Long* Silver
Fred LeRoy Stoner, DCSilver
Victor G. Strang, D.C., F.P.A.C.* Silver
Larry Swank and Julie Schrad, DCs* Gold
David and Lora Tanis, DCsSilver
David Theobald, DC and Mrs. Danielle TheobaldSilver
Alwin and Patrice Toensing, DCsSilver
Michael Tunning, DC and Mrs. Katie Tunning* Silver
Johann Van Beest, DC and Mrs. Judith Van BeestSilver
Paul and Donna VanDuyne, DCsGold
Dr. Janel Voelker and Mr. Michael VoelkerSilver
Drs. John Volpe & Veera GuptaSilver
Richard W. Walker, DC and Mrs. Paige WalkerSilver
Harry Wallace, DC* Silver
Timothy Warren, DC and Mrs. Danielle WarrenSilver
Daniel and Neleigh Weinert, DCs* Silver
J Calvin Wenger, DC and Mrs. Shirley WengerSilver
Tonya Westerbeke, DC and Mr. Mark WesterbekeGold


* Employee
† Deceased
Mr. & Mrs. Colbie and Emily Andes* Silver
Adam and Amanda Apfelblat, DCsSilver
Ms. Lisa Bauer* Silver
Mr. and Mrs. BehnSilver
Mrs. Margaret BraceSilver
Mr. Jason Brewer* Silver
Dr. Bob R. CarlsonSilver
Ms. Ann CrowderSilver
Mrs. Martha DehnSilver
Dr. J Donald Dishman and Mrs. Veronica Sciotti Dishman* Silver
Drs. Don Doucette and Lynn DrazinskiSilver
Mr. and Mrs. Kent and Jan ForneyGold
Christine Goertz, DCSilver
Dr. Maruti GudavalliSilver
Ms. Marsha Hardacre* Silver
Tim Hatfield, PhD & Susan Hatfield, PhDGold
Mrs. Earlye Julien* Silver
Ms. Karen KataGold
Mr. Kenneth Koupal and Mr. Tom KerstingGold
Peter Laliberte, DC and Mrs. Jane LaliberteSilver
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Sally LambertSilver
Mr. Duane LawsonSilver
Ms. Mindy Leahy* Silver
Ms. Lynne Lindstrom* Silver
Mrs. Leann McDonald, Palmer College Bookstores Mgr.* Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Barb Melbourne* Silver
Ms. Mary Pat MeyerSilver
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald and Sandra MulderGold
Dr. Anthony NaldaSilver
Mr. & Mrs. Nick and Liz Nolte* Silver
Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Penny O'Connor* Silver
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas PadnosSilver
Mr. Donald Pruter and Ms. Vickie PalmerGold
Mr. & Mrs. Matt and Jennifer Randazzo* Silver
Mrs. Rowena RichSilver
Brian Sharkey* Silver
Thomas Souza, DC* Silver
Mrs. Marion StaplesSilver
Mr. & Mrs. Kermit and Jenny SuttonGold
Mr. & Mrs. Andy and Clare Thompson* Silver
Mrs. Juanita ThompsonGold
Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Judy Tiemeier* Silver
Ms. Alexis VanderHornSilver
James Detelich, DC and Denise Vuich, DCSilver
Mr. Stephen Waters* Silver
Mr. William WilkeSilver
Mark E. Wiseley* Silver


Aramark CorporationSilver
Florida Chiropractic AssociationSilver
Performance Health BiofreezeSilver
R W Sweat Foundation IncSilver
R-Five IncSilver

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