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Historic photo of D.D. Palmer and group of people

Palmer Annual Giving Society

Annual gifts have an immediate impact on the area of the College that matters most to you. These gifts support every aspect of the Palmer experience and enable the College to say “Yes!” to current priorities and new opportunities.

For a gift of any size, you will:

  • Be recognized in donor honor rolls
  • Receive an annual College Report
  • Receive publications twice a year with alumni and campus news, Palmer College updates, and student stories of success

White Palmer family crest on circular purple background with the words Palmer Annual Giving Society following the curve of the circle

Members include individuals, businesses and organizations who make a gift during the current fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Corporate matching gifts count toward membership.

When you give to Palmer College, you decide where you want your gift to be used—or support the Palmer Fund and have the College determine where your gift is most needed. Gifts of all sizes help pave the way for students to succeed.

Donors who make leadership gifts of $1,000 or more in a fiscal year are invited to join the Founder’s Circle.

Palmer Society Honor Roll – All Donors Who Have a Made a Gift of any Size Since July 1, 2019


* Employee
† Deceased
Harry Alexander,DC
Steven Anderson, DC
Craig Banks, DC
Darrell Barnes, DC
Ronald Barth, DC and Leann Barth
Kaci Batzel, DC
Dr. Kathleen A. Bauman
Jonathan Belcher, DC
Annie Bernstein, DC
Sira Borges, DC and David Chapman-Smith
Mark Boylan, DC and Teresa Boylan
Gareth Brancato, DC and Linda Brancato
Terek Brown, DC
Jeffrey Buller, DC and Donna Buller
Michael Burak, DC and Marnie Burak
Steve Byrne, DC
Philip Caso, DC
Mark Chance, DC and Diana Chance
Chris Chance, DC and Mary Chance
Justin Chance, DC
Tammi Clark, DC*
Dr. Christopher M. Colgin
C. Corey Colhoun, DC
Brett Counselman, DC
Ree Ann Cupp, DC
George Curry, DC and Kerry Curry
Heather Dehn, DC and Mike Morris
Leigh Elceser, DC
Dr. Mark S. Elfman
Frank Chi, DC and Megan Epps, DC
David Fieldgate, DC
Jeannette Fotang, DC
Glenda Foy, DC and George Foy
Tracy Francis-Nguyen, DC
Marc Fritz, DC and Amanda Fritz
Chris Frogley, DC
Dr. Matthew H. Gauck
Dr. David L. Gilbertson
Vicki Gilthvedt, DC
Karri Gramlich,DC
Paul Grimm, DC
Cara Hacht, DC
Michael Hahn, DC and Michelle Hahn
Dr. Hooman Hamidi
Kevin G. Hearon, DC and Mrs. Alison Hearon
Nathan Hinkeldey, DC and Katie Hinkeldey
Jack Hollada, DC
Brant Hulsebus, DC
Robert Jarmain, DC and Nancy Jarmain
Edward Jennings, DC and Verlyn Jennings
Randal Jones, DC and Molly Jones, DC
Robert Kariatsumari, DC
Dr. Tomonori Kawai
Dr. Fatima Z. Khapra
Vern Kilbourn, DC
Lisa Killinger, DC*
Alexis LaBarbera, DC and Teri LaBarbera
Dr. Robinson T. Le
David Lehenbauer, DC and Constance Lehenbauer
Dr. Maria Anjoline Lopez
Peter Martin, DC*
Dr. Robert C. Martin
Elizabeth Martin, DC and Michael Martin
Sherry McAllister, DC and Don McAllister
Barry McAlpine, DC and Kim McAlpine
Gary McLeod, DC and Dara McLeod
Brent McNabb, DC
Jeffrey & Kimberly Meier, DCs
Brad Merritt, DC
Dr. Timothy J. Murzycki
Gerry Nadeau, DC and Celine Nadeau
Dr. Ivan M. Nadler
Dr. Matthew D. Nash
Dr. Macy Chi-Ying Ng
Dr. Paul E. Okamoto
Mark Paunicka, DC and Ruth Paunicka
Brant Pedersen, DC
Robert Pelham, DC and Darlene Pelham
Kevin Perry, DC
William Perry, DC
Douglas G. Pfeiffer, DC and Liane Pfeiffer
Brian Reilly, DC and Lisa Reilly
Robert Rendina, DC
Mrs. Gail A. Rock
David Rovetti, DC
Dr. Yi Ru
Susan Rupp, DC
Todd Salow, DC and Vicky Staner-Salow
Kodey Salow, DC
Martha Schenk, DC and Kenneth Schenk
Lelia Esch Schlabach, DC
Dr. Frederick J. Schofield
Edward Schultz, DC
Cynthia Shaft-Toll, DC and William Toll IV
Timothy Sharp, DC
Bethann Sledziewski, DC
Shane Smith, DC
Dale Smith, DC and Carol Wright-Smith, DC
Kory Spear, DC
Bill Spontak, DC
Lewis Squires, DC and Wanda Squires
David Stalheim, DC and Mrs. Julie Stalheim
Carsen Tannberg, DC
Samuel TerBeek, DC
William Tolhurst, DC
Thao Tran, DC
Johann Van Beest, DC and Judith Van Beest
Paul VanDuyne, DC and Donna VanDuyne, DC
John Vilkelis, DC and Jennifer Sylvander
Frederick Vlietstra, DC and Susanne Vlietstra
Janel Voelker, DC and Michael Voelker
Chase Walters, DC
Kimberly Walters, DC
Kevin Walton, DC
Patty Ward, DC
Cory Webb, DC
Gary Weinstein, DC
Theresa L. Whitney, DC*
Dr. Qinglong Zhang


* Employee
† Deceased
Pamela Calvillo
Bob R. Carlson, MD
Christine Goertz, DC and Randy DeGeest
William and Roberta Ingersoll
Joy Lewis, DC*
Dallas B. Mitchell
Mr. Chaoyang Qu
William Sherrier, DC*
Gerry Tallman
Andy and Clare Thompson*
Tom and Judy Tiemeier
Brinton Vincent*


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The Center for Chiropractic Progress
The Joint Corp

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