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Historic photo of D.D. Palmer and group of people

Palmer Annual Giving Society

Annual gifts have an immediate impact on the area of the College that matters most to you. These gifts support every aspect of the Palmer experience and enable the College to say “Yes!” to current priorities and new opportunities.

For a gift of any size, you will:

  • Be recognized in donor honor rolls
  • Receive an annual College Report
  • Receive publications twice a year with alumni and campus news, Palmer College updates, and student stories of success

White Palmer family crest on circular purple background with the words Palmer Annual Giving Society following the curve of the circle

Members include individuals, businesses and organizations who make a gift during the current fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Corporate matching gifts count toward membership.

When you give to Palmer College, you decide where you want your gift to be used—or support the Palmer Fund and have the College determine where your gift is most needed. Gifts of all sizes help pave the way for students to succeed.

Donors who make leadership gifts of $1,000 or more in a fiscal year are invited to join the Founder’s Circle.

Palmer Society Honor Roll – All Donors Who Have a Made a Gift of any Size Since July 1, 2019


* Employee
† Deceased
Dennis Acquaro, DC and Kay Acquaro*
D. Kurt Adams, DC and Susan Adams, DC
Dr. Esther O. Adetola
Joel Adkins, DC
Dr. Whitney B. Amos-McNary *
Christopher Anderson, DC
Dr. Darell A. Andrews
Thomas Andrews, DC and Donita Andrews
Karen Anthony*
Dale Applegate, DC and Gloria Applegate
Dr. Jeffrey W. Arellano
Lance Armstrong III, DC
Dr. John G. Artis
Robert Ault, DC and Rebecca Ault, DC
Dr. Michel A. Aymon
David Bakeris, DC
Danan Bakke, DC
Dr. Barclay W. Bakkum PhD,
Craig Banks, DC
Adrian Barber, DC
Virginia Barber, DC*
Warren Barclay, DC
Dr. Ron Barlot
Jorge Barrientos, DC
Kaci Batzel, DC
Michael Baum, DC
Bretton Baynes, DC
Dr. William R. Bazin
Joel Beane, DC and Rita Frederick
Evan Beane, DC and Cynthia Beane
John Bergseng, DC
Dr. Jessie A. Bexley
William Beyer, DC and Carol Beyer
Judy Bhatti, DC*
Mark Bilan, DC
Gary Billingsley, DC
Dr. Julie A. Bird
David Birdsell, DC
Kara Birdwell, DC
Steven Birkett, DC
George Blackwood, DC
Ron Boesch, DC and Treva Boesch*
Tyson Bohl, DC
Sira Borges, DC and David Chapman-Smith
Michael Bovee, DC and Joanne Bovee*
Heather Bowyer, DC*
Mark Boylan, DC and Teresa Boylan
Alison Bramer Cummings, DC
Gareth Brancato, DC and Linda Brancato
Dr. Albin C. Bro
Richard Broeg, DC and Mary Broeg
Michael Brown, DC
Dr. Bradley J. Brown
Jeffrey Brunner, DC
Dr. Michael A. Bruns
Karla Buckrop, DC
Susanne Buddingh, DC
Jeffrey Buller, DC and Donna Buller
Michael Burak, DC and Marnie Burak
Ronald Burden, DC
Bradley Burt, DC and Katie Burt
Mickey Burt, DC and Karla Burt
Chad Burt, DC and Kris Burt
Austin Burt, DC and Kari Burt
Franklin Burton, DC
Steve Byrne, DC
Mark Cafagna, DC and Pamela Cafagna
Michael Cafaro, DC
Dr. Anthony V. Cafiero
Rick Calcara, DC
Brady Pearson, DC and Carrie Jo Calisesi, DC
Dr. Steven Capobianco
David Capps, DC
Lola Capps, DC
Morgan Cark
Julie Carleton, DC and Cory Carleton
James Carlson, DC
Joel Carr, DC
Shane Carter, DC and Jennifer Carter*
Chris Chance, DC and Mary Chance
Justin Chance, DC
Michael Chance, DC and Sandra Chance
Mark Chance, DC and Diana Chance
Dr. Cynthia Chapman
Clarence Cheff, DC
Michael Chimes Jr., DC
Dr. Michael M. Cinader
Alfred Clapper, DC
Tammi Clark, DC*
Katherine Clark, DC*
Kristin Clark*
Colleen Clawson-Isdale, DC
Dr. Meaghan V. Clemens
Alice Clinger, DC
Ray Clinton, DC and Carol Clinton
Richard Cole, DC
Frank Colella Jr., DC
Dr. Christopher M. Colgin
C. Corey Colhoun, DC
Ryan Collins, DC
Nathan Considine, DC
Dr. Stephen B. Cooper
Brett Counselman, DC
Dr. Michael J. Court
Kara Crabill, DC
Donna Craft, DC and Marty Godin
Lee Cranford, DC
Paul Cronk, DC and Jody Cronk
Abbey Crouse, DC
Brandant Cruz, DC
Gregory Culbert, DC
Sheila Cummings, DC
Kevin Cunningham, DC and Joanne Cunningham*
Dr. George T. Cunningham
Steven Cuono, DC*
George Curry, DC and Kerry Curry
Autumn Cussen, DC
Roger Dahlgaard, DC
Dr. James M. Damrow
Johnna Darnall Bonde, DC
Dr. Trent R. Dean
Dr. Timothy D. DeBoard
George D. Decker, DC and Cathy Decker
Heather Dehn, DC and Mike Morris
Dr. Joseph F. DeMarco
John Deyo, DC
Thomas Dickerson, DC
Benjamin Dickerson, DC
Dr. Luc J. Dionne
Katie Dobowey, DC
Christopher Doersam, DC
Sandra Doman, DC and Eric Kaplan
Stanley Dombroski and Rachel Dombroski
John G. Donovan, DC
Dr. Katie L. Donovan
Tanya Doyon, DC
Christopher Drake, DC
Ashlee Drover, DC and Michelle Drover, DC*
Dr. Susan du Toit
Carol Dubbs, DC
Dr. Robert E. Dubro *
Ryan Duklas, DC
William DuMonthier, DC and Shalini DuMonthier*
Ryan Dunphy, DC
Molly Durham, DC
Arthur J. Durham, DC and Kristy Durham
David Duroe, DC
Dr. Eric C. Eickhorst
Leigh Elceser, DC
Rich Elchert, DC
Dr. Mark S. Elfman
David Ellyson, DC
Charles Cooper, DC and Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper, DC
Kenneth England, DC
Dr. Timothy J. Erickson
Kris Erlandson, DC
Frank Farkas, DC and Toni Farkas
Timothy Faulkner, DC
Leonard Feldman, DC and Christina Cadbury-Feldman
Grant Ferguson, DC
Jon Ferguson, DC
Dr. Amberly A. Ferguson *
Melissa Ferranti, DC*
David Fieldgate, DC
Joseph Fields, DC
Ronnie Firth, DC*
Jenna Fitchett, DC
James Fitzgerald, DC
Josiah Fitzsimmons, DC
Lynn Florian, DC and Allen Florian
Glenda Foy, DC and George Foy
Allen Fraley, DC
Dr. Mickey E. Frame
Tracy Francis-Nguyen, DC
Michael Frank, DC
Dr. Giovanni Frapporti
Amanda Friemel Panek, DC
Marc Fritz, DC and Amanda Fritz
Chris Frogley, DC
Jason Frost, DC and Mary Frost, DC*
Kenya Gaskin, DC
Dr. Matthew H. Gauck
Dr. Marla R. Gebaide
Dr. Mary J. Giagiari *
Frederick Giddy, DC
Dr. David L. Gilbertson
Terry Gillenwater, DC
Vicki Gilthvedt, DC
Frank Gingras Jr., DC
Dr. Courtney A. Goodchild
Jason Gordon, DC and Carolyn Gordon
Stephen Grande, DC
Ted Greve, DC, JD
Paul Grimm, DC
Erika Grushon, DC
John T. Gump, DC and Marilyn Gump
David Gustitus, DC
Dr. Kevin C. Gyurina
Dr. Hampton D. Hadley
Chad Hagen, DC*
Mark Hagen, DC
Michael Hahn, DC and Michelle Hahn
Scott Haldeman, DC and Joan Haldeman
Mohsen Hamadanchi, DC
Todd Hamilton, DC and Debbie Miller Hamilton, DC
Colin Hardy, DC and Kara Hardy
W. Duane Harrington, DC
J. Hartley, DC and Kerri Hartley
Gordon Hasick, DC
Nancy Haskin, DC
Chelsea Hawkins, DC
Cameron Hayward, DC
Kevin G. Hearon, DC and Mrs. Alison Hearon
Dalton Heath, DC
Brandon Heck, DC
Donna Hedgepeth, DC
David Heppe, DC and Erica Heppe, DC
John Hilley, DC
Nathan Hinkeldey, DC and Katie Hinkeldey
Eugene Hirsch, DC and Sheila Hirsch
Dr. Jesse R. Hodges *
Brett Hoeft, DC
William Hoff, DC and Kim Hoff
Kenneth J. Hogan, DC
Jack Hollada, DC
Dr. Brenda M. Holland
Michael Homulka, DC
Jeffrey Horkan, DC
Frank Hornickel, DC
Mark Houk, DC and Inez Houk
Jennifer Howard, DC
Krystal Huber, DC
Candice Hueppelsheuser, DC
Brant Hulsebus, DC
Howard Hunt, DC
Bradley Hunter, DC
Hillary Hushower, DC
Dr. Robert A. Illingworth *
Paul Infield, DC
Trevor Ireland, DC and Gloria Ireland
Kent Jenkins, DC
Edward Jennings, DC and Verlyn Jennings
Jorn Jensen, DC
Marjorie Rosengren Johnson, DC
Dr. Stacey L. Johnson
Chanceller Johnson, DC
Gregory Johnson, DC
Dr. Joel E. Johnson
David Johnson, DC and Julie Johnson
Randal Jones, DC and Molly Jones, DC
Rex Jones, DC and Elizabeth Kressin, DC
Hannah Jones, DC
Jodi Judge, DC
David Juehring, DC and Michelle Juehring*
Michael Junk DC
Dr. Timothy R. Kamerman
Allen Kaplan, DC
Robert Kauffman, DC and Danielle Kauffman, DC
Charles Keller, DC
Dr. Anton L. Keller
Dan Kennedy, DC
Dr. Jeffrey I. Kennis
Robert Kerbs, DC
Bradley Keys, DC
Jeffery Keys, DC
Lisa Killinger, DC*
Kelly Kimball, DC
Heather King, DC
Dr. Molly J. King
Dr. Lisa C. Klaus *
Jan Klesko, DC
Zachary Knight, DC and Jennifer Knight
Ronald Knorr, DC
Becky Koepke, DC
Dr. Thomas Korsh
Zachary Korth, DC
Jeffrey Krabbe, DC and Aimee Krabbe*
Dr. Kenneth R. Krayenhagen *
Matthew Kuo, DC
John Kuth, DC
Alexis LaBarbera, DC and Teri LaBarbera
Misty Lagasse, DC
Karmen Lair Hopkins, DC*
Kelly Lally, DC
Rodney Langel, DC
Michael & Alyssa Lawrenson, DCs
Brynn Lay, DC
Seung Ki Lee, DC
Siri Leech, DC*
David Lehenbauer, DC and Constance Lehenbauer
Arthur Lensgraf, DC
Douglas Leon, DC and Debora Leon
James Leonard, DC
Bob Levine, DC
Paul Liechty, DC and Sherri Liechty
Dr. Shu Jiann Lim
Tracey Littrell, DC and Clayton Hollenback*
Anna Livdans-Forret, DC and William Forret
James Loftus, DC and Mary Loftus
Dr. Ryan J. Lohndorf
Dr. Chad London
Ryan Loren, DC
Dr. Gareth P. Lourens
Dr. Robert B. Ludwig
Saul Luengas, DC
M. Douglas Lynes, DC and Stephanie Lynes
Malcolm Macdonald, DC and Patricia Macdonald, DC
Allen Macha, DC and Betty Macha
Jason Mackey, DC
Dennis Malik, DC*
Dr. Lee D. Malmstrom
Barbara Mansholt, DC*
Dennis Marchiori, DC, PhD and Cheryl Marchiori*
Alexander Margrave, DC*
Cherie Marriott, DC*
Dr. Jamie M. Marshall
Stacie Martel, DC*
Diana Martin, DC*
Elizabeth Martin, DC and Michael Martin
Peter Martin, DC*
Dr. John B. Martinez
Eric Anderson, DC and Rhonda Marty-Anderson, DC
Charlotte Matityahu, DC and Eldad Matityahu
Dr. Steven S. Matz Sr.,
Dr. Ashley B. Mayland
Sherry McAllister, DC and Don McAllister
Barry McAlpine, DC and Kim McAlpine
Dr. Mark A. McCann
Nicholas McCoy, DC
Craig McGiffin, DC
Ian McLean, DC and Connie McLean*
Gary McLeod, DC and Dara McLeod
Brent McNabb, DC
Bill Meeker, DC*
Dr. Heather L. Meeks
Jeffrey & Kimberly Meier, DCs
Dr. Scott A. Meisel *
Austin Mennen, DC and Joanna Dunleavy
Daniel Miller, DC
Leslie Mitzel, DC
Sonya Mohr
Dr. Dennis Momyer
Robert Moore, DC
Sandra Moore, DC
William Morgan, DC and Clare Morgan, DC
Marcie Morton, DC*
Gerald Mozingo, DC
Salvatore Muccillo, DC
Dr. Kenneth S. Murkowski II,
Dr. Kenneth S. Murkowski
Dr. Timothy J. Murzycki
William Muscara, DC and Christy Gall
Natalie Muth, DC
Joseph Nappi, DC and Victoria Nappi
Dr. Andrew G. Nelson
James Nieland, DC
Dr. Chad J. Nielson
Kent C. Noell, DC
Sean Norkus, DC*
John O'Brien, DC
Jaroslava Odvarko, DC
Dr. Barry L. Oglesbee
Dr. Paul E. Okamoto
Michael Oppelt, DC*
Dr. Joseph M. O'Tool
John Pairmore, DC and Sengthiene Pairmore
Edward Pappagallo, DC*
Steven Parker, DC
Carol Parnell Prevost, DC*
Dr. James J. Parsons
Minesh Patel, DC
Mark Paunicka, DC and Ruth Paunicka
Kevin Paustian, DC*
David Pavlicek, DC*
Kelli Pearson-Weary, DC
Brant Pedersen, DC
Dr. Charles E. Peele
Robert Pelham, DC and Darlene Pelham
Dr. Kevin T. Percuoco *
Robert Percuoco, DC and Anna Marie Percuoco*
William Perry, DC
Dr. Laura L. Peterson
Paul Peterson, DC and Alice Peterson
Douglas G. Pfeiffer, DC and Liane Pfeiffer
Lee Phelps, DC
Dr. Anthony S. Piana
Joel Pickar, DC and Wendy Cohen
Gregory Pitman, DC and Donna Pitman
William Pollack Jr., DC
Richard Powers, DC
Dr. Laura D. Presnick
Nickalus Psaltis, DC and Heather Psaltis
Dr. Kale L. Ptacek
Dr. Thomas G. Qualls
Travis Rafdal, DC
Kayla Ranger-Dean, DC
Therese Reaney-Cook, DC*
Dr. William R. Reed
Dr. Daniel J. Reida
Brian Reilly, DC and Lisa Reilly
Mark Reis, DC
Robert Rendina, DC
Edward Requet, DC and Margaret Requet
Dr. Viki S. Resler
Dr. Matthew D. Richardson *
Dennis Ridenour, DC and Linda Ridenour
Allysa Rimkus, DC
Tom Ring, DC*
Barry Roberts, DC
Reid Robinson, DC
Dr. Richard A. Robinson *
Ronald Rolley Jr., DC and Lori Rolley
Dr. Salvatore Romano
Sandra Rose, DC
Dr. Robert M. Rowell *
Ross Royster, DC and Roxanne Royster
Arlen Rubin, DC
Brian Ruddell, DC
Dr. Gary K. Saito
Luke Sakalosky, DC
Todd Salow, DC and Vicky Staner-Salow
Kodey Salow, DC
Janice R. Sampson, DC
Bernardo Sanudo Diez, DC
Steven Saro, DC and Christine Saro
M. Lynn Scecina, DC
Gary W. Schaaf, DC
Patrik Schneider, DC*
Dr. Frederick J. Schofield
Charles Schollmeyer, DC and LuAnn Schollmeyer
Jack Schulman, DC
Lori Schultz, DC
Erin Jones, DC
Dr. Toby A. Scott
Dr. Dylan Seeley
Eric Seiler, DC and Sherry Seiler
Jody Serra, DC
Lori Severson, DC
Cynthia Shaft-Toll, DC and William Toll IV
Timothy Sharp, DC
Dr. Edwin Shepherd III,
George Shoemaker, DC
Herman Shuttleworth, DC and Linda Shuttleworth
Steven Silverman, DC*
Charles Simpson, DC and Leslie Simpson
Ron Singleton, DC
Dr. Jonathan Slater *
Bethann Sledziewski, DC
Dale Smith, DC and Carol Wright-Smith, DC
Shane Smith, DC
Marilyn Smith, DC
Willard M. Smith, DC
Emily Smith Nguyen, DC
Dr. Stephanie E. Snoeberger
Gregory Snow, DC and Gabrielle Middleton*
Glenn Sorgenfrey, DC*
Janet Sosna, DC
Kory Spear, DC
Daniel Spencer, DC
Joel Sperling, DC
Margaret Spicer, DC
Bill Spontak, DC
Eric Springer, DC
Billy Spurlock, DC
Lewis Squires, DC and Wanda Squires
Gilles St Pierre, DC
Samantha Stahl, DC
David Stalheim, DC and Mrs. Julie Stalheim
Dr. Randall P. Stange
Dr. Leonard D. Stein
Dr. Shawn A. Stephens
Misty Stick, DC*
John Stites, DC and Cynthia Long, PhD
Suzanne Stockmann-Mansell, DC
Fred LeRoy Stoner, DC
Victor G. Strang, DC and Charlotte
David Straughn, DC
Dr. Paula J. Strauss
Dr. Alfred K. Sundqvist
Larry Swank, DC and Julie Schrad, DC
Josef Swetz, DC
Daniel Synowicki, DC
Julie Taillefer, DC
David Tanis, DC and Lora Tanis, DC
Carsen Tannberg, DC
Dr. Robert C. Tatum *
Dr. Laura Tavares Bomback
Dr. Brenda I. Taylor *
Todd Tesch, DC
Dr. Kathleen Therkelsen
Paige Thibodeau, DC
Leah Thomsen, DC
Kimberly Thor-Adams, DC
Milo Thurber, DC
Alwin Toensing, DC and Patrice Toensing, DC
William Tolhurst, DC
Antonio Tropea, DC
Michael Tunning, DC and Katie Tunning*
Stephen Tupman, DC & Kristina Bemis Tupman, DC
John Turosky, DC
Elissa Twist, DC*
Jason Uphill, DC
Johann Van Beest, DC and Judith Van Beest
Lance Vanderloo, DC and Ellen Vanderloo
Michael VanDeWalle, DC
Paul VanDuyne, DC and Donna VanDuyne, DC
John Vilkelis, DC and Jennifer Sylvander
Susan Vineta, DC
Frederick Vlietstra, DC and Susanne Vlietstra
Janel Voelker, DC and Michael Voelker
Ty Wade, DC
Anna Cobb, DC*
Richard W. Walker, DC and Paige Walker
Harry Wallace, DC*
Chase Walters, DC
Kimberly Walters, DC
Kevin Walton, DC
Patty Ward, DC
Jon Warnecke, DC
Dr. Daniel L. Warner
John Watson, DC
Collin Watson, DC
Bruce Weary, DC
Cory Webb, DC
Daniel Weinert, DC and Neleigh Weinert, DC*
Dr. Curtis J. Weinstein
Gary Weinstein, DC
Breanne Wells, DC*
Susan Welsh, DC and Tom Martin
J. Calvin Wenger, DC and Shirley Wenger
Dr. Thomas J. West
Bruce Whitbeck, DC
Dr. Joshua S. White
Dr. Mitchell S. White
Erik and Renee White, DC
Dr. Brandon C. White
Theresa L. Whitney, DC*
Kerry Wiebe, DC and Katherine Wiebe, DC
Steven Wilke, DC
Brady Williams, DC
Dr. Marc J. Williams
Barry Winkler, DC and Melanie Winkler
Eric Witmer, DC and Alicia Witmer, DC
Wayne Wolfson, DC and Ellen Wolfson
Ronald Woods, DC and Marilyn Woods
Stephen Wooten, DC*
David Worley, DC
Anita Wubbena, DC
Jeffrey Yadlosky, DC
Yukinobu Yasui, DC
Bradley Yee, DC
Eugene Yellen-Shiring, DC
Tetsuo Yoshida, DC and Jean Ginko
Dr. Andrew M. Young
Thomas Zastrow, DC
Michael Zolper, DC


* Employee
† Deceased
Dr. Medhat Alattar *
Danielle Amenta*
Mr. Brian R. Anderson *
Holly Anderson*
Colbie and Emily Andes
Anonymous Friend
Ms. Lauren Apetz *
Amanda Apfelblat, DC
Ms. Shauna M. Babnik *
Mr. Paul Bailey *
Ms. Beth Barclay *
Ms. Angela Bardsley *
Ms. Ashley L. Barrett *
Rosemary Batanjski, DC
Lisa Bauer*
Christine Beaudry*
Dalbir Bedi *
Jody Bell*
Michael Benedict*
Ms. Virginia Bennett
Don and Susanne Betz
Dr. Susan Blaskay Carver
Jessica Blumenfeld*
Kayla Bostic
Margie Brace
Kelly Bragg*
Danielle Breaux*
Jason Brewer*
Heidi Brodick
Melissa Bruner
Robert Budas
Kathleen Budas
Susan Buro*
Miss Sonnet Busen *
Chuck Bustillos*
Angie Calsyn*
In memory of H.G. Campbell, DC
Dr. Anne Canty *
Mrs. Theresa E. Carey
Dr. Beth Carleo *
Bob R. Carlson, MD
Ms. Stephanie Carmichael *
Shannon Cartee*
Ms. Julie Chapuis
Dr. Munyeong Choi *
Jennifer Coffey, DC and Lance Ingwersen, DC
Joe Collins*
Ms. Sheila Compton *
Robert Cooperstein, DC*
Lance Corber*
Skye Corken*
Troy Cross, DC
Rhonda Crowe
Michael Crump*
Ms. Emily Danger *
Ms. Georgia Davis *
Martha Dehn
Ms. Christine Deines *
Miranda Dilley
Mrs. Melody R. Dittmer *
Dr. Khoi D. Do *
Don Doucette, PhD and Lynn Drazinski
Patrick and Kristena Downing*
Sandra Duncan
Mr. Warren C. Dunkin
Dr. Stephen M. Duray *
Ms. Patricia L. Dyer
Mrs. Diane J. Elliott
Mike Ernster*
Mr. Richard B. Evans
Mary Evans
Kenny and Colleen Fier*
Betsy Fisher*
Linda Fitterer-Finley
Loreen Frazier*
Dr. Megan Frost
Rachel Frozenfar, DC*
Dawn Funk*
Peter Fysh, DC and Maggie La Ragy
Ms. Elizabeth Gatrost
Mr. Michael Gehlsen *
Ms. Rashida Gilmore *
Dr. Michelle L. Gingras *
Christine Goertz, DC and Randy DeGeest
Dr. Abigail Gonsalves *
Ms. Jody Graham *
Dr. Kenice Grand *
Kathleen Graves*
Nancy Gray
Linda Hamilton
Elaina Hammond*
Ms. Jennifer Hansen *
Kimberly Harris*
Timothy Hatfield, PhD and Susan Hatfield, PhD
Cheryl Haven
Ann Hileman*
Kimberly Honert
Katie Hoyt*
Mr. Ben Hucker *
Jelica Isely
Ms. Michelle Janikowski *
Dr. Ward Jones *
Dr. Je'Ne Jordahl *
Earlye Julien*
Brian & Shannon Kavanagh
Paige Kavanagh
Ms. Sujatha Kedilaya *
Marie Kelly*
Scott Kenney*
Kim Kent*
Lizz Klein
Julie Knaak*
Ms. Kathy Koenig *
Cheryl Kofron
Kenneth Koupal and Tom Kersting
Laurie Kruse*
Kylie Kuffler
Peter Laliberte, DC and Jane Laliberte
Robert and Sally Lambert
Patricia Langum*
Ms. Lori Larsen *
Patricia Lattimore*
Duane Lawson
Ms. Jackie D. Lett *
Ms. Amy Leuenhagen *
Sandra Lewis*
Lynne Lindstrom*
John Stites, DC and Cynthia Long, PhD*
Dr. Marc Lucente *
Anita Mallette*
Mr. Ed Malloy
Dr. Katherine Manley-Buser *
Tessa Martin-Goettsch
Jill Mattingly*
Mike and Jillian McCleary*
Ms. Amanda McCullough *
Nina McDevitt*
Leann McDonald*
Ella Gail McPeak
Ms. Whitney Meek *
Craig Mekow*
Steve and Barb Melbourne*
Lucie Methot, DC
Mary Pat Meyer
Denise Miller*
Shannon Milton*
Stephanie Molihan
Ms. Erin Moore *
Mr. James Mountain *
Ron Mulder, PhD and Sandy Mulder
Edward Murphy*
Eliana Nathan*
Katelyn Nelson*
Dr. Lia Nightingale *
Liz Nolte*
Brian Nook, DC*
Michael Norris, PhD*
Ron O'Brien*
James and Penny O'Connor*
Allen Odom
George Oliveira
Stephen Onifer*
Faviola Orosco*
Vickie Anne Palmer
Ms. Edith Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Deborah Phillips
Matt Plumley*
Jeff Popham DC
Margarita Quinonez*
Matt and Jennifer Randazzo*
Nicole Rathje*
Teri Ray*
Laura Reagan*
Rowena Rich
Tim Richardson*
Mr. Kelan Ritchie *
Amy Rohr
Ms. Mary Rohrer *
Tasha Rucker*
Stacie Salsbury*
Ms. Kristin Samuelson *
John Schaeffer, DC
Ms. Tara Schulz *
Anthony Schumacher*
Mr. Erik Sellas *
Brian Sharkey*
Cheryl Shaw*
Mr. & Mrs. Gene & Patricia Shaw
Mr. Jason Sherman *
Jennifer Sherman*
Ms. Crystal Silk *
Matthew Skalski, DC*
Aaron Skinner, DC
Thomas Souza, DC*
Kristine Spencer*
Ms. Kati Sproston *
Mrs. Marianne Stablein
John Staples, DC and Marion Staples
Shad Stark*
Heather Starr*
Theodore Stephens
Jennifer Steward*
Jennifer Stratman*
Ms. Susan Strazewski *
Kermit and Jenny Sutton
Ms. Pamela Taylor *
Loretta Thayer
Andy and Clare Thompson*
Juanita Thompson
Tom and Judy Tiemeier
Ms. Heather Tighe *
Ms. Jodi Tipsword *
Ms. Sarah Tisinger *
Ms. Elizabeth A. Titze
Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Shannon Titze
Mr. Jason R. Titze
Colleen Troll
Alexis VanderHorn
Jacie Vandermeulen, DC
Kelley VanKeulen*
Dr. Christopher M. Varnum *
Brinton Vincent*
Robert Vining, DC*
Chip & Lora Voelsch
Tina Walden*
Eric Ware*
Gale and Judy Watson
Bev Weirather*
Ms. Amber Wells *
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne and Suzann Wilson
Russell Wilson*
Mark E. Wiseley*
Ms. May Wu *


Alumni Association LLC
Aramark Corporation
Bechtel Trusts and Foundation
Ben Curti Farms
Estate of Arthur Harry Bennett
Estate of Delno C Malmstrom
Estes Construction
Fidelity Charitable
Hornbuckle Heating & Air Conditioning
Ironwood Village
John Deere & Co
Mabel C Covey Private Trust Foundation
National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Corpor
Performance Health Biofreeze
Quad Cities Community Foundation
R W Sweat Foundation Inc
Schwab Charitable Fund
Sigma Phi Chi Sorority
Standard Process Inc
State Street Foundation Inc
The Charles M. Uhl, Jr and Teresa D Uhl Famil
The Joint Corp
Tri-City Electric Co of Iowa
US Bank Foundation

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