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Historic photo of D.D. Palmer and group of people

Palmer Annual Giving Society

Annual gifts have an immediate impact on the area of the College that matters most to you. These gifts support every aspect of the Palmer experience and enable the College to say “Yes!” to current priorities and new opportunities.

For a gift of any size, you will:

  • Be recognized in donor honor rolls
  • Receive an annual College Report
  • Receive publications twice a year with alumni and campus news, Palmer College updates, and student stories of success

White Palmer family crest on circular purple background with the words Palmer Annual Giving Society following the curve of the circle

Members include individuals, businesses and organizations who make a gift during the current fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Corporate matching gifts count toward membership.

When you give to Palmer College, you decide where you want your gift to be used—or support the Palmer Fund and have the College determine where your gift is most needed. Gifts of all sizes help pave the way for students to succeed.

Donors who make leadership gifts of $1,000 or more in a fiscal year are invited to join the Founder’s Circle.

Palmer Society Honor Roll – All Donors Who Have a Made a Gift of any Size Since July 1, 2019


* Employee
† Deceased
Dennis Acquaro, DC and Kay Acquaro*
D. Kurt and Susan Adams, DC
Todd Adams, DC
Dr. David L. Alati
Harry Alexander,DC
Dr. Susan C. Allen
Dr. Whitney B. Amos-McNary *
Christopher Anderson, DC
Dr. Holly B. Anderson
Dr. Erick R. Anderson
Steven Anderson, DC
Karen Anthony*
Gerald Arndt,DC
Dr. Sadegh Asefi
Dr. Lyman S. Atchley
Robert Ault, DC and Rebecca Ault, DC
Angela Ballew, DC
Dr. Margaret A. Banitch
Craig Banks, DC
Gary Barbaro, DC
Virginia Barber, DC*
Warren Barclay, DC
Darrell Barnes, DC
Ronald Barth, DC and Leann Barth
Kaci Batzel, DC
Dr. Kathleen A. Bauman
Evan Beane, DC and Cynthia Beane
Joel Beane, DC and Rita Frederick
Dr. William C. Bearden
Jonathan Belcher, DC
Annie Bernstein, DC
Dr. Jessie A. Bexley
Judy Bhatti, DC*
David Birdsell, DC
Steven Birkett, DC
George Blackwood, DC
Dr. Samantha R. Blank
Dr. Timothy B. Bodzioch
Ron Boesch, DC and Treva Boesch*
Sira Borges, DC and David Chapman-Smith
Dr. Karen T. Borman Hollaman
Heather Bowyer, DC*
Mark Boylan, DC and Teresa Boylan
Gareth Brancato, DC and Linda Brancato
Dr. Zachary J. Brantner
Terek Brown, DC
Karla Buckrop, DC
Jeffrey Buller, DC and Donna Buller
Michael Burak, DC and Marnie Burak
Austin Burt, DC and Kari Burt
Bradley Burt, DC and Katie Burt
Chad Burt, DC and Kris Burt
Mickey Burt, DC and Karla Burt
Steve Byrne, DC
Dr. Jill C. Byrnes
Dr. James R. Caballero
Michael Cafaro, DC
Rick Calcara, DC
Brady Pearson, DC and Carrie Jo Calisesi, DC
Dr. Gregory E. Call
Dr. Erik B. Camac
Julie Carleton, DC and Cory Carleton
Shane Carter, DC and Jennifer Carter*
Philip Caso, DC
Justin Chance, DC
Dean Chance, DC and Kristin Chance
Michael Chance, DC and Sandra Chance
Mark Chance, DC and Diana Chance
Chris Chance, DC and Mary Chance
Brian Chandler, DC
Kevin Chasse, DC
Michael Chimes Jr., DC
Dr. Michael M. Cinader
Kristin Clark*
Katherine Clark, DC*
Tammi Clark, DC*
Colleen Clawson-Isdale, DC
Dr. Christopher M. Colgin
C. Corey Colhoun, DC
Dr. Scott A. Colman
Nathan Considine, DC
Ryan Cooper, DC
Brett Counselman, DC
Kara Crabill, DC
Donna Craft, DC and Marty Godin
Dr. Jamie L. Cramer
Dr. Candi L. Cross
Kevin Cunningham, DC and Joanne Cunningham*
Ree Ann Cupp, DC
George Curry, DC and Kerry Curry
Todd Curzie, DC
Dr. Tonya J. Dacko
Dr. James M. Damrow
Johnna Darnall Bonde, DC
George D. Decker, DC and Cathy Decker
Patrick DeFrancesco, DC
Heather Dehn, DC and Mike Morris
Dr. Abby L. Delgoffe
Dr. Bruce L. Denning
Michael Dense, DC
Dr. Nicholas J. Derocher
Dr. Stephanie A. Desmarais
James Detelich, DC and Denise Vuich, DC
Dr. Jennifer M. Devens
Dr. Luc J. Dionne
Sandra Doman, DC and Eric Kaplan
Dr. Gregory J. Donnelly
Dr. Germaine E. Downey
Ashlee Drover, DC and Michelle Drover, DC*
Dr. Robert E. Dubro *
William DuMonthier, DC and Shalini DuMonthier*
Ryan Dunphy, DC
Molly Durham, DC
Arthur J. Durham, DC and Kristy Durham
Dr. Karen R. Dzekunskas
Nicole Eckert, DC
Mrs. Kelly V. Egeland Kakert
Leigh Elceser, DC
Dr. Mark S. Elfman
Charles Cooper, DC and Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper, DC
Frank Chi, DC and Megan Epps, DC
Bernard Erenberger, DC
Dr. Chad R. Espeland
Joan Fallon, DC
Dr. Victor M. Fano
Frank Farkas, DC and Toni Farkas
Leonard Feldman, DC and Christina Cadbury-Feldman
Dr. Amberly A. Ferguson *
Melissa Ferranti, DC*
David Fieldgate, DC
Joseph Fields, DC
Dr. Nathaniel A. Finkey *
Ronnie Firth, DC*
Dr. Jennifer L. Foss
Jeannette Fotang, DC
Glenda Foy, DC and George Foy
Dr. Claude Frable
Dr. Mickey E. Frame
Tracy Francis-Nguyen, DC
Michael Frank, DC
Amanda Friemel Panek, DC
Marc Fritz, DC and Amanda Fritz
Chris Frogley, DC
Jason Frost, DC and Mary Frost, DC*
Dr. Trent J. Fugere
Dr. Garry T. Fuller
Dr. Amanda F. Furry
Dr. Thaddeus R. Gala
J. Stuart Garner, DC
Dr. Matthew H. Gauck
Dr. Edwin C. Gibbs
Dr. David L. Gilbertson
Dr. Keith J. Gillaspy
Vicki Gilthvedt, DC
Judd Gines, DC
Dr. Shandon A. Grady
Dr. Robert J. Graham
Karri Gramlich,DC
Stephen Grande, DC
Gordon Grannis, DC
Dr. Igor Grgic
Paul Grimm, DC
Dr. Alissa A. Grover
Dr. Clint J. Grover
Cara Hacht, DC
Dr. Hampton D. Hadley
Bruce Hagen, DC and Beth Hagen
Chad Hagen, DC*
Michael Hahn, DC and Michelle Hahn
Mohsen Hamadanchi, DC
Dr. Hooman Hamidi
Todd Hamilton, DC and Debbie Miller Hamilton, DC
Dr. Mark A. Harrington
J. Hartley, DC and Kerri Hartley
Cameron Hayward, DC
Kevin G. Hearon, DC and Mrs. Alison Hearon
Nathan Hinkeldey, DC and Katie Hinkeldey
Dr. Eric R. Hinze
Dr. Jesse R. Hodges *
Brett Hoeft, DC
Kenneth J. Hogan, DC
Jack Hollada, DC
Jeffrey Horkan, DC
Mark Houk, DC and Inez Houk
Robert Hrisak, DC
Krystal Huber, DC
Dr. Mark J. Hudson
Dr. Franklin P. Hughes
Dr. Brandon D. Hughes
Brant Hulsebus, DC
Dr. Heather A. Hunscher
Brian Hunt, DC
Bradley Hunter, DC
Hillary Hushower, DC
Dr. Kaela S. Hwang
Dr. Peter A. Hyatt
Dr. Robert A. Illingworth *
Trevor Ireland, DC and Gloria Ireland
Dr. Mika Ishitani
Robert Jarmain, DC and Nancy Jarmain
Kent Jenkins, DC
Edward Jennings, DC and Verlyn Jennings
Jorn Jensen, DC
Gregory Johnson, DC
Hannah Jones, DC
Randal Jones, DC and Molly Jones, DC
Dr. James B. Jorgenson
David Juehring, DC and Michelle Juehring*
Michael Junk DC
Deborah Just
Allen Kaplan, DC
Robert Kariatsumari, DC
Robert Kauffman, DC and Danielle Kauffman, DC
Dr. Tomonori Kawai
Robert Keeler DC and Deborah Keeler
Charles Keller, DC
Glen Keller, DC
Dan Kennedy, DC
Dr. Kathleen R. Kennedy-Doohen
Robert Kerbs, DC
Dr. Yasmeen A. Khan
Dr. Fatima Z. Khapra
Dr. James B. Kickland
Vern Kilbourn, DC
Lisa Killinger, DC*
Willie Kindred, DC and Sandra Kindred
Dr. Keith M. King
Dr. Annie S. King
Joseph King, DC
William King, DC
Dr. Molly J. King
Jan Klesko, DC
Samuel Klinner. DC
Zachary Knight, DC and Jennifer Knight
Becky Koepke, DC
Jeffrey Krabbe, DC and Aimee Krabbe*
Dr. Kenneth R. Krayenhagen *
Elizabeth Kressin, DC
Katherine Krivan, DC
Mark and Katarzyna Kruger, DCs
Alexis LaBarbera, DC and Teri LaBarbera
Karmen Lair Hopkins, DC*
Kelly Lally, DC
Rodney Langel, DC
Brynn Lay, DC
Dr. Robinson T. Le
Siri Leech, DC*
David Lehenbauer, DC and Constance Lehenbauer
Dr. Rachel N. Leibovitz
Douglas Leon, DC and Debora Leon
Dr. Richard M. Levine
Dr. Makani E. Lew *
Paul Liechty, DC and Sherri Liechty
Dr. Robert P. Lightner
Dr. Kerry R. Lindell
Dr. John N. Lindstrom
Dr. Anthony J. Lisi
Tracey Littrell, DC and Clayton Hollenback*
Dr. Leana Liu
Gregory W. Logan, DC
Dr. Maria Anjoline Lopez
Saul Luengas, DC
Dr. Peter H. Lynch Jr,
Dr. Annabelle L. MacAuley
Malcolm Macdonald, DC and Patricia Macdonald, DC
Jason Mackey, DC
Daniel Madrid, DC
Dennis Malik, DC*
Barbara Mansholt, DC*
Dr. Kelly L. Mantonya
Dennis Marchiori, DC, PhD and Cheryl Marchiori*
Alexander Margrave, DC*
Cherie Marriott, DC*
Stacie Martel, DC*
Diana Martin, DC*
Dr. Robert S. Martin
Dr. Robert C. Martin
Peter Martin, DC*
Elizabeth Martin, DC and Michael Martin
J. Bartley Martinez
Eric Anderson, DC and Rhonda Marty-Anderson, DC
Charlotte Matityahu, DC and Eldad Matityahu
Dr. Steven S. Matz Sr.,
Sherry McAllister, DC and Don McAllister
Barry McAlpine, DC and Kim McAlpine
Ian McLean, DC and Connie McLean*
Gary McLeod, DC and Dara McLeod
Brent McNabb, DC
Dr. Mimi McParland
Bill Meeker, DC
Dr. Heather L. Meeks
Jeffrey & Kimberly Meier, DCs
Dr. Craig S. Mencl *
Brad Merritt, DC
Dr. Christopher J. Meyer
Dean Meylor, DC and Jeanene Meylor
Clifford Meylor, DC and Debi Meylor
Dr. Adam D. Meylor
Dr. Neal R. Meylor
Dr. Jonathan J. Meylor
Leslie Mitzel, DC
Dr. Lily Moezi-Vaziri
Dr. Hayley J. Mojica
Dr. Dennis Momyer
Gary Moore, DC
Sandra Moore, DC
Dr. Anthony G. Morman
Dr. Tyler D. Morman
Elaine Morschhauser, DC
Marcie Morton, DC*
Dr. Timothy J. Murzycki
Gerry Nadeau, DC and Celine Nadeau
Dr. Ivan M. Nadler
Joseph Nappi, DC and Victoria Nappi
Dr. Matthew D. Nash
Dr. Katrina M. Neyer
Dr. Macy Chi-Ying Ng
Sean Norkus, DC*
Jaroslava Odvarko, DC
Dr. Paul E. Okamoto
Russell Olson, DC
Michael Oppelt, DC*
Renee Ownbey-Crites, DC
John Pairmore, DC and Sengthiene Pairmore
Dr. Michael A. Palermo
Edward Pappagallo, DC*
Carol Parnell Prevost, DC*
Mark Paunicka, DC and Ruth Paunicka
Kevin Paustian, DC*
David Pavlicek, DC*
Kelli Pearson-Weary, DC
Brant Pedersen, DC
Dr. Charles E. Peele
Robert Pelham, DC and Darlene Pelham
Robert Percuoco, DC and Anna Marie Percuoco*
William Perry, DC
Kevin Perry, DC
Paul Peterson, DC and Alice Peterson
Dr. Mark D. Peterson
Douglas G. Pfeiffer, DC and Liane Pfeiffer
William Pickett, DC
Maurice Pisciottano, DC
Steven Plourde, DC
William Pollack Jr., DC
Charles Price, DC and Christine Price
Dr. Daniel J. Prince
Dr. Eugene R. Pritchett
Therese Reaney-Cook, DC*
Dr. Douglas K. Reese
Brian Reilly, DC and Lisa Reilly
John Reitz, DC
Robert Rendina, DC
Edward Requet, DC and Margaret Requet
Dr. Matthew D. Richardson *
Tom Ring, DC*
Dr. Randall T. Roberts
Barry Roberts, DC
Dr. Richard A. Robinson *
Mrs. Gail A. Rock
David Rovetti, DC
Dr. Yi Ru
Susan Rupp, DC
Todd Salow, DC and Vicky Staner-Salow
Kodey Salow, DC
M. Lynn Scecina, DC
Gary W. Schaaf, DC
Martha Schenk, DC and Kenneth Schenk
Troy Scheuermann, DC
Lelia Esch Schlabach, DC
Patrik Schneider, DC*
John Schoenenberger, DC
Dr. Frederick J. Schofield
Charles Schollmeyer, DC and LuAnn Schollmeyer
Matthew Schrier, DC
Edward Schultz, DC
Eric Seiler, DC and Sherry Seiler
Dr. Giovanna S. Seitz
Dr. Maggie A. Sellers-Casebolt
Dr. Kyu S. Seung
Cynthia Shaft-Toll, DC and William Toll IV
Dr. Kara N. Shannon *
Timothy Sharp, DC
Dr. Thomas R. Sherman
George Shoemaker, DC
William M. Shord, DC and Jayne S. Shord
Dr. Oowais Siddique
Steven Silverman, DC*
Steven Simmons, DC and Vanessa Simmons
Bethann Sledziewski, DC
Marilyn Smith, DC
Willard M. Smith, DC
Dale Smith, DC and Carol Wright-Smith, DC
Shane Smith, DC
Emily Smith Nguyen, DC
Gregory Snow, DC and Gabrielle Middleton*
Glenn Sorgenfrey, DC*
Kory Spear, DC
Daniel Spencer, DC
Bill Spontak, DC
Louis Sportelli, DC and Barbara Sportelli
Eric Springer, DC
Lewis Squires, DC and Wanda Squires
David Stalheim, DC
Dr. Randall P. Stange
Thomas Stanzel, DC and Mrs. Stanzel
Troy Stark, DC*
Misty Stick, DC*
John Stites, DC and Cynthia Long, PhD
Fred LeRoy Stoner, DC
Victor G. Strang, DC and Charlotte
Dr. Paula J. Strauss
Dr. Scott R. Swanson *
David Tanis, DC and Lora Tanis, DC
Carsen Tannberg, DC
Dr. Laura Tavares Bomback
Dr. Brenda I. Taylor *
Dr. Vernon R. Temple
Samuel TerBeek, DC
Todd Tesch, DC
William Tolhurst, DC
Dr. Todd A. Tomburo
Thao Tran, DC
Antonio Tropea, DC
Michael Tunning, DC and Katie Tunning*
Dr. Matthew C. Turner
Elissa Twist, DC*
John Ulrich, DC
Johann Van Beest, DC and Judith Van Beest
Lance Vanderloo, DC and Ellen Vanderloo
Dr. Gennifer T. Vandeventer
Michael VanDeWalle, DC
Paul VanDuyne, DC and Donna VanDuyne, DC
John Vilkelis, DC and Jennifer Sylvander
Susan Vineta, DC
Frederick Vlietstra, DC and Susanne Vlietstra
Janel Voelker, DC and Michael Voelker
Anna Cobb, DC*
Harry Wallace, DC*
Chase Walters, DC
Kimberly Walters, DC
Kevin Walton, DC
Patty Ward, DC
Dr. David M. Warwick
Mary Watkins, DC
Collin Watson, DC
Cory Webb, DC
Daniel Weinert, DC and Neleigh Weinert, DC*
Dr. Curtis J. Weinstein
Gary Weinstein, DC
Breanne Wells, DC*
Susan Welsh, DC and Tom Martin
Bruce Whitbeck, DC
Theresa L. Whitney, DC*
Gary Wiedeman, DC and Kim Wiedeman
Brady Williams, DC
Eric Witmer, DC and Alicia Witmer, DC
Dennis Woggon, DC and Brenda Woggon
Wayne Wolfson, DC and Ellen Wolfson
Ronald Woods, DC and Marilyn Woods
Stephen Wooten, DC*
Ronald Wright, DC
Anita Wubbena, DC
Eugene Yellen-Shiring, DC
Dr. Morgan D. Young
Dr. Qinglong Zhang
Nicole Zyla-Herrera, DC


* Employee
† Deceased
Holly Anderson
Mr. Brian R. Anderson *
Colbie and Emily Andes
Ms. Lauren Apetz *
Mr. Marco Atzori *
Ms. Kaarin Bakeris
Ms. Beth Barclay *
Ms. Ashley L. Barrett *
Lisa Bauer*
Nicholas Beasley
Tammy Beatty*
Christine Beaudry*
Dr. Dalbir Bedi *
Mr. Craig Benson *
Nancy Bergman*
Don and Susanne Betz
Dianna M. Bindelli
Mr. Jonathan Black *
Jessica Blumenfeld*
Kayla Bostic
Ms. Annette Boyer
Margie Brace
Kelly Bragg*
Ms. Kari Breuer
Jason Brewer*
Ms. Cindy Brinkman-Roysdon *
Melissa Bruner
Susan Buro*
Miss Sonnet Busen *
Chuck Bustillos*
Ms. Debbie Byers
Angie Calsyn*
Pamela Calvillo
Dr. Anne Canty *
Dr. Beth Carleo *
Bob R. Carlson, MD
Shannon Cartee*
Dr. Munyeong Choi *
Trey M. Collins
Joe Collins
Ms. Sheila Compton *
Robert Cooperstein, DC*
Lance Corber*
Ms. Phyllis T. Corcoran
Skye Corken*
Michael Crump*
Martha Dehn
Mrs. Melody R. Dittmer *
Dr. Khoi D. Do *
Don Doucette, PhD and Lynn Drazinski
Patrick and Kristena Downing*
Dr. Stephen M. Duray *
Mike Ernster*
Tiffany K. Fairchild
Danielle Farris*
Betsy Fisher*
Loreen Frazier*
Rachel Frozenfar, DC*
Dawn Funk*
Peter Fysh, DC and Maggie La Ragy
Ms. Cori Gacad
Mr. Michael Gehlsen *
Christine Goertz, DC and Randy DeGeest
Dr. Abigail Gonsalves *
Ms. Jody Graham *
Dr. Kenice Grand *
Kathleen Graves*
Nancy Gray
Caleb L. Grose
Ms. Jennifer Hansen *
Kimberly Harris*
Timothy Hatfield, PhD and Susan Hatfield, PhD
Cheryl Haven
Dr. Xiaohua He *
Dylan M. Hearns
Ann Hileman*
Caleb L. Horn
Jonathan A. Hoyas
Katie Hoyt*
William and Roberta Ingersoll
Ms. Michelle Janikowski *
Dr. Claire Johnson
Dr. Ward Jones *
Larry Jones
Dr. Je'Ne Jordahl *
Earlye Julien*
John and Marie Kelly*
Ms. Ann Kelly *
Scott Kenney*
Kim Kent*
Julie Knaak*
Ms. Kathy Koenig *
Kenneth Koupal and Tom Kersting
Ms. Leah J. Kowalewski
Laurie Kruse*
Raymond Lacroix
Robert and Sally Lambert
Patricia Langum*
Ms. Lori Larsen *
Patricia Lattimore*
Duane Lawson
Ms. Jackie D. Lett *
Ms. Amy Leuenhagen *
Joy Lewis, DC*
Lynne Lindstrom*
John Stites, DC and Cynthia Long, PhD*
Dr. Marc Lucente *
Mr. Benito Lugo *
Morgan E. Macleary
Anita Mallette*
Dr. Katherine Manley-Buser *
Jill Mattingly*
Mike and Jillian McCleary*
Ms. Amanda McCullough
Nina McDevitt*
Leann McDonald*
Craig Mekow*
Steve and Barb Melbourne*
Shannon Milton*
Dallas B. Mitchell
Ron Mulder, PhD and Sandy Mulder
Edward Murphy*
Ms. Abbey Nagle-Kuch *
Eliana Nathan*
Katelyn Nelson*
Dr. Lia Nightingale *
Liz Nolte
Brian Nook, DC*
Michael Norris, PhD*
Erin N. O Gara
Ron O'Brien*
James and Penny O'Connor*
Faviola Orosco*
Codi N. Osborne
Vickie Anne Palmer
Arlene Peacock*
Marlen Perez
Alyssa A. Peterson
Weston W. Pickhinke
Kent and Judi Pilcher
Matt Plumley*
Don Pruter and Vickie Palmer
Elaine Purser
Mr. Chaoyang Qu
Margarita Quinonez*
Matt and Jennifer Randazzo*
Nicole Rathje*
Mr. Levi Rathje
Laura Reagan*
Tim Richardson*
Mr. Kelan Ritchie *
Tasha Rucker*
Stacie Salsbury*
Ms. Tara Schulz *
Anthony Schumacher*
Mr. Erik Sellas *
Brian Sharkey*
Cheryl Shaw*
William Sherrier, DC*
Dolores Silvia
Mr. Arthur D. Sinksen
Matthew Skalski, DC*
Thomas Souza, DC*
Kristine Spencer*
Ms. Kati Sproston *
John Staples, DC and Marion Staples
Heather Starr*
Theodore Stephens
Jennifer Steward*
Mrs. Ashley Stoekel *
Jennifer Stratman*
Ms. Susan Strazewski *
Jenny and Kermit Sutton
Gerry Tallman
Ms. Pamela Taylor *
Andy and Clare Thompson*
Tom and Judy Tiemeier
Ms. Jodi Tipsword *
Miss Tessa J. Tramp
Colleen Troll
Dr. Bill Updyke
Alexis VanderHorn
Kelley VanKeulen*
Dr. Luis Vera *
Brinton Vincent*
Robert Vining, DC*
Teagan M. Vogel
Eric Ware*
Bev Weirather*
Mr. Tristan L. Wendt
Mr. Psyche Wilburn
Russell Wilson*
Mark E. Wiseley*
Jerry and Terry Zornado


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Estate of Arthur Harry Bennett
Fidelity Charitable
Heritage Landscape Design
John Deere & Co
Mabel C Covey Private Trust Foundation
Quad Cities Community Foundation
Sigma Phi Chi Sorority
Standard Process Inc
The Center for Chiropractic Progress
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