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Giving Stories

How do you want to impact the future of chiropractic?

Every donor has a personal reason for why they give back to Palmer College. Their stories are as unique as they are. But no matter how different their stories, their Palmer pride and chiropractic passion shine through.

Giving Stories

Thank you for the support

"Palmer has opened my eyes about the true power of chiropractic and the healing effects it can have on patients. And, thanks to our donors, Palmer offers so many resources to students that allow us to become the best chiropractors we can be and keep pushing the profession forward."

Scholarship is a dream come true for Palmer student

Alee Williams Quint can't stop smiling. She recently found out that she's the first recipient of the "Healer's Gift Scholarship," a scholarship funded by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous to the public. To all of our generous donors who make dreams like Alee's come true, thank you. You make a difference in their lives and we hope you know and feel how much you are appreciated.

You change student's lives

"Palmer provides a great environment to develop yourself, not just as a professional but also as a person. We have so many opportunities at Palmer, it's just fantastic. To the alumni and donors, thank you!"

Influence your profession by giving back

Rebecca and Robert Ault, D.C. give back to Palmer to help future chiropractors and influence the future of the chiropractic profession. “Palmer’s created so much prosperity in our lives by giving us a great education . . . giving back is how we influence our profession moving forward.”

Giving back to “the highest-quality program in chiropractic”

William DuMonthier, D.C. is a 1979 graduate and faculty-member of “the highest-quality program in chiropractic,” due in part to the support of Founder’s Circle donors. After 30 years of service, Dr. DuMonthier is still #PalmerProud.

An attitude of gratitude is foundational for a successful life

William Houk, D.C. is grateful for the education and experience he received at Palmer, and gives back because he’s received so much. He says, “If I had to do it all over again, I would.”

Giving back to a first-generation chiropractor

Because of your scholarship support, Brent is working to become the first chiropractor in his family.

Giving Back Changes Lives

Libby is excited to change her patients’ lives through chiropractic, thanks to your scholarship support.

Your gift will allow me to become the first doctor in my family

For Jamahl, an athlete and Veteran, a curiosity for the human body fueled his motivation to be a chiropractor. “I have a natural passion to want to help people,” said Jamahl. He is inspired by donors to make an impact when he becomes a first-generation chiropractor after graduation.

I don’t use my hands, but I’m still changing lives

Marsha may not be a chiropractor, but she’s still changing lives through chiropractic by supporting Palmer College. You can, too!

Inspiring Students Toward Success

Because of your scholarship support, Kelly was able to explore different techniques and learn more about upper cervical care.

Creating a Legacy of Giving Back

Donald plans to support future students because of his own experience as a scholarship recipient.

Scholarship support fuels Jenna’s academic drive

Because of scholarship support, students like Jenna can drive the future of the profession and focus on being great chiropractors who change lives.

Giving back to show you’re #PalmerProud

Carrie Jo Calisesi and Brady Pearson, D.C. have great memories of their time at Palmer, and want to make sure future students have the experience they had. “We’re Palmer Proud and always will be.”

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