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Palmer Custom License Plates

Do you wish you could let everyone know you are a chiropractor-and not just any chiropractor, mind you, but a highly skilled Palmer Chiropractor? A custom Palmer license plate can help you do just that.

Palmer Custom License Plates In addition to the palmer branding, you could get a unique plate like SPIZZ, or TORQUE, SUBLUX, SPINAL, or ADJUST. Then there's ANOMALY, INNATE, or LUMBAR. Or how about PALPATE, REALIGN, or BE WELL? With space for seven letters, there's plenty of room for creativity.

No matter where you are, you'd be promoting your profession, your practice, and your chiropractic school.

Seems like a win-win to me.

Palmer College of Chiropractic Iowa license plates are available through the Iowa Department of Transportation. Order yours online today! (Note: some iowadot pages load slowly.)

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