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Student Ambassador Program

Ambassador Responsibilities

The Palmer Business Ambassadors (BA's) are a hand-selected group of highly motivated future chiropractic business professionals. The BA's provide an indispensable service to Palmer College of Chiropractic by serving as liaisons to current and prospective Palmer students, the community, Palmer faculty and staff, Palmer Alumni, and business professionals. These students will serve as the face and voice of the Palmer Center for Business Development (PCBD), and provide the community a look at what it is to be a Palmer Professional.

As a Palmer BA, each member is expected to be a significant contributor to the future development of the PCBD as well as the well-being and development of each Palmer student in their pursuit to become a member of the professional chiropractic community. Through the positive attitude portrayed by each member and the cohesiveness of the group, the Palmer SA's are the epitome of chiropractic leadership.


  • Complete a minimum of 4-7 hours per month of PCBD work related projects
  • Attend mandatory monthly meetings (twice a month)
  • Attendance at designated events (Career Fair, Homecoming, etc)
  • Performs other duties as required
  • Must have a 2.5 GPA or higher and maintain the 2.5 or higher throughout the program

Membership Benefits

  • Gain experience in public relations (meeting people, public speaking, representing the college)
  • Be part of a dynamic, highly visible, customer service oriented organization
  • Work with and learn from business professionals in marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Broaden contacts among faculty, staff, students, administration, and business professionals
  • Possible travel opportunities to events with PCBD staff
  • Letters of Recommendation provided to the BA by the PCBD for potential job opportunities
  • This is a work-study position.

Main campus Student Ambassadors

 If interested in becoming a Business Ambassador for the Center for Business Development, please visit the Business Center, Second Floor of  B.J. Palmer Hall to pick up an application or use the link below to download and print. 

NEW DEADLINE.... Applications Due January 21st, 2022

Download the Ambassador Application Packet

Monica Stephens portrait

Monica Stephans, Business Ambassador President

My name is Monica Stephans, and I am from Hartford, WI. I am currently a 5th trimester student here at Palmer. I am just starting to get into more of the diagnosis and technique classes and am looking forward to diving into this portion of the curriculum! I have also complemented Palmer’s curriculum with pursuing certification of the McKenzie method (MDT), as well as interests in utilizing other approaches within the office such as the MPI, ART, DNS, etc. Providing care to the entire family is a high priority for me in my future practice, so I plan to also pursue further education specifically for the pediatric population! Fun fact – outside of school, I teach hot yoga at a studio in town – a great workout and stress release!

ContactMonica Stephans, Business Ambassador President
Haley Kraus/Neese portrait

Haley Neese, Business Ambassador Vice Preside

My name is Haley Neese, and I am from Carroll, Iowa. I am currently an 8th-trimester student at Palmer and my favorite chiropractic techniques to utilize are everything in "Palmer's package"! I graduated from Iowa State University in May 2019 with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology Pre-Chiropractic. A fun fact about myself is I got married this June and have 6 siblings!

This position helped me understand patient care, but also understand the importance of the business side chiropractors must master. The Palmer Center for Business Development has extensive benefits for the students who are getting ready to enter the workforce. Our speakers, networks, and other tools our center provides give me confidence that after graduation, I will have the support I need. I have found that students and alumni at Palmer have been nothing but helpful and only want to watch us succeed. 

ContactHaley Neese, Business Ambassador Vice Preside
Kate Hatch portrait

Kate Hatch

My name is Kate Hatch and my hometown in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, just a half-hour south of Nashville. I attended Middle Tennessee State University pursuing a BS in Biochemistry before transferring to Palmer College of Chiropractic for my last few credit hours. I had the privilege of working as a chiropractic assistant back home and fell in love with the chiropractic profession! I intend to return there and work with the local VA to complete my education before associating with Palmer graduates in the area. The Palmer Center for Business Development is truly a remarkable asset that needs to be taken advantage of by all students. Serving the student body as a Business Ambassador not only sharpens my skills in preparing to be an entrepreneur, but also allows me to play a role in student success and confidence post-graduation. I am grateful for this opportunity to become a well-rounded doctor and human being, affecting the world in a positive way and approaching each day with vibrancy and purpose!

Hannah Wilke portrait

Hannah Wilke

Isaac Rice portrait

Isaac Rice

My name is Isaac Rice, and I am from Fenton, Michigan. I received my Associates Degree in Pre-professional Health Studies from Lansing Community College and I am currently completing the BS/DC combination program here at Palmer. The human body, with its structure-function relationship, has always fascinated me. From a young age I knew health was the way I wanted to care for people. When I discovered chiropractic, it was clear that I had found a profession that used the knowledge of the body in a constructive fashion to treat the cause rather than silencing the symptom. As a Student Ambassador for the business center, the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic are reinforced with a vital dose of business acumen that will be essential to building a successful practice. I am excited to be part of the Palmer Center for Business Development, promoting and participating in events designed to make my peers and I successful in business and this great chiropractic profession.

Mitchell Gerk portrait

Mitchell Gerk

Jennifer Schultz portrait

Jennifer Schultz

Kailee Henderson portrait

Kailee Henderson

Ariel Steeber portrait

Ariel Steeber

Evan Klueger portrait

Evan Klueger

Tara Folsom portrait

Tara Folsom

Jessica Ellsworth portrait

Jessica Ellsworth

I am a fourth trimester student from Montana. I am a first generation chiropractor and am really interested in using the Blair Upper Cervical technique out in practice. I have done a lot of extremity work since I have gotten to Palmer and have really enjoyed that as well. My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw and when I am not studying, you can find me reading a good book or watching a movie.

Florida Campus Student Ambassadors

 The Florida campus is seeking quarter one and quarter two student to apply for the Student Ambassador work study position beginning Winter 2020. If interested in becoming a Student Ambassador for the Center for Business Development, please visit the Career Development Center, Room 2143 to pick up an application or use the link below to download and print. Must be second quarter status by the Winter term. Applications Due: November 26, 2020. 

Download the Ambassador Application Packet

Paige Dougherty portrait

Caleb Bunting

Caleb grew up in middle Tennessee in the rural town of Murfreesboro. He attended Florida College, a small private college in Temple Terrace, Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Pre- Health Science and Sports Management. After undergraduate school, he continued to live and work in the Tampa area for a few years gaining experience in a variety of areas of business. Upon realizing his passion for people and chiropractic, he transitioned out of his previous career and applied to Palmer Florida. He is thrilled to be an ambassador for the Center for Business Development! He hopes to bring the business resources available to fellow students by utilizing his business background, while expanding his own business knowledge. In addition, Caleb is passionate about growing awareness for Chiropractic care at an international level.

ContactCaleb Bunting
Johnny Cooper portrait

Johnny Cooper

Johnny Cooper is from Sanford, Florida. He attended Jacksonville University, where he majored in Kinesiology and played football. He enjoys fishing, working out, and playing basketball. Athletics caused many minor injuries like sprains, muscle strains, and lower back pain. Eventually, Johnny received Chiropractic care and fell in love with the profession and its approach. Johnny plans to open a chiropractic clinic in Sanford, Florida, near family and friends.  If you see him around campus, do not be afraid to ask questions. The Center of Business Development has helped Johnny prepare for his future, and he wants to pay it forward. 

ContactJohnny Cooper
Isaac Banks portrait

Taylor Crider

Taylor Crider grew up in the town most Palmer Florida students now call home, Port Orange, Florida. She attended the University of South Florida where she earned her degree in Health Sciences with concentrations in both Biological and Social and Behavioral sciences. Chiropractic has positively impacted her life and she is excited to help others reach their optimal wellness through chiropractic care. She plans to own her own chiropractic clinic one day and share with others her love for the chiropractic profession. Taylor is excited to serve as a Student Ambassador for the Palmer Center of Business Development!

ContactTaylor Crider
Michael Hozan portrait

Jonathan Hodson

Johnny Hodson grew up in a small but diverse town in Indiana called Columbus. He attended Indiana University in Bloomington, and earned a degree in Exercise Science with minors in both Business and Spanish. During his time at Indiana University, he was the co-captain of his fraternity’s Little 500 bike team, and would’ve raced all four years if it wasn’t for COVID-19. In addition, he also was on the executive board for Greek Intervarsity. which functions to bring bible studies into fraternities and sororities across campus. Johnny’s first exposure to chiropractic care came in high school when he injured his neck during basketball practice, and visited a chiropractor.  Later on, he had the opportunity to intern as a chiropractic assistant for two years with a chiropractor who blended family medicine with sports rehabilitation for endurance athletes.  With this in mind, he hopes to one day own or to be a part of an office that is known for its integrity and commitment to its patients. Johnny is thrilled to have the opportunity to function as the voice of the PBCD, to aid in the bettering of his classmates, and ultimately to tap into the immense pool of knowledge Palmer has to offer

ContactJonathan Hodson
Kelsey Pilati portrait

Mary Kozik

Hi,  my name is Mary Kozik and I am from Akron, Ohio. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida. My love for health and wellness lead me down a premed track and my experience with a chiropractor lead me to my decision to pursue the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. I ran cross country for my university which caused personal injuries. Seeking chiropractic care seemed to be the only way to be able to stay healthy and competing on and off the course! As a chiropractor, I hope to help people live their best lives, and to keep them healthy as possible.

I wanted to be a student ambassador because of the amazing networking opportunities.  I also felt it is important to gain knowledge so, I will be able to eventually open my own practice. I am also excited about being a liaison to my fellow classmates and provide them with all of the resources the Center for Business Development department has to offer.

ContactMary Kozik
Katherine Lloyd portrait

Kevin Kern

Kevin grew up in Northeast Philadelphia. He attended La Salle University, a small private Catholic college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, he earned dual bachelor’s degrees in business marketing and Management & Leadership. During his time as an undergraduate student, Kevin worked for Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), the municipal gas utility for the city of Philadelphia, as a Marketing Intern. He also served his community on a personal basis, while learning how to lead small and large businesses. After receiving care from a serious sports injury, Kevin realized his own drive for wanting to help people. He chose the field of chiropractic for the purpose of giving back and assist in healing the next generation. He is elated to be an ambassador for the Center for Business Development! He hopes to bring his hands-on knowledge of business resources to his fellow students, while expanding his own business expertise. He looks forward to the motivating his fellow classmates to be successful as they move through their own journeys, both at Palmer and in their real-world experiences!

ContactKevin Kern
Nick Loughren portrait

Orlando Luciano

Orlando Luciano is energetic student who grew up in a small town called Mayaguez, located on the west side of Puerto Rico. He attended the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez campus, where he earned a degree in biology. While in school, he swam on the varsity team. After completing his varsity membership, he worked as a swim instructor for the campus pool until he graduated. He has a genuine love for sports. During the Chiro games, he was part of Palmer’s basketball team. Being exposed to chiropractic at a young age and questioning what he wanted as a career in high school, he in-depth explored chiropractic, and immediately fell in love with the profession. Orlando plans to move to Houston after he complete his Palmer journey to serve the community and gain valuable experience for several years. Ultimately, he plans to return to Puerto Rico and serve his native community.

ContactOrlando Luciano
Kelsey Pilati portrait

Sage Maiolo

Sage Maiolo grew up in a quaint rural area in Pennsylvania called Hunter Run. She attended Penn State University and earned degrees in both exercise science and health policy and administration. While attending Penn State, she was a teaching assistant as well as a personal trainer. She is an active member at her church, and has been on several mission trips. Sage was exposed to chiropractic at a young age and saw first hand the many ways it improved the quality of life for others. Sage plans to one day own her own chiropractic clinic where she will provide holistic, patient-specific care. Sage is excited to serve as a liaison between Palmer students and the chiropractic community as a student ambassador, combining her passions for chiropractic and business

ContactSage Maiolo
Rita Toma portrait

Rita Toma

Rita Toma is from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. She attended the University of North Florida and earned a Bachelor of Health Science with a concentration in Public Health along with a minor in Health Education. Rita’s history working, volunteering, and shadowing unveiled her passion to make an impact in people’s lives by leading them towards a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic treatment and education. She strives to carry on the values of the chiropractic profession and improve the well-being of those within her community. Rita is grateful to have the opportunity to serve as a Student Ambassador in the Palmer College of Chiropractic Center for Business Development and looks forward to enhancing her skills in the business aspects of the chiropractic profession and spread her knowledge to her peers.

ContactRita Toma
Jason Dunlap portrait

Andy Whitney

Andy Whitney is from Mason, Ohio a large suburb of Cincinnati. He attended Wofford College where he played football for one year. He later transferred to the University of Dayton and earn a bachelor’s degree in Biology. During his free time, Andy enjoys the outdoors. Fly fishing is his outdoor favorite. His background in athletics and passion for wellness is what inspired him to attend Palmer and become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Andy has always had a passion for business and finance, and he is excited to help his fellow classmates with their business education while learning at Palmer Florida.

ContactAndy Whitney
West campus Student Ambassadors

The Business Ambassadors invite all West Campus students to the business modules. A schedule can be found on RSVP using the Palmer CareerNetwork.

We are accepting applications for the work-study position of Business Ambassador. Students who are in 2nd Quarter or above in September are eligible. Click here to download the application.

Laura Barnum portrait

Laura Barnum

My name is Laura Barnum, and I am originally from Mission Viejo, California. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of San Francisco in 2013. I found chiropractic through my own personal injury and success story, and through some life pondering on my next career move. My goal as a Business Ambassador is to also help grow Palmer Center for Business Development and really market the value of learning business to students while we’re still in school. Every chiropractor I had talked to before I started school said that they wished they had more business knowledge before they graduated. As a Business Ambassador, I hope to help bridge the gap between student life and chiropractor life. I can’t wait to learn, alongside my peers, best practices for networking, starting into practice, and working together as a team to advance each of our chiropractic careers.

Nicholas Brown portrait

Nicholas Brown

My name is Nicholas Brown, and I am from Los Angeles, California. I graduated from Virginia State University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Public Health. At VSU, I was the captain of the men's tennis team and there, I injured my shoulder. Ever since I received therapy for my torn rotator cuff injury, I have been on a continuous journey to help and treat others, just as my doctors in the past helped me. My goal to non-invasively heal others led me to work alongside many Doctor's of Chiropractic and Doctors of Physical Therapy, which ignited my passion of therapy and put me on the path towards achieving my dream. When i chose to attend Palmer, my love for the power of rehab allowed me to meet other passionate students and professionals in this field. Through events held on campus, I was introduced to the Palmer Center for Business Development. I was lucky enough to be invited into this group, and this has allowed me to expand my networking ability, as well as share my passion with many student on campus. I am so fortunate to be around like-minded people, and I know that all the opportunities that are provided through PCBD will make me into a more business oriented and community savvy doctor.

Gianna Carnesi portrait

Gianna Carnesi

My name is Gianna Carnesi and I grew up on Long Island, New York. I graduated from State University of New York College at Cortland with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. My passion for chiropractic was defined after a MVA and own success story in which chiropractic helped me in a way that no other healthcare profession had. The treatments and rehab provided by my chiropractor allowed me to continue playing soccer at a collegiate level. Through chiropractic, I am able to combine my active lifestyle and holistic values into a healthcare profession. I am so grateful to be a Student Ambassador for the Palmer Center of Business Development and help students like myself receive a well-rounded foundation upon graduation to ensure we’re fully prepared and successful in the chiropractic field.

Justin Danover portrait

Justin Danover

Hi, my name is Justin Danover, and I’m from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, a Bachelors in Sports Studies, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Iowa.  I have a Masters in Sports Administration from Northwestern University. During school, I worked as a personal trainer and interned as a volunteer strength coach at the University of Iowa Olympic Strength and Conditioning and Northwestern Sports Performance departments, respectively.  After school I interned for an elite track and field training company, named ALTIS, in Phoenix, AZ.   This internship lead to me landing a job with ALTIS in South Lake Tahoe, CA where I worked to start a performance facility in partnership with the local hospital system.  All of these experiences provide evidence of my passion towards sports and the performance of athletes.  Through my experiences I have seen the impact that chiropractic and therapeutic techniques have on the performance of athletes, and I want to be a part of that!  I am a Business Ambassador because I want to share my educational and real world entrepreneurship experience with my classmates and fellow Palmer students so they all will be best prepared to succeed in the business adventures of their future!

Nicholas Gomez portrait

Nicholas Gomez

Hi there, my name is Nicholas Gomez. I’m from Visalia, California and received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health from the University of California, Merced. I have always had a fascination in human physiology and psychology especially when applied to optimizing performance and health.  Along my path I realized how closely correlated physical, mental, and emotional health can be affected due to economic stress - which is an problem that I believe a majority of people in the United States can relate to. Working with the BDC I hope to be able to give our students the information and resources to make sure that they can take charge of the business aspect of their careers to find financial freedom; ultimately leading to a better state of mind and body so more energy can be focused on patient care. I’m also a big sports fan (GO PACKERS), love to cook and travel to try new things. 

Madison Thompson portrait

Madison Thompson

Hello! My name is Maddy Thompson. I was born in Palo Alto, California and grew up in Santa Rosa, California! I received my Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology from California State University, Chico. I have had a passion for the medical field and improving individuals’ lives since I started high school. Pursuing a career as a chiropractor, I not only get to help change someone’s life, but I am also able to improve their life in terms of athletic performance, health and nutritional insight, and everyday wellness and care. I am very thankful and excited to be a Business Ambassador for the Palmer Center for Business Development. This program allows the developmental aspects of owning one’s own chiropractic business for students at Palmer College of Chiropractic. It’s uplifting to know that we as students have access to these resources, and to understand and build our own business while we are still going through the academic curriculum. The Palmer Center for Business Development enhances students’ knowledge of understanding what goes into the making of a chiropractic business and how to individualize their own chiropractic business.

Mandy Wong portrait

Mandy Wong

My name is Mandy Wong and I am from San Jose, CA. I graduated from Creighton University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I have held multiple positions in the healthcare field such as a scribe in an emergency department as well as a medical assistant. It was then I realized I wanted to be in a field involved with preventative, holistic, and non-invasive care. As a Business Ambassador, I plan to help other students gain the necessary skills to become competent, compassionate and prepared chiropractors in the real world.

Brent Young portrait

Brent Young

My name is Brent Young, and I am from South Windsor, Connecticut. I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I have always had a strong passion for exercise and nutritional sciences and for their abilities to help people become better versions of themselves. It was not until my senior year of college that I decided to use my background in exercise science to propel myself into the study of chiropractic. It has been the best decision of my life. I have always had a business-oriented mindset, so I am ecstatic about being in a field with opportunities for both financial freedom and patient centered health care. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to the profession as a student, a future doctor, and as a Palmer Center for Business Development Ambassador.

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