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Dancer Leaps Into Chiropractic Career

Olivia Baron-Clarke portrait

Olivia Baron-Clarke has traveled the world as a dancer, competing nationally and internationally and performing on film and television. A lifetime athlete, she’s now looking forward to her next career as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  

While earning her undergraduate degrees in modern dance performance and public health, Olivia started her first career with the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations and associations. “In my role, I developed and educated individuals of all different backgrounds through healthy lifestyle programming and services that improved their physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.”

In late 2019, she took a promotion as the director of operations, providing strategic direction and alignment of all the wellness operations within the greater Orlando area.

It was at the YMCA she met her husband, Justin, who altered her world and inspired her to extend her reach even further. “It may not appear from the exterior, but Justin is one of the many individuals living every day with chronic pain. Multiple back surgeries associated with a disc bulge all failed, causing irreversible damage. This has taken a significant toll on his quality of life robbing him physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually for nearly a decade. But he is no longer alone in his fight. We live and face every day together. Being the partner of someone in pain is an incredible challenge that requires support, strength, understanding and love. Our experiences lit a fire within me, and I knew I had to take the risk of ending my career to pursue Chiropractic.”

With the overwhelming support of her family, she made the choice to attend Palmer Florida.  

“I had a former employee who was a graduate of Palmer Florida and once I committed to pursuing a career in chiropractic, I learned it was the most renowned chiropractic school in the nation. I live in Winter Park, Florida with my husband and two stepsons, which makes it a two-hour daily commute. Knowing I could manage that without uprooting my family and life was worth the opportunity I was afforded. It was right place, at right time.” 

It had been years since she was a full-time student, so she was a little nervous about making the decision to return to that environment. “I had the privilege of having Latif as my admissions counselor and I felt his authenticity, consideration, warmth, and professionalism from our very first call. He strongly encouraged me to schedule a campus visit and I am so glad I did. He knew I had more life experience than the average student entering Palmer but that increased my anxiety around the decision. Hearing from students and having a glimpse into what it’s like was tremendous.” 

She encourages anyone who is thinking about changing careers and choosing chiropractic, to take the risk. “I’ve always lived by the advice I was given by my loving father when embarking on adulthood, which was to never turn down an opportunity. Wherever you are, whoever is reading this, never give up on your dreams. Sometimes it only takes one experience or one person to find your purpose and meaning. I hope my story inspires people to do the same.”