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Intern of the Month: Kaylee Harris

Intern of the Month Kaylee Harris smiling in front of Clinic wall.Congratulations to Kaylee Harris for being named Palmer Chiropractic Clinics Intern of the Month for August 2022!

Kaylee was nominated by Kara Shannon, D.C., who says, “Kaylee demonstrates many positive characteristics that make her a great intern. She has a natural curiosity for patient care and a genuine desire to learn and become proficient with her clinical skill set. She has developed confidence in her hands-on skills and communication with patients. Kaylee can critically evaluate patient encounters and takes the initiative to research and become comfortable with conditions or therapeutic approaches that she may be unfamiliar with. These characteristics make me excited to continue to work with Kaylee, and I look forward to seeing her continue to grow and develop as a future chiropractic clinician.”

Congrats, Kaylee!

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