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Palmer Florida Had a Strong Presence at the FCA Chiropractic Day at the Capitol

Palmer group at ChiroDayStudents Ayesha Hosein, Jenae Whittemore, Johnny Cooper, Melnixa Ruiz, and Vinny Williams attended on behalf of three campus leadership groups: Palmer Student Alumni Foundation (PSAF), Campus Guides, and Center for Business Development Ambassadors. 

They toured the Capitol with Jack Hebert, FCA Governmental Affairs Director, and other officials, and were even invited to the Governor’s Lunch. This experience gave them insight into how the legislative branch and lobbyists operate, shedding light on the political facet of chiropractic. 

They observed firsthand the active discussions among doctors, lobbyists, and state associations on laws affecting both practicing and future chiropractors. Watching FCA representatives address the law that hinders international students from practicing in Florida despite earning their D.C. in the United States was the most compelling part of this experience because of this issue’s relevance among Palmer Florida students. 

Before attending ChiroDay, Ayesha Hosein had not realized the FCA’s dedication to presenting crucial issues to Florida state representatives. ChiroDay helped her to understand the importance of supporting her state chiropractic association and the impact that FCA can make. 

Similarly, Johnny Cooper added that “until this experience, I hadn’t fully understood the role of the Florida Chiropractic Association. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by passionate people on a mission.”