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Tyler Barton, D.C.

Tyler Barton, D.C. smiling in front of wall art.Tyler Barton, D.C. (West, ’18) will be headed on a new adventure come July. He and his wife will pack their suitcases and leave Philadelphia for Buffalo, New York.

Dr. Barton has accepted a VA Residency position at the VA Western New York Healthcare System.

“After progressing through my diplomate program in neuromusculoskeletal medicine, I developed an interest in working within an integrated health care setting. I spoke to several colleagues and mentors about the VA Residency program and after hearing the impact chiropractic care has had on so many veterans’ lives, I knew this was the position I wanted to pursue.”

Overwhelmed with excitement, Dr. Barton looks forward to developing new skills, making a difference in his patients’ lives, and giving back.

“I would say I am most excited to gain a better perspective into other specialties’ approach to care through rotations. Being able to collaborate with other brilliant minds in order to ensure the patient receives the most effective and appropriate care is unique to an integrated hospital-based setting such as this.”

Dr. Barton is positively focused on what the future of his career holds within the VA health care system.

“One hundred percent of my attention will be directed toward my new position at the VA. I am incredibly excited for making this milestone and the next chapter in my life.”

During his residency, Dr. Barton will work on clinical aspects of chiropractic care and work through rotations, along with much more.

“Aside from providing chiropractic care to our nation’s heroes, I am excited to be able to improve my clinical capabilities and grow as a provider through working alongside Dr. Andrew Dunn and his team. The opportunity to take part in rotations with another specialist, become an influential role in a team-based healthcare system, and participate in various scholarly activities are all tasks I am looking forward to during my time at the Western NY VA Healthcare System as well.”

Not quite sure where this journey will lead him, he’s looking forward to what the future holds.

“The VA and influential leaders behind this program have created an incredible opportunity for chiropractors to become recognized as pivotal specialists within an integrated, hospital-based health care system. Being accepted into this residency program has absolutely changed the trajectory of my career and has allowed me to play a small role in the continued growth of the profession in this setting and as a whole.”

Tyler Barton, D.C., in graduation gown displaying plaque. If you’re considering a chiropractic career Dr. Barton offers his advice.

“A chiropractic career can consist of so many different paths from working in hospitals, to performance coaching for athletes, to teaching, to research, to owning a private practice. I would encourage potential students to learn and explore all the opportunities within the chiropractic profession to better understand where their passion lies.”

Through all of his success Dr. Barton has a lot to be proud of, but what he is most proud of is being a part of the chiropractic profession.

“I would say I am most proud to be a part of a profession that continues to strive toward reaching new standards for patient care. Seeing opportunities become available for chiropractors at prestigious institutions to further research, work in hospital-based health care settings, or even work to improve performance in professional athletes shows just how influential chiropractic care can be, and the potential for this profession in the future.”

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