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What I’ve Learned from the Palmer Family

by Dennis Marchiori, D.C., Ph.D., Chancellor and CEO, Palmer College of Chiropractic

Dr. Dave and Vickie Palmer dancing.There’s no doubt about it — the Palmer family is the most influential and celebrated family in chiropractic history. They discovered, developed, nurtured and led a health-care profession that has advanced the health and human potential of hundreds of millions of people over the past 125 years. Their contributions and counsel, carried on today through board membership of Vickie Anne Palmer, H.C.D. (Hon.), have positioned us to be The Trusted Leader in Chiropractic Education®.

I first walked through the doors of the Fountainhead in the late 1980s as a doctor of chiropractic student, eager to soak in the rich history of this great institution and hopeful I could live up to the daring and driven vision of the thousands of chiropractors who came before me. I immersed myself in learning the science, art and philosophy the Palmers framed for our profession. It rooted me deeply then and does still today as the leader of our great College.

Since then, I’ve realized the value of our grounded norms, beliefs and attitudes that comprise Palmer’s proud heritage and culture — and the value of taking all we have learned so that we can not only dream of a world of unlimited health and human potential but also act on it. As chancellor and CEO, I know we must look forward, not backward, to energize our strategies and realize our full potential. That’s what D.D. did. And B.J. and Mabel and Dr. Dave. And it’s what we’ll always do: Confront our current opportunities and challenges with the inspiration of how the Palmers successfully navigated those of our past.

During the 125th anniversary year of the founding of Palmer College, we will celebrate our past with a sharp eye on our vision for the future — a future that uncovers ways to ensure everyone understands the benefits of chiropractic care and the tremendous opportunities and satisfaction a career in chiropractic can bring.

Chiropractic is truly for everyone. Now’s the time for everyone to know that.